This fic is going to switch POV's between Helga and Double D. This will be an eventual Kevedd (and Helga/Arnold), so bear with me on the first couple of chapters! It will get better, I swear. Enjoy!

It's not every day that the quiet, relatively normal suburb of Peach Creek gets a new visitor, let alone a new resident. All the cul-de-sac kids gathered together to watch the new neighbors pull into their new home. The moving truck arrived yesterday morning—not like the teenagers were actually waiting around to catch a glimpse of the new tenants. Certainly not! And it's not like they were all currently hiding behind bushes and trees to watch the new neighbors move in. Not in the slightest.

A large white and gold Hummer finally pulled up into the driveway. A man (heavy build, Double D noted), a woman (blonde, and slightly disoriented), and a young teenage girl (visibly angry) emerged out of the vehicle.

"Here we are, Olga!" the man said, "Your new home!"

The teenage girl scoffed. "It's Helga, dad. My name is Helga. And this dump is not my home. This is a house I will be living in for three months until we move back home. This is not my home."

Ouch. Surely she was just sour about moving to a new place, as Peach Creek is certainly no dump.

"Hey hey hey hey hey! Watch it, little lady. This business opportunity took a lot of hard work on your mother's part, and you better behave yourself while we're here. You got it?"

The girl (Helga?) sighed once more, "Yeah, yeah, I know, dad. Wouldn't want to tarnish this family's perfect reputation." The father nodded and turned to the car. A few minutes later, the older woman, presumably the mother, finally spoke up.

"Ohh honey, look! All those kids live here in our neighborhood! Awww, isn't that nice…"

Well, apparently their hiding places were rather obvious.

"Ohh, why don't you go make some friends, Helga? Go over and introduce yourself to those kids over there while your dad and I meet our friends for lunch, okay, sweetie?"

The young girl started to protest "But mom, I—"

"Come on sweetie, introduce yourself to that nice boy we told you about. The son of our new partners. Now what was his name again? Elmer? No, no… Ernest? No, that wasn't it…"

"His name was Edward, Miriam. You told me about Ed-ward. Smart, top of his class, I could learn a lot from Edward. Yeah, no, I'll just go inside and watch Wrestlemania on my Big Bob-approved cell phone."

The kids looked at Double D and he paled. He shrugged, not knowing what the girl was talking about. Oh, wait…

A look of realization crossed his face as he vaguely recalled a sticky note from his parents—Our new partners are arriving today, please make their daughter feel at home.

His mother explained to him a while ago that they were working with an investor. Their relationship was more than strictly business though, but he couldn't for the life of him remember what that relationship was…

The father's retort snapped him back to reality. "That Big Bob cell phone is going back to the shop if you don't socialize with the kid, Olga. Make a good impression."

Is her name Helga or Olga? He knew his mother mentioned an odd name, but now he was getting confused. Has she changed her name? Why would her father distinctly call her by the wrong name?

"Alright, alright, criminy, I'll go make friends with the boy, sheesh."

(Helga's POV)

Helga grabbed her backpack from the car and swung it around her shoulders. She knew people were watching, but she didn't care. These people won't even remember her in three months. She could clean up and make it look like no one was ever here.

She took a deep breath and steadied her nerves. No matter where she was, she was always afraid of exposing herself. Moving to a new place, filled with new, unfamiliar people—without any of her friends and hardly any of her familiar possession—well, that was her own personal hell. It was hard enough to cope for three months without him.

The only people she knew were her dysfunctional family, and the only one that actually somewhat cared about her was even further away. She didn't want to admit it, but she actually missed Olga.

Helga began to walk down the driveway. Where were those bratty kids again? She didn't actually see them, her back was turned. She just knew they were…somewhere.

I guess….I guess I'll do this, she thought. She took another deep breath. This is your chance to make a new impression. No one knows you here. This is your chance to be nice. A new year, a new start. Make a good impression. And above all; be. nice.

At fourteen years old, Helga Pataki was rather average-looking. Not breathtakingly pretty, but not ugly. Average. Her eyebrows were two separate entities now, but the two were still rather thick. Her signature pink bow acted as a headband and looked less goofy and childish. Her once lavish and clunky locket was traded for a smaller, more subtle model that rested upon her neck as a necklace. Her pigtails were still there but they hung lower, and she would occasionally wear her hair up in a bun or down, resting on her shoulders. Her white tank top and fluffy pink skirt (with matching white knee socks) gave her an air of femininity, but the scowl on her face and fists at her side told the world she meant business.

