Okay let's get this straight. I wanted to do this story because I got the idea, and wanted to do it. So here it is. This is a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, as you might guess, but in Minecraft. And with Yogscast members. Yeah…

Dragon: Can I do the chorus now?

NO, okay fine, just do it simply.

Dragon: Two families, both of great power and status,

In the city of Merona (where this play is set),

Have hated and fought each over from the start of time,

And the best of people get blood on their hands.

The two foes give birth to children,

That shall become star-crossed lovers that shall kill themselves,

After many a misadventure that we must pity,

Their death they will calm their parents rage.

What events ended in their deaths,

And their parents hated continued,

Only by their death could it be stopped.

This will be split into the spate acts,

And if you follow and favourite

You will be happy you did

Good enough I suppose

Dragon: Did I miss anything?


Dragon: Go- wait, who are you again?