Women to the left of me...and women to the right..'

His eyelids shot open.

Had he..blacked out...again?

Road zipped passed him and a car's horn echoed in his ears, but colors blurred, his hand swerved the steering wheel to the right.

He touched the skin with his hand right below his nose and all the sudden his hand was gripping the wheel again, but his fingertips felt slick against the leather material.

His body was faster than his brain could comprehend.

He raised his fingers to his eyes.


Another horn blared in his ears and he swerved to the right again.

His eyelids shot open a second time.

The black outs were becoming more frequent, but he couldn't stop, not now. Not when there was so much at stake.

What was at stake?

Double vision handicapped him from reading his speed, but he put a guess at a hundred or maybe more.

"Stark? Stark, do you read me?"

His heart beat throttled his neck and flirted with the headache blooming from his temple, but the voice was familiar somewhere deep in his brain, he tried to rack a face to fit the voice.

It sounded worried, perhaps even panicked.

Where was it even coming from?

His eyes couldn't settle on an object and he took a shaky breath.

The sound of the crash registered before the impact really did.

The car crushed on impact, he felt the metal tear through him, but the music was still playing, the voice was still screaming but it was growing fainter and fainter still.

His vision suddenly became one, just before everything flashed white and then black.

Then everything was gone.