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Chapter Five

~Kazekage's Mansion, Gaara's Room, Late Morning~

The three that huddled together on the bed started to shift around, waking up from they're drunken slumber. The one girl in the bed woke first by sitting up in the large bed and tried untangling the black silk sheets and two boys from her body. The other two occupants stirred also sitting up but the red haired one grabbed his head in pain. The blonde just sat there with a funny expression on his face. Liliana looked to them with tired droopy eyes.

"Aw damn... how much did we drink last night guys..." Naruto laid back down covering his face with the sheets. Gaara got up at the mention or the word 'drink' and went to his personal bathroom, the others could hear him getting sick and Liliana giggled but stopped when the sound made her head pound.

"Owwww... I think we drunk at least seven bottles worth... I was so wasted... what even happened after the restaurant? How did we end up in bed? Aw fuck it... too tired to care..." Liliana got up from the bed and surveyed herself in the full length mirror. Hair a mess, clothes slightly falling off, and her shoes, scarf, and gloves were laying on the dark maroon cherry wood dresser in the corner. She strolled over to the articles of clothing and observed them closely. After her brief examination she shrugged then carried her garments towards the door, trying not to fall over or pass back out. Gaara stumbled back into the room with a pained expression. She turned back to the bed and watched as the two teenagers struggled with they're hangovers. The red haired woman chuckled and opened the door, walking quietly to her room.

"Get a good night's sleep, Liliana?" Said woman cringed, slowly coming face to face with her old roomie. Looking up to him and she gave a nervous laugh while scratching the back of her head.

"Yeah about the drinking part… I never planned on getting that smashed." Liliana went to open the door to her room before she saw a silver clawed hand slam into the wall and looked back to see an enraged face. Nick looked so angry his Sharigan was activated. Liliana looked down in defeat and slumped her shoulders in a submissive way.

"You run off after you see Gaara messing with Matsuri then you run off, I have to find you. Then you, Naruto, and Gaara all go out and party. You're being irresponsible again. This can't end up like Brooksville did." His hand bunched into a fist then put his hand on her shoulder,"I'm only doing this cause your my best and only friend here. Things are different we can't screw this up, you know whats coming right? The war. And its not gonna be pretty. Lets just have fun today okay?"

Liliana nodded and silently slunk into her room closing the door softly. Nick breathed in deep and walked towards the stairs and descended them, heading to the kitchen to look for some food, he was deep into though when he all of a sudden ran into a certain platinum blonde Kunoichi and knocking her down. He stumbled back and immediately started to blush and apologize profusely to the girl.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry Ino-san! I wasn't paying attention!" He bowed and helped her from the floor back onto her feet. She let out a light heartened laugh and batted her hand towards him.

"Its totally okay. Not like I'm gonna hurt ya or anything. Relax Nick-kun I'm here as a medic and to figure you guys out, kinda like a therapist I think." She laughed as his shoulders sagged in relief. Nick smiled back at her as he scratched the back of his head. She dismissed herself saying she had paperwork to do so he stepped out of her way and watched her go by, noticing she swayed her hips as she walked. He stared for a few more seconds as she went up the stairs and the realized that he was going to find his meal for the morning and went off to do that.

After about half an hour everyone was up and moving around. The household seemed so busy-like with all the people staying in the mansion. Nick could hear that Lili was on her way down from the clattering of her footsteps through the mansion, shuffling, Nick could always tell it was her by her shuffling footsteps. She came into the kitchen in her red ninja attire, minus her gloves so she wouldn't dirty them with food. She had her ear buds for her MP3 player in her ears and swaying her hips when she reached the counter. Must have been a catchy beat cause she was singing along with it and he knew the song and did a facepalm as he could see some of the guys come in and watch her without her knowing.

"I'm bringing sexy back, Them other boys don't know how to act, I think you're special what's behind your back? So turn around and I'll pick up the slack. Take 'em to the bridge! Dirty babe! You see these shackles Baby I'm your slave, I'll let you whip me if I misbehave, It's just that no one makes me feel this way, Take it to the chorus!" Liliana grabbed the ingredients for the lunch she was planning for work and training. She span around to the beat and noticed the males of the house staring at her with either red faces or bloody noses. She blushed a dark red and slowly turned around to make the food, completely mortified. She motioned for Nick to come to her side and he rushed over to her.

"Did they seriously see all that?"

"Eeyupp." He nodded.

"They heard the lyrics?"

"Eeyupp." He nodded again.

"Fuuuuudge nuggets... Can you get the dock station for my MP3?"

"Suuuuure." He left the room and came back with a pair of speakers and a black dock station. She unplugged her head phones and plugged the device in with the speakers. The people in the room started to move about and get they're own food, moving around her as she sifted through the song list. She smiled as she settled on a song that gave her encouragement for the morning. Music is caffeine, she thought as the guitar beat echoed through the large kitchen. She eyed Gaara and noticed him still blushing, he looked up sensing she was staring and she turned back to her cooking still slightly dancing to the uppity beat. He couldn't help stare at her hips as she moved them rhythmically to the strange music.