Helga Pataki was throwing herself into the bowels of this social circle and there was no going back from this moment on.

She finally spotted some kid behind a tree and approached it. She softened her expression and released her fists from their grasp as she grew closer. Criminy, she thought, were these morons actually watching us the whole time? What creeps.

She was now at the bunch of trees and bushes that were now quite obviously hiding people.

"Uh…h-hey. The name's Helga. Helga Pataki. I just moved here from out of town."

The group emerged and instantly became friendlier when she approached.

"Nice to meet ya! I'm Johnny, and this here's Plank! Say hi, buddy! Plank says hi and to stay out of his shed. What a funny guy!"

"Ah, eyebrows as thick as the goat's beard! Rolf also knows the feeling of being new to this crazy horse lot."

"Sweet headband, rad chick! I'm Nazz!"

"Woah mama! Tour of the neighborhood, only $10 an hour! But for you baby, I'll make it an easy $5."

This was going too fast for Helga. "Okay, okay, okay, settle down. I know it's not every day a new kid shows up out of the blue, uninvited," she thought back to the day Lila arrived to their fourth grade class and hoped to god the kids here would not subject her to the same treatment, "but you guys are going way too fast. How about I start? My… parents…told me to meet a boy named Eddward. So which one of you is Eddward?"

Three boys raised their hands (Ed's hand raised goofily, waving about; Eddy's hand shot up so rapidly it might as well have been a rocket ship to space; and Double D's hand was raised high in the air like a dutiful student.)

Helga sighed. "Already? Enough pranks. I'm not a substitute teacher, I know all three of you cannot have the same name."

"A-actually…" Double D spoke up. "By utter coincidence, us three do share the same name. It's quite remarkable if you ask me! However, I digress, Miss Pataki. I believe I am the Eddward you are looking for." He stepped forward. "My parents are the scientists that are collaborating with your parents to develop a sort of new cell phone technology? I read my mother's note that you would be arriving soon, and I was instructed to accompany you, and to answer any questions you may have; whether it be about our quiet, humble suburb or our award-winning school. My friends call me Double D, to avoid confusion."

He sounded just like Phoebe; heck, he even looked like Phoebe. Just stick some glasses on him and put him in a skirt and bam!—Genderbend!Phoebe. She was glad this guy was so smart; she was used to her best friend's big words and her complex, scientific approach to solving problems, and this guy seemed like he was cut from the same mold. She was thankful for a bit of familiarity. Any familiarity made her seem at home.

"Thanks, sockhead." Shit, Helga! Be nice. The name didn't seem to bother the boy, maybe it was a term of endearment? Like Football—

"How about you show me around the neighborhood while my junk gets unpacked?"

The boy brightened at the idea. "I would be happy to escort you around the cul-de-sac! Follow me."

Helga and Double D, along with two other boys (the other two that were named Edward, she noticed.), took time to explore the cul-de-sac. It was mostly Helga and Edd talking; Helga would ask a question about the neighborhood ("Who was that blonde chick, again?") and Double D would answer her question and fill in the blanks. Occasionally, he would try to ask about her life in her old town, but Helga would avoid the question and answer vaguely. ("Where did you live before joining our suburban community, if you don't mind me asking?" " know…just some lame big city. Nothing special.")

The only question that startled her was the one abruptly asked by Eddy when they were over by that van; "So, you gotta boyfriend back home? Or are you single and ready to mingle?" The look on his face was pretty scummy.

"B-boyfriend?!" Helga gasped so suddenly that she started choking on air. Her hand flew up to her locket and she gripped the metal charm. "I…d-don't be ridiculous." She gave a nervous laugh.

"Eddy!" Double D cried. "How rude! You have made Miss Pataki quite uncomfortable." He turned to Helga. "Please excuse him, as he is rather…uncouth when a pretty new girl shows up." He gave a weak smile.

Helga tried to change the subject. "So….how about that school of yours?" Oh, Arnold…

Hope you like it!