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Chapter One

~Apartment in Brooksville Fl~

"Oi! Nick! Get your ass ready! Naruto is coming on and its getting good!" Liliana shouted from her position on the couch. She swung her waist long red hair over her shoulder, braiding it so it wouldn't get in her way. She straightened out her white tank top and her tan short shorts before picking up the giant bowl of popcorn and the remote, she relaxed on the big couch. When she felt a presence behind her and jump over the back of the couch and land next to her she scoffed.

"Took you long enough. Playing with yourself in the bathroom?" The tall guy that sat next to her just shook his head and sipped his diet soda. He wore a black T-shirt and tan board shorts.

"So. And if I was?"

"Dude. T.M.I." They both laughed but stopped as they're favorite show came on.

As the Naruto theme played Liliana threw popcorn at the screen and 'booed' as Sasuke, her most hated character and Nick's favorite, showed up on the screen. Nick just looked on and shook his head some more as she cheered for Gaara and Naruto, her most loved characters.

"Man if I could go into the Naruto world I bang those two so hard... well I would leave Naruto to Hinata but I would totally steal Gaara's innocence... like no joke." Liliana laughed hard as she watched Nick blush and look away with a 'jeez your a weirdo' look. She picked up more popcorn and stuffed her face, offering her roommate some.

"Nah. You know I'm on that diet. I don't want to eat that stuff." He said running a hand through his short black and red highlighted hair, noticing her bright blue eyes staring at him he stared back with his own piercing green ones.

"Why you resist fattening food?! You're always on that weird ass diet and you always exercise. I think you can work off a bit of popcorn after watching Naruto dude." She looked back to the screen and turned the volume up.

They were on the episode where Jiraya gets killed by Pein. Liliana looks over to Nick and he nods and runs and gets a box of tissues.

"Oh man this is going to be a tear jerking type of night isn't it?" She voiced up and set down the bowl of popcorn. She grabs her panda shaped pillow and hugs it close.

All of a sudden the 56" plasma TV in they're living room shook and glowed brightly, blinding the two momentarily. Liliana stares wide eyed at the screen and looks to Nick. She went to touch the screen but he stopped her. She glared at him and he backed off. Her fingers touched the screen and went through. She smiled and pulled her hand back, running to her room and grabbing the bag by her nightstand. It contained her special possessions.

"Oh your god... go get your bag Nick! I told you this day would come!" Nick ran and got a similar bag, meeting her in front of the TV. They smiled and linked hands diving through the screen, not knowing where they were going or if they were being invaded by aliens or if they are having heart attacks or dead.

Colors flashed by like as if they were on an LSD trip as they flew through some three dimensional world with color shooting past as if the were going the speed of light. They kept a tight bond with they're hands and looked around. They saw that they're trip was coming to an end as they headed toward a bright white light. They shielded they're eyes as they flew through the portal-like thing.

As the two landed they landed hard on a patch of sand in the middle of the desert. They both got up and brushed the sand off they're clothes. Nick was the first one to speak up.

"Where the hell are we? Why do we look.. different?" He lifted his arm up and studied it. Liliana did the same and had the biggest smile of her life on her face.

"Aw dude we're animated! We're in an Anime! Now to figure out which one!" She jumped on Nick's back and surveyed the area. She pulled a hat out from her bag and put it on, blocking out the sun.

"I'm not a step stool you know!" Growled nick trying to shake his best friend off. She clung to him still looking out to the distance. She int and shouted in his ear.

"There's a city in the distance! And I think I know where we are!" Liliana jumped off his back and started running in the direction she pointed to. Nick ran after her and look out into the distance. He put his hand up to block the light and called for Liliana.

"Hey we need a plan before barging in like this. We look like outsiders enough with are weird clothes." Nick said digging in his bag and pulling out a Konoha forehead protector. She grabbed it and threw it in her bag and gave him a look.

"We can pass off as nomads like this. We will just tell them we need a place to call home." The red head sighed and walked of towards the city she had seen.

~At the gates of Sunagakure~

When the two reached the gates of the famous village of Suna they collapsed in front of the guards that stared warily at them. Liliana gave them a pleading look before falling unconscious. Nick fell beside her and the guards rushed to they're sides after a moment and called for a medic.

"Notify the Kazekage! He needs to know of these two newcomers!" Shouted one of the ninja.

When Liliana woke up she was in a hospital bed. She got wide eyed and snapped up with her fists clenched, clearly ready to fight. She relaxed as she realized the room was empty except for the bed next to her. She got up and walked to were her best friend laid unconscious and not looking to good. His breathing was labored and had and IV in his arm. Liliana looked down at her arm and pulled hers out, feeling only a pinch. She stood up straight as she heard the door open and what she suspected to be a nurse walked in and gasped when she saw her and ran out of the room to inform more people. Liliana sighed and sat down next to her friend and held his arm.

"Get better Nick or I'll kick your dieting ass.."

She heard the door open and her blue eyes widened as they fixed on the people in front of her. Before her stood non other than Sabaku no Gaara and is siblings Temari and Kankuro. Liliana stood and bowed to him as he stared at her.

