[A/N]: Tribute to little Gavroche, the Top of the Class. Still crying whenever I watch or listen to his death. I uploaded this in tumblr, too, btw. :)


By Leara Bribage


Little friend,

Why die tonight?

You tried to end

The darkness with your light.


Showed bravery

When no one

Would courage utter cry,

"Vive la France! Vive la France!"

Heart of gold be yours.


Your death

Be engraved to

Schoolboys' good wealth.

Let not this bullet go

To barren waste.

[A/N]: On behalf of Abigaya Moreel's correction, I had changed le France to la France. As Moreel explained, France is feminine; hence the la. So pardon the blunder in its earlier publishing. I'm confused, you see. Lamarque and Les Amis would call it patriƩ (French for fatherland), so I kinda made it le. And that's another matter, too, since people would say Enjolras would say patria (Spanish for fatherland). It is discombobulating, no? Any roads, I hoped you liked the poem. Thanks to all those who've read, reviewed, and favorite-d this poem. :)