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The surprise!

Sarah fell to the floor of the throne room and continued to cry. The tear kept coming. The just wouldn't seem to stop as the pain of losing her little brother washed through her. Unaware of the goblins around her or or her beloved kneeling down to pick her up until she felt his arms around her. "Oh precious, I told you not to go."

She didn't care, she flung her arms out and wrapped them around his neck still crying all the pain out.

Then she slept. Unaware of her love setting her gently on their bed or him pushing back her hair to stroke her face lovingly. Nor the whisper that echoed ever so softly through the room.

"Just a few more days precious... Just a few more days"

No, she heard nothing, but even in sleep she cried.

Sarah glared at the doors in front of her. She hated the high court for what they did and for them to summon her took a lot of balls. They had better all be careful. It was only two days since she had lost her brother to that damned heart attack and she was still in a foul mood. Not to mention she started again which just pissed her off even more. So they better mind their manners or they were seriously going to be in trouble.

She growled as she was announced and met her mother-in-laws gaze with a bone chilling glare. Oberon was next on the receiving list. Her gaze softened slightly as it fell to her husband who was standing at his place beside his father and mother. She just knew from his grin that she wasn't in trouble so what could get him so happy she wondered. Then ignoring him she turned to address the fae high-court.

Not one to mince words with the fae high-court, "Why have you the never to summon me?" she hissed out through gritted teeth. All in the court began to chuckle at her displeasure.

Tatiana gazed into her daughters hostile eyes as she sighed. Waving her hand to silence the courts so that she could speak.

"Sarah, Please forgive us for we laugh not at your pain but in happiness. We have kept a secret from you for many years and it is time to rectify that. Bring them out."

With a wave of her hand the golden doors to her left opened and she watched with a small smile as her daughter gasped and fell to her knees, tears falling like rain down her face.

"We had decided long ago to erase their memories but we found that it was not effective with these two because of you blood line and the fact that a certain son of mine gave a certain child fae food. So we had a dilemma on our hands. You had already been notified of our decision and had already said your good-byes." Tatiana smiled at her daughters shocked expression. Oberon decided to take over the explanation with a gentle gaze and continued for his wife.

"We decided to withhold a part of their consciousness that remembered you and store in in a crystal until their mortal bodies had past. We cast a ancient spell over them splitting the fae essence from their bodies to create full fae carbon copies. Then it was just a matter of transferring their consciousness back into their new bodies. We are sorry my daughter that it took so long." He finished with a sigh.

Before he could blink he was tackled to the ground and his son was laughing at him as his daughter clung to his person whispering over and over through tears of joy "thank you... thank you thankyouthankyou!" He grinned and held his daughter for the first time. After their decision she refused to even speak to them unless it was a formal conversation. Even then it was rare.

Sarah was in shock. There stood her brother and father smiling and looking like they did 20 years ago. Tears in her eyes she just couldn't believe it. He father opened his arms and with out a second thought she rushed into them bursting with joy. Her father laughed and swung her high into the air and whispered "I am so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. but I really am here."

Sarah pulled back to see her brother.. she choked back a sob. Her baby brother looking ashamed. She pulled him into a hug as he started to tear up himself.

Wrapping his strong arms around her he whispered."Im sorry sis, I'm sorry for how poorly I acted and you were right. I understand now from having lost my own wife to child birth. I get it. I'm just glad that I still have my daughter. Now I have you as well. I hope you can forgive me."

With that he cried harder as she pulled back and grinned while wiping his eyes than said "It's already forgiven. I understood then why you were so angry and I..." She frowned for a second as what he said filtered through her mind.

"What do you mean still have your daughter..." She questioned slowly in confusion.

Toby grinned. "She's part fae, its in our blood apparently. I will see her when she turns 29. She will make the transition like you did and we will be together again. She has already been told what to expect and is prepared." He said with a slight wince as he remembered what his sister went through. He was not looking forward to being there when his daughter's time came, but at least he would have her with him.

Sarah was astonished by everything that she was hearing. It was just to much to take in. It was like a dream and if it was then she never wanted to wake up. Feeling her love's arms wrap themselves around her, she finally gave in to the pressure.

She blacked out.

Sarah shot straight up in her bed confused. She began to tremble. 'please dear god, don't let it be just a dream.' she thought as she turned toward the door as it opened to reveal her grinning husband.

"You fainted" he smirked. She grinned with relief now knowing that it wasn't all a dream. Then laughed when the pillow she threw at him smacked him in the face.

"That wasn't very nice precious" He drawled in that oh so sexy voice of his. She smiled sweetly as she got up from the bed and slunk her way up to him and sighed as she leaned in to kiss him.

Just as Jareth started to deepen the kiss she pulled away and said with a snicker in her voice.

"Blame Mother Nature"

With that she disappeared to go find her brother and father.

Jareth stood there stunned until it click what she had meant. Then came the groan with a curse to follow.

One week of blue balls here he comes.

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