"I am the Kazekage of this village-"

"Sabaku no Gaara. Former Jinchuuriki of the One-Tailed demon Shukaku. Your best friend is Naruto Uzumaki and he is the Jinchuuriki the Nine-Tailed demon Kurama or commonly named the Kyuubi. You died once but Chiyo-sama resurrected you but at the price of her own life. Is that all correct?" Liliana looked up and they stared at her in shock. She sat back down and stared at her friend, "I know everything about all of you. And no I am not a spy. I just know everything. And the future I guess." She smiled and looked back up to the three that stood there.

Kankuro stepped closer and grabbed her arm, pulling her up as she yelped. She looked up at him with pleading eyes and sowed him that she meant no harm. He stared her down and his grip loosened but he didn't let go. Gaara stepped closer and Liliana started blushing a bright red color. He stared down at her for a moment before nodding to Kankuro. He growled but let her arm go.

"Do you mind coming with me? To tell me whats going on exactly?" Gaara's voice was like a blessing for her to heard and she nodded quickly and he turned to leave the room Liliana followed behind him and look back to her friend.

"Get better Nick."

She walked behind him wringing her hands and nervously looking around. When they reached his office she began to get even more nervous as she saw they're bags on his desk. Contents spilled out and looked through. She saw hers and Nick's forehead protectors and swallowed hard. Her's was a Suna village one while Nick's was a Konoha one. Gaara sat behind his desk and linked his fingers together and stared down at the parcels. Embarrassingly enough Liliana had a ton of Gaara pictures and some of them were a bit suggestive.

"Whats all of this?" His voice sounding curious and a bit demanding. Her blue eyes looked to the ground and twirled her barefoot on the floor.

"To get straight to the point. I'm not from this world. In my world you guys don't even exist. You guys are just an Anime! So when my TV started glowing me and my pal jumped through and here we are. All of that is our personal things we brought from our home. That way if we don't return we have them.. I know my stuff is weird but you have to understand I have a huuuge crush on you Kazekage-sama.." She looked away as she saw the look on his face turn to one of amusement. He got up and walked around his desk he stood in front of her and crossed his arms.

"Whats your names?"

"Liliana Jones and Nickoli Davidson."

"How old are you."

"Twenty one and twenty four, Gaara-sama.." Looking away ashamed.

"Are you a ninja."

"I have no idea."Her red hair was frizzy and her eyes were starting to water.

"Are you a Jinchuuriki?"

"That I don't know either..." She look down further and when she looked down her bangs fell and revealed a barrage of scars on her face. Gaara stared at the girl and sighed.

"All of you leave. Now. Except you Ms. Jones." He ordered everyone out and told Liliana to stay. He uncrossed his arms arm pulled her hair out of the way looking at her scars. She stiffened and he pulled away giving her space.

"What happened to you? Are they're more?" His body moved to be in front of a big window behind his desk. Liliana stood there trying to relax and breathed cooling her blush.

"They are all over my body. I've had scars all of my life since I was tortured and raped as a child of eight. By my own family members that I trusted. I don't look for sympathy but I seek what you do, Gaara-sama. Love."

He looked over to her and saw her fiddling with her hands again. He looked closer and saw long gash like scars on her legs and smaller ones gathers towards the tops of her thighs. He walked closer and held out her arms. Evidence of self mutilation up and down them, some of the deep cuts looked fresh. He lifted her shirt, her squeaking in the process, and saw big and small scars all over her abdomen. His eyes widened at what he saw. He looked her in the eyes and put his hand on her head and made her look up at him.

"If you are to live and breathe in my village you shall not commit these acts of violence on yourself. Are we clear?" His voice serious and it boomed in her chest and she nodded and bowed to him.

"Thank you so much Kazekage-sama! You won't regret letting us stay!" She smiled brightly, her broken front tooth looking like a small fang. He gave a small smile and walked back to his desk. When a there was a knock on the door she jumped and calmed herself. Gaara smiled a bit and called for them to enter. Temari came in with Nick in tow.

When the two saw each other they hugged and smiled at each other.

"Told you I knew where we were! Gaara-sama is letting us stay here! Isn't that awesome?!" Liliana squealed and jumped up and down. Nick just rolled his eyes and bowed to the Kazekage.

"Thank you for your hospitality. We are forever grateful." His voice monotone sounding, worrying Liliana. She put a hand on his shoulder and gave a concerning look until she saw the red. She backed away and he gave her a confused look.

"Dude! You got the Sharingan!" Pulling her mirror off the desk and showing him, he jumped back in surprise touching his face.

"Well look at your! You have a Byakugan I think!" She turned the mirror on herself and jumped back. She indeed had the pupil-less eyes of a Byakugan user.

"Holy Shit! I do! This is just flippin weird... do you think we have those styles too?"

She look over at him and gave a worried look. She looked to Gaara, even he seemed interested. Nick rubbed his eyes and his breathing became labored.

"Nick turn it off. I know you can do it. You're the Sharingan expert!" Liliana shouted as he toppled over. He made a simple hand sign and he became normal but his green eyes had become distorted becoming partially black. The Kazekage just stood there staring at the two new comers to his village.

"So about your living arrangements. You will be staying with me and my family for now until you get on your feet." Gaara said uncrossing his arms and looking over to his siblings, they nodded and left to go tel the maids to prepare rooms for they're new guests.

"We are forever in your debt Gaara-sama..." Liliana bowed and smiled as Gaara got up and walked to the door motioning to follow him. The two looked to each other and gathered they're things and followed behind the tall red head leading them to they're new home and new lives.

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