Chapter 9- threw the maze of the end

It has now been months since the second challenge of the tournament and Harry was now ready for when it ended, as he and the other challengers, now stood infront of a large Hedge Maze grown in the Quidditch pitch, preparing themselves to enter and locate the cup, earn themselves 1000 galleons. Now with Harry at the starting line as he went threw the preparations he made in his head like: attaching the double driver to his waist, preloading memories that would help with maze navigation and threat location, for which the best memories for this situation are: Sonar and Accel, as Sonar is the radar memory and Accel is the speed memory.

Now as Harry had gone into brooding about his plan, the signal to start the competition went off like a cannon blast, allowing Cedric to enter and search his own way, then several minutes later had Viktor and Fleur entering the maze, for their search to begin, however before Viktor had entered Harry took notice of the D.A.D.A. teacher Prof. Moody casting a spell on him, with caused Viktor to act catatonic, with glazed eyes and walk with a slight gimp, but the calm Harry pretended as if he had not notice and awaited his chance at entry. Then 2 hours after Fleur had entered, Harry himself enters and he enters with a call of, "Transform," donning on a sleek gold and silver colored armor via a gush of liquid metal, with a robotic intone of, "Sonar/Accel," and then Harry took off like a rocket, while been watched by: Dumbledore threw his crystal ball charm and Barty Crouch Jr. via Moody's fake eye, and as soon as they saw Harry successfully transform, they had cursed (not the spell) Harry's plan.

Back in the maze, as the each of the Champions began to in earnest find the cup and end the farce this tournament had become, you see Harry had told them about Dumbledores plan and they wanted to help Harry finally get rid of the Dark Lord, so with the decision to wait at the cup, once found: all the Champions would head threw the portkey to the graveyard. As soon as the cup was found, Cedric, Fleur and Viktor, after being freed from the Imperious curse, started with disillusioning themselves, while Harry de-activated his driver and then they all grab the cup, where they are whisked away from the school.

Back on the outside, Dumbledore and 'Moody,' both swear viciously and silently as they watch the whole pact of champions take the portkey to Voldemort, while on the outside of themselves, they were show nothing off. Then to Ginny as she, now checks an instrument that Harry had given, which shows a confirmation of the plans: Harry and the others came up with, were successful. Now in the vortex of the portkey, as the Triwizard champions, begin to make their descent to the ground in the graveyard, though just as they hit the ground, a raspy/squeaking cry of, "Stupefy," and Harry was hit with a bolt of red energy, making him fall to the ground in heap, while the others hide to wait when it is a good time to help: the moment Voldemort is alive and kicking.

In the graveyard, as Fleur from her vantage point, has her wand trained on Harrys binds, waiting for the right time to cut them with a cutting charm, while also being thankful of the invisibility, casted by the disillusionment charm, because she was right behind the statue, the rat man tied him to, before he began the rebirthing ritual and just as Wormtail had finished with his need to keep an eye of his captive, Fleur herself cast, 'Relashio,' silently and effectively freeing the bound Potter, before he jumped down and dove behind a flagstone tombstone, before drawing his custom wand (he was disarmed of his Holly and Phoenix wand, while he still held his custom one) and casting the usual healing charms, before making his way to where he could see: Voldemort summoning his Death Eaters, which he then: scolded, torture and identified the members as he tore there masks off, then after all that began to tell then of his rebirth, only to point towards an empty pillar, which was then when the champions reappeared and faced down their enemies.