"I was walkin' down the street when out the corner of my eye I saw a pretty little thing approaching me, she said I never seen a man who looked so all alone, oh could you use a little company. And if you pay the right price your evening will be nice you can go and send me on my way. I said you're such a sweet young thing, why do you do this to yourself? She looked at me and this is what she said: There ain't no rest for the wicked. Money don't grow on trees, I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed. Ain't nothing in this world for free. No I can't slow down, I can't hold back, though you know I wish I could. No there ain't no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good."

By the end of a couple of more songs Liliana was halfway done with the food with Hinata helping even though she knew nothing of Lili's type of cooking. She coached the younger girl as she cooked telling her when to add certain seasonings or when to take other things off heat for later. When another song came on Lili smirked and pulled the shy girl to a wider space in the kitchen and started to dance with her in a silly way, the heiress was doubtful to dance in front other people but threw that out the window and started to have fun. The both laughed as the danced and spun, the other cheering them on and clapping in approval, Naruto eventually joined in, wanting in on some of the fun. Liliana smiled as Hinata blushed but kept dancing as the blonde joined in as her dance partner. The red head laughed and went back to finishing the food and placing them in bento cases she found earlier. She sighed as she stared down at her hard work and grinned like the Cheshire cat obtaining the Mad-Hatters magical hat.

"It looks delicious Liliana-san. I can't wait to try it later." Kakashi said over her shoulder with his eyes closed in a smile. She gave a small thank you and started to pack the bento's into cloth's while writing names and little notes on them. Taking special care not to drop or tip them over while she packed some away for training later and handed them out to people she wouldn't see part of the day since she would be doing her village duties until training that evening. Everyone started to file out of the kitchen except Naruto, Nick, Gaara, Hinata and Liliana who were sitting down at the table, when she went to grab the MP3 player a familiar tune popped on and she smiled as she softly sung.

"Anata to no ai ga kono mama zutto tsuzukimasu you ni, yozora ni negau no kono te wa mada hanasenai. Nanigenai hibi kurikaeshiteta nanimo kowaku nakatta, Futari de ashita wo mukaerareru koto ga atarimae datta ne, tsuyoi hitomi ni mamorareteiru kono toki ga tomareba ii noni, takusan no hikari ni terasareta yokogao miteitai. Anata to no ai ga eien de aru you ni, yozora ni negau no kono te wa mada hanasenai.." Her eyes teared up at the meaning and tune of the simple song, she suddenly realized her weakness and shook her head while she unplugged all the equipment and took it back to her room. The four from the kitchen were waiting at the door, Nick and Naruto carrying the bento's for her. The red headed girl smiled as she pulled her gloves over her marred arms and pulled hood and mask up.

"So we ready for work? 'Cause I am!" She yelled raising her hand in the air. The other laughed as the headed out the door towards the towering building they called 'work'.

~Kazekage's Office, Late Afternoon, After Lunch~

Liliana sat at her desk that was assigned to her, feet propped up on the desk and reading through a stack of paperwork a foot tall. She glanced over to the double doors that led into Gaara's office as the doorknobs jiggled slightly but didn't open. The women smiled as sand crept through the crack of the door with a paper. She took it and glanced over it smiling.

'The lunch was delicious. I appreciate it my friend. Sincerely Gaara.' She mentally 'awed' and stuck the small note in her senbon pouch as she continued reading through more paperwork, sorting them into piles noted as 'Necessary', 'Emergency', and 'Can Wait'. When she rubbed her eyes she noticed a group of Suna genin walking up the stairs laughing at jokes the told each other. Liliana squinted her eyes when she noticed it was Matsuri and her two teammates. The stopped right before her desk and the red-headed Byakugan user smiled up from her chair, pulling her feet off the desk. She crosses her arms and puffing her already large chest out slightly, making them jiggle.

"May I help you children today? Here to drop off mission paperwork or coming to be briefed for a mission?" The genin stared down at the floor and the only boy in the group blushed as he handed her a scroll, which she supposed was a mission statement. She opened the scroll earning a gasp from the group.

"Is something the matter? I'm the Kazekage's official secretary. Its my duty to do this so how bout you kids run along and train. Have a nice day kiddy's." The boy snapped back to attention and nodded running off with a red face. The other girl in they're group ran after him spouting something about him being a pervert for staring at her chest. Matsuri just stood there after they had left and crossed her arms the same way Liliana had. When said women saw this should barely held back a laugh but it came out like a snort as she grinned. The younger girl frowned as the older women scoffed and went back to her original position the had been occupying before the group came. Liliana looked back up with a questioning look and set the scroll back down.

"Is something the matter Matsuri-chan? Something bugging you? Something I can help with?" The women felt like a cat playing with a mouse, Matsuri frowned harder as the women sarcastically went on.

"I want to know why you're Gaara-sama's assistant and not me. That was suppose to be my job." The girls fist clenched and unclenched in frustration. The women sat upright, putting her elbows on the desk and setting her chin on her hands.

