Hello everyone. You may be confused why I'm doing this, with a story that I abandoned quite a while ago. Well, that's what I wan't to talk about. I really like creating stories in my mind, and I put them on here so other people can (hopefully) enjoy them too. But after a while, if it's a long story that takes effort, I abandon it and move onto other things. Which is probably quite annoying for the reader.

I've recently been getting back into writing stories, and I've realised this is my most read and (so it seems) liked story. As I don't like leaving a story unfinished, but as I said above I just lose interest, I wan't to ask you, the reader, would you like me to start writing this story again, and eventually finish it. You don't even have to review the story to say you want me to come back to this, if I get a huge amount of views on this I'll just guess a lot of people would like me to. If I get a good response from this, expect the next chapter in about two weeks. If not, well, I'll officially end it.

Thanks for taking time to reading this, and as Teep would say: