First off P.O.V. means Point of View. That means from the character's perspective.

Secondly this Fan Fiction will include Romance and Action.

These names aren't familiar to you? That's because this story takes place one hundred years after the final book! Also, I don't know everything about owls.

Chapter 9 : Tweener

Lloyd's P.O.V.

Someone was poking my wing.

"Lloyd. Lloyd. Wake up or you'll miss Tweener," Came Ivory's voice.

"Tah ek is teener?" I mumbled still have asleep.

"You talk funny when you first wake up. Is it a human thing?" Ivory asked. She continued to poke me.

"Yes it is, it is! Stop poking me please, I'm getting up," I mumbled as I lifted myself up from the soft warm moss that I had slept on.

"So what were you trying to say before?" Ivory asked as I followed her out of the hollow.

"Oh! I asked what Tweener is," I answered.

"It's the first meal we eat," Ivory explained.

"Like breakfast," I said.

"Breakfast? No it's Tweener," Ivory argued.

"Guess it wouldn't be Breakfast since it's night. Should be dinner," I continued to babble.

"It's TWEENER. R," Ivory said.

"Okay! Okay! It's Tweener!" I chuckled.

"Oh! Look we arrived at the Dining Hollow!" Ivory exclaimed.

I looked into the hollow. It was huge.

"OH MY GOSH!" I screeched jumping back.

Snakes! Green snakes were stretched out with little half nut cups on them. Like they were tables. Owls were sitting beside them, laughing and talking, like it was normal!

"What?" Ivory asked with a startled look in her eyes. Some other owls turned to see who yelled.

"Snakes! You're eating on SNAKES!" I answered with shock.

They remind me so much of the Serpentine.

The snakes turned their heads toward me.

I wanted to puke, or yarp, whatever these owls call it, but my stomach was empty.

These snakes had no eyes. Were their eyes should be there were tiny indents.

"Don't be afraid dear. We don't bite," Said a young female snake.

"You've never heard of nest-maid snakes? They're wonderful. They clean the hollows, they act as tables, and Zax over there tells the funniest jokes in the whole tree!" Ivory said.

She lead me over toward Zax. The snake turned toward me.

"Hello. Male, Sssssssscops Owl, Big for your type aren't you?" Came a surprisingly young male voice.

Zax seemed to be the only male nest-maid snake there. He was so young too.

I couldn't help feeling a stab of pity as I looked at him.

"Glad you could join us Lloyd," Came a familiar voice.

I looked up to see the other four ninjas, Nyx and Pudge sat there too.

"Two more ssssspacesssss left. Perfect! Full table of Hollow Thirty-sssssssix!" Zax said to me.

"Great! So what are these jokes I've been hearing so much about?" Jay asked as I sat down beside him.

Ivory sat next to Zane.

"You want to hear a joke? Very well, don't tell anyone you heard it from me. It'ssssss sssssstrictly forbidden to ssssssay wet-pooper jokessssss in the dining hollow," Zax whispered.

We all stopped talking. Whatever these wet-pooper jokes were, Ivory seemed eager to hear one.

"A Ssssseagal isssssss flying over a bat. The bat looks up and ssssssayssssssss, 'It'sssssss the middle of the night and you're not a bat!' The sssseagal looksssss down and, plop, letssssss one drop on the batsssssss face. The seagal then calls, 'See you little SPLAT!'" Zax said.

Ivory, Nyx, and Pudge, started howling with laughter. Not the 'churring' as they call it, but loud obnoxious laughter.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" Jay joined into the laugh. He loved all jokes, bad or good.

Kai, Zane, Cole, and I exchanged glances.

A large black owl waddled over. He looked disturbed.

"Is everything okay over here?" The owl asked.

Ivory stopped laughing and straightened up.

"Yes Midnight! Everything is fine. We were, erm, just talking about what wonderful meal you're making for Tweener," Ivory lied.

"Well, I made Milkberry tarts with smoked mouse," Midnight said.

The owl seemed to be the Cook.

"Oh! It's ready!" Midnight gasped and then waddled off.

Ten minutes later we were eating. I stuck with the tarts, so did the other ninjas.

"What's the matter with you? Midnight makes the best food in all of the kingdoms! Are you going to eat the smoked mouse or what?" Pudge demanded.

I glanced toward the other ninjas. We had eaten since yesterday, and we were hungry, but they wanted to test if it was good or not.

I sighed and ate a piece. I expected bones, but apparently Midnight used extra effort to peel the fur off and take out the bones.

I gasped.

The meat was warm and felt good sliding down my throat.

When it got to my gizzard I could taste the mouse. It was warm, a bit spicy, but mostly sweet.

I slurped up the rest of the mouse to the disgust of the other ninjas.

"Try it!" I said, "They're right!"

The other ninjas slowly obeyed.

Soon they had finished off their mice too.

"That was AMAZING," Sighed Jay.

Suddenly I felt a tap behind me.

"Hello? Are you done? I need you all to come to the Parliament now," Atlas said.

"Okay," I got up nervously to follow him. The other ninjas, Ivory, Nyx, and Pudge too, followed.

To Be Continued...