As Harry stared down his enemy: Voldemort, he remarks, "okay Tom, let's just cut the whole megalomaniac routine and simply start with the fight, Transform," as he splays out his double driver, which it calls, "Elemental/Spellcaster," conjuring his favourite armor form, which due to the large amount of magical energies the Gaia Memories had absorbed, making his armor change to: a gold and silver armored body suit, with a long black sorcerer styled sleeved cloak and in his hand was a large dragon shaped staff looked to be made from the wood of Yggdrasil, and it was made from that tree, you see the wood of his custom wand is the direct descendant of the tree of beginning (which got the upgrade from the Spellcaster memory), while the core was composed of: feathers of a phoenix, griffin, Pegasus and thunderbird, all of which were summoned by the Elemental memory. After his transformation was complete, Harry, Cedric, Fleur and Viktor, took their strongest duelist stance, waited for the death Eaters and Voldemort to start the fight. Not to disappoint the opposition, Voldemort breaks the stupor and orders, "Don't just stand there, kill them you fools," the with the effect desired, the Death Eaters fired off their first curse, while commanding simultanessly, "Avada Kadavra," shooting the dark green curse at their targets, in response Harry stamps his staff on the ground and commands, "Aggere Terrae," which raises a large wall of rock, takes the hit of the curses and then lowers down, allowing for the other champions to their own spells with, them casting, "Stupefy/Ignem Sagitta/Bombarda," Cedric with the stunner, Viktor with the fire arrow and Fleur had the last, causing the effect of separating the Death Eater from Voldemort, which was where the champions then took off after then and Harry thrusted his staff intoning, "Expelliarmus," firing off a red bolt of magic towards Voldemort to distract him from the others, before Voldemort then joined the fray as he then casts, "Serpensortia," summoning a six foot snake then followed it up with, "Engorgio," to increase the size of the beast to 50 feet and then ordered to the snake, "Kill him," which was where the snake launched at Harry and that caused Harry to cast, "Elementi Gladio," then with a sword which was licking with different elements, Harry dashed forth and with an almighty swing, cleaved the snakes head off, before repeating the process as Voldemort summons and enlarges more snakes.

Time skip to minutes before the wand beam struggle:

Panting slightly as they've uses to much energy, Harry and Voldemort raise their wand/Staff to cast their final spell before they faint, so with a might roar of, "Expelliarmus/ Avada Kadavra," force the last bit of Magic threw their chosen foci's as spells golden red and silvery green collided with one-another creating a sun, as it were, of molten magic. As the struggle for the dominance continued on, the other champions and their opponents, returned with the latters in chains and found that Voldemort and Harry were still going strong, before a odd thing happen, as the centre sun began to generate a veil of ghostly silver energy, which formed into the shapes Harrys' parents: James and Lily Potter, whom spurred on Harry and insisted on breaking the connect. In Harry perspective, as he was listening to his and reminding himself that the Horcruxes were far from destroyed, but Harry was thinking it would be best to kill Voldie now and worry about them later, but Lily told him the he was not a killer and that it would be best retreat. But before Harry could break the connection to flee, Voldemort however notice his men (heard what Harry remarked about his Horcruxes) and broke it himself, where he in which flash of black energy, as for the Potter spirits however and Harry manage to trap them in two dopants Gaia Memories, for later use and said to his fellow members, "Let's go home Voldie'll be licking his wounds for awhile," then of which, he also pasted out.

Time skip 4 days later:

In the Hospital wing, as Harry opened his eyes to the view of seeing his Girlfriend and her family (save Ron), joined by the other champions and Hermione, all of whom were hovering him in concern and worry, which turned to relief as Harry and Ginny re-embraced each other, before getting the lowdown of what was going on and where the new stands, which of course was nowhere, since all the ministry officials went into denial, about the return of the dark lord and simply dismissed the whole thing. 3 days later and Harry was finally released from the ward, he found that the Soul Trap Gaia Memories were with: Dumbledore, whom Harry thought that Dumbledore sees them as a threat and confiscating them, though Harry had planned for that and simply intoned, "Accio Soul Trap Gaia Memories," which had them fly to his hand and then Harry retired to his trunk, where held the preserved bodies of his parents, which he had exhumed and placed Gaia drivers on them, then once Harry got to the table they were on, he plugged the memories into the belts, causing a field of energy to encompass them and revive them, after the flash of energy faded: Harry found his head flying face first into his mother chest as, lily herself flew at him and hugged him to the point of him turning blue.

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