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"…it was awesome! So then I was flying down this hill and it was like whoosh whoosh whoosh through these cars and then the sled hit this, this thing and it was like way up in the air! And then, bam, the sofa hit me…"

comes Jamie's excited retelling of his sledding adventure to his sister Sophie, his dog and his mom.

"wow!" Sophie gasps, she can almost see it playing out in front of her

"and, and see" Jamie points into his mouth were a gap resides "my tooth came out!" Sophie giggles and points to the empty space.

"All right, you two. Tooth under your pillow?" calls Jamie's mom; evidently it is time for bed.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Announces Jamie as he grabs a flashlight

"Now don't stay up trying to see her, Jamie, or she won't come." Is his mother's gentle reprimand.

"But I can do it this time!" Jamie announces passionately "You want to help me, Soph? We can hide and see the Tooth Fairy!"

"Hide, hide, hide, hide." Is Sophie's enthusiastic response.

"nuh uh, Straight to bed now, mister." Is their mother's response as she picks up Sophie to tuck her in her own bed.

"Mom" says Jamie in defeat, the way kids do when they know they can't change their mothers mind but wish they would anyways.

I smile unseeing at the scene before me. My hood is up casting my eyes into further shadow with the help of my hair. I can hear their words through the glass, bring a sort of sad smile to my face. Why sad? I'm not quite sure. I frown as I hear the soft crinkle of frost ferns covering the window, obscuring the rest of the conversation from me, and reaffirming once again, how alone I am.

To anyone else watching it would appear that the trickster was peering in the window, and when he was bored, left. Jack flipped on to the roof, appearing lighter than air with the help of the wind.

"If there' something I'm doing wrong" I begin turning to face my compass, the one who brought me back, then forgot to tell me why. "Can you, can you, just tell me what it is?" I'm desperate; it's been 300 years, surly that's long enough to wait for an answer. I lean protectively around my staff, another guide, and my connection to the wind "Because I've tried everything" and it's the truth "and no one ever sees me" I 'stare' at the moon desperately hoping against hope that this time, this time I am going to get an answer. There's nothing, and I grow more frustrated "You put me here. The least you can do is tell me…" I break off trying not to cry "tell me why." I wait desperate for an answer. But as what has happened the thousands of other times there is no response. I turn away frustrated and upset. I jump off the roof lightly landing on one foot on the telephone wire causing it to ice over gently. I use my staff to help me identify the wire next to me, also icing it over. I can hear the hissing of Sandman's dream sand curling out sending bright dreams out to the children. I've only seen it once, in half a second, even then I'm not really sure if I've seen it. It was beautiful, even if I didn't actually see it. I turn towards the source "Ah, right on time, Sandman." I start to run along the wire heading towards an approaching stream I can hear. Trailing my fingers along it allowing shapes to form, I think it's a dolphin from the splashing and trilling sounds that are made.

Jacks fingers came in contact with the golden sand a golden dolphin bursting forth circling around him playfully; appearing that he watched its every move eagerly. The Sandman was busy, but he always tried to make time for Jack, even with the millions of kids in the world and it is his job to make sure everyone gets a good dream. One strand of dream sand entered the window of the girl named Cupcake. It formed into the shape of a unicorn gently, causing her face to smooth into a smile. But all was not peaceful.

Soft mocking laughter filled the air; the shadows in the room grew darker.

"I thought I heard the clippity-clop of a unicorn. What an adorable dream!" It is none other than Pitch Black. "And look at her." He says clasping his hands, in a mockery of what a parent would do. "Precious child. So sweet." He is building himself up for the deed, a dramatic actor on a stage. "So full of hope and wonder. Why, there's only one thing missing" He turns more sinister "A touch of fear"

his fingers dance out coming in contact with the dream. Black poisons it causing it to writhe in pain, crumpling into a swarm of black sand. "that never gets old. Feel your fear. Come on. Come on, that's right."

He begins to shape it to his will, forming the skeletal form of a nightmare. It neighed sharply, the excess sand still whipping around the thin form, nuzzling its creator. Pitch grabbed it holding it out in front of him like a child would with a beloved gift they were admiring.

"Such a pretty little nightmare." The creation neighed hoarsely in response "Now" he is dead serious, lowering his voice as if speaking a great secret "I want you to tell the others the wait is over." The skeletal form neighed once more in response before exiting the window, calling for its brethren, it raced into the sky.

"Don't look at me like that, old friend" Pitch speaks stepping out from yet another shadow, casting his gaze to the pale orb in the sky. "You must have known this day would come." More horse shapes flew across the glowing face of the moon. "My Nightmares are finally ready. Are your Guardians?"

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