Harry Potter:

Double Rider and the Goblet of Fire

By Potterformers

Pro log-The newest rider

2 weeks after Harry return from his 3rd year of Hogwarts and he was absolutely miserable as he had been: forced to return to his prison he called his relatives house, worried about whether Sirius was alright and more importantly, why must he live with uncaring, unloving and the most hateful pricks on the planet. While doing the outside chores, well punishments he'd received from the Dursleys because they were forced to keep him for another year, Harry was mowing the lawn with a frankly over-and unnecessary sized lawnmower for the area, when 2 owls landed on the handle bars, before 1 immediately did an impression of a bat by hanging upside down, while the other fluttered around like a humming bird on Viagra and ecstasy: 1 was; brown going grey and half dead, while the 2nd was: the size of a small ball covered with fuzz and after plucking the bird from the air, Harry removed the letters from both of them and then place the old one on the lip of the birdbath where it drank its fill of water, and then head back to the Burrow with Pigwidgeon whom Harry had thrown back into the air.

2 minutes after the birds were out of sight, Petunia headed out and found that Harry was done with the mowing, so therefore she barked another order, "Boy you'll be cooking for a party tonight and I want you to cook lobster with garden, Greek and potato salads, dressed with garlic butter," she then reach into her purse she brought and handed Harry just enough money to pay for the food plus a moderately sized dessert, "This is all you'll get, also get a large dessert and hurry back as well you've still got chores to finish," she ended. After pocketing the money, Harry jumped the fence and made his way to the closest supermarket, getting there was fine, but leaving there was awkward, as the shop became surrounded by creatures that looked as though they were clad in skeleton designed battle uniforms, as they advanced Harry began to draw his wand, but then remembered the statue of secrecy and return it to his pocket. While looking around, Harry notice they had a martial arts guarding pose to them and deduced that they fight hand to hand, luckily for Harry he was gifted with it himself, so he retrieved a pair of charmed dragonhide fighting gloves from his pocket and slid them on his hands, before he dashed into action, where he threw a right hook into the gut of one that had been taunting a little boy and his mother, causing the Grunt Dopant to fly off the ground and crash into the wall on the opposite side of the food court then it evaporated, then a fight ensued with all attacks centred on Harry.

(A/N The grunt dopants are my version of the Masquerade Dopants. Harrys fighting gloves are charmed with: Strength enhancers, banishing charms and explosive hexes [its voice activated]. He also wore charmed shoes to increase his speed and jumping capacity.)

As the fight was still going strong, while in a castle - well a school really, Albus Dumbledore was busy setting up for the Triwizard tournament, when an alarm blared from the monitoring equipment that showed Harrys safety, disturbed Albus abandoned his work, crossed the room picked up the item and pressed it to a viewing glass and saw: nothing but static, as if it was something interfering with the signal. While back at the fight, Harry had the upper hand, as his skills were more superior and it didn't take much to defeat them, but they were pretty much endless and Harry was starting to show signs of fatigue, which was when a computerized voice sounded, "Skull, Maximum Drive," then there was a long pause before another voice sounded, "Skull Punisher, Rapid Fire," as several bolts of energy flew into the air and disburse into several smaller bolts and rained down on the grunts, eradicating them instantly. When Harry looked to see where the voice came from, he saw: someone whom could only be described as an armoured Ghost Rider with compound eyes, wearing a white fedora, aiming a modified magnum pistol and standing near a modified Honda CBR1000RR, recognising the person Harry asked, "Kamen Rider Skull?" when Skull nods and said, "Yes! We'll talk later, Skull shot," as he fired off another shot, this time at a large goblin like form, hitting it in the chest, as Harry then hits it in the head with at light pole he tore out of the ground, during the fight sending the creature to the floor, then Harry then picked up the goblin, as Skull loaded a U.S.B. like device into his magnum to which it yelled, "Skull, Maximum Drive," and then after Harry threw the monster into the air, Skull aimed and commanded, "Skull Punisher, Explosive shot," firing off a meteor sized ball of energy which struck the target dead, then Harry used his charmed boots to leap in the air, thrusting his fist forward and yelled the command code, "Meteor Grenade," activating the explosion hex as he hit the creature, before somersaulting to the ground.