"Its simple. I told him what he needed, and where I come from, office romance is a cause for termination or employment. It doesn't look good on your record or reputation for sleeping with the boss man or women. Do you have experience handling high volume paperwork? How old are again, oh your only 12 or 13 I think right? You probably can't even tell me what half of the words in these scrolls mean. I'm 21 years old, lots of experience and a very high education level. So I'm probably the best candidate for the job." Liliana sat up putting her hands in her lap politely as Matsuri's face turned red and she stormed through the hallway and out of the building.

Liliana turned when she heard one of Gaara's door open and smiled as his head poked out curiously. She smiled when he took a deep breath when he realized the coast was clear, he walked over to her desk and looked through the paperwork. If he had eyebrows he would have them raised but the women could tell he was impressed by her timing of finishing almost all of it. She pulled open a drawer from her desk and pulled out her unfinished lunch and nibbled on some rice balls. Gaara looked to her as she noticed him watching and took a few more bites and put her food away. He sighed and took all of her finished paperwork, she got up, took a big gulp of water when she finished her food and carried the basket of sorted scrolls and set them beside his desk. She bowed her leave and was about to leave when she heard him clearing his voice. Slowly turning around to find him really close to her, she squeaked when she felt sand wrapping around her hands and waist.

Gaara pushed her up against the wall with a loud thump. They stared into each others eyes for a moment before Liliana looked away blushing at how close they were, her breasts almost touching his chest, his hand lightly holding her neck almost as if she were his lover. Her eyes squeezed shut when she felt his hot breath on her neck, she felt like she was going to melt to the floor when his body was pressed against hers.

"G-Gaara... what are you doing.. t-this isn't like y-you.." Her voice coming out in short breaths as his other hand roamed down her side, hip and then gasped when it went under her skirt. He almost growled as his hand came into contact wither her body suit but he still gripped her ass tightly, pulling her into him harder. She blushed even darker when she felt hard member pressing against her thigh, the red-headed women tried to struggled but the sand held her to the wall.

"You know I broke everything off with Matsuri after you caught us... I want to try this with you sense we have a deeper connection.."

Gaara groaned as he pulled her under suit's zipper down and bit onto her collar bone making her let out a loud moan and unintentionally grinding her hips into him. She moaned as he sucked her skin to the point of bruising and bit down to draw blood. He moved the zipper further down pushing her short corset tube top down with the zipper reveling almost all of her breasts to him the only thing stopping him was her very tight strapless bra. He aggressively ripped the front of her bra making her gasp from the force as her large chest 'popped' free from the confines of the fabric. She felt his sand loosening up on her wrists and when his hands went to fondle her chest she whispered something in his ear.

"Sorry.." He look up to her just as she hit the back of his neck gently with her wrist and knock him unconscious. Liliana sighed as she picked him up and set him on the couch to her right, she adjusted her clothing before picking him up once again bridle-style, grabbing his ground and locking the office up before leaving the building, getting strange looks from the guards. She laughed and said she caught him past out on his desk with a bottle of sake. As she ran home with him she almost ran right into Nick delivering a message. He stared down at Gaara and gave a questioning look.

"I'll tell you when we get back to the mansion." He nodded, heading off to do his deliveries. She grumbled when they reached the mansion, opening the door and setting him on the couch. Thankfully Temari was home and when she walked into the room a look of slight panic came across her face. Liliana just waved her hand in a dismissive way, scooting her into the kitchen. Temari put her hands on her hips.

"Your brother is a sex crazed teen you know... I went into his office to give him the paperwork I helped with and he pushed me against the wall and did naughty things to me." Temari's face turned red and started laughing, saying it couldn't be, until Liliana pulled out her bra that was shredded in the center. The blonde sighed and put her hand to his forehead. The red-head assured her that she knocked him out before he did anything to horribly sexual. She stared in the living room where her unconscious brother was laying. She was coming to terms that her baby brother was growing up, even if he was growing fast.

"I'm sorry Liliana-san. I never expected him to do that. Did he hurt you?" She blushed when the other women pulled her zipper down and showed a bloody hickey. Liliana sighed as she touched the mark, blushing slightly as the feeling of his mouth lingered. Temari bowed and apologized like crazy making the other girl wave her hands and saying it was okay.

They both grew quiet as the heard groaning coming from the other room and slowly slipped in. Liliana was the first to peek over the couch and blushed madly when she saw a sleeping Gaara with his hand in his pants like a hormonal teenager. When Temari tried to look Liliana pushed her head down and told her it was best she didn't see it. Trusting her judgment the sister grabbed her fan and pulled her shoes on while going out the door. The red-headed women sighed as she leaned over the couch and kissed the boy on the forehead, stirring hm from his light slumber. He stared up at her with lust and confusion in his eyes, she just smiled down at him as he sat up. He tilted his head down in shame but Liliana just shook her head and jumped over the couch to sit next to him, pulling him into a tight hug