2 minutes after the explosions dissipated, skeleton designed U.S.B ejected from the creature and shattered, while the creature itself morphed back into a human form and landed in the arms of Kamen Rider Skull. After 10 minutes of crowd control, Harry heard a disengaging sound and turned towards Skull just in time to see the suit shatter and vanish, leaving a Middle Aged Asian man facing him saying, "My name Sokichi Narumi, those were nice moves," "Thank you sir, and my name is Harry Potter," as he shook the previously extended hand, Sokichi now in thought looked at Harry before offering, "Mr. Potter, I'm looking to train a new Kamen Rider, are you interested?" nodding emphatically, Harry says, "Yes!" at that Sokichi said, "Good, now lets get to your home to retrieve your gear then head to my Dojo," Harry had shook his head and replied, "No need to sir I've got everything of importance in this," as he reveal a shrunken trunk, before adding, "But they need me to cook them dinner for tonight," this caused a frown to appear of Sokichis face at the many bag Harry was now in the process of retrieving, before Harry ended with, "but I'll leave a note saying do it yourself you lazy buggers," then accompanied his new mentor back number 4 and leaving the shopping on the doorstep with the note, then he hopped on the back of the Honda and left for the dojo.

It has been three months since Harry became Sokichis apprentice, and Hedwig whom found him on the second day after her master left, flew in through a large window of Harrys new room with letters from his friends: Ron and Hermione, with news of the wizarding world, since he stayed out of it, 5 minutes later Harry returned from his workout to find that Hedwig had returned from his friends and while giving her an owl treat, Harry removed the letters Hedwig was holding and read the neat script of Hermiones letter, which only expressed her concerns of his own homework and how well he had done them, although little did she know was that Harry gain access to the Gaia Library: with its infinite number of shelves full of automatically updating books on every subject in the known world - including magical schooling subjects, Harry completed his work within 2 weeks and was able to concentrate on his sensai's teachings, and then finally there was the messy scrawl of Ron whom was complaining about how long it would take 'til the Quidditch World cup Harry and Sokichi was invited to, to start. After reading both letters, Harry shook his head at Ron's impatient ness and wrote off the replies to his friends, before heading for his morning martial arts class. As Harry was heading for the dojo, he was thinking of how much better his life became: he grew taller, toned up in the muscles and grown a nice six-pack, ate more often and was healthier.

As Harry made it down to the change rooms, he changed into his Martial arts Gi and entered the main dojo, to see his sensei talking to someone that looked as though she was wrapped head to toe in bandages, wearing a black suede coat, a black fedora and sunglasses, they were standing near a work table which was sporting a large black shelled briefcase, once they heard the change room doors shut, they turned to the sound and saw Harry, Sokichi then called, "Harry come over here and meet Shroud," at that Harry advance towards them and introduced himself, all the time the conversation was going on, Harry kept staring at the case feeling drawn to it and that's when Shroud said, "Go on Harry, the contents are your property now," looking bewildered Harry snapped the locks and opened the case to reveal: a Driver which was a double sided one rather than the single side one of Sokichi and 20 Gaia Memories of different colours all of which had a stylised letter on the faces. After 15 minutes Sokichi told Harry, "Okay Harry, lets do a transformation test," after a short pause continued, "Place the Dual Driver on your waste and select 2 memories,' after doing as instructed, Harry then acted on instinct and activated the memories as a voices sounded, "Elemental," from the multi-collared one with a gold tip and a, "Spellcaster," from a gold and crimson one with a silver tip, then crossing his hands over one another and then inserted them into the corresponding driver slots, then Harry commanded, "Transform," as he activated the driver when it voiced, "Elemental, Spellcaster," causing a mini cyclone to flood over his body and once the cyclone subsided leaving Harry in a double sided armour: the left side; was white with the different elements symbols embossed on the arm, while the right side; was gold with crimson accents with wand holsters on the arm and leg and on both sides were dark gold cuffs and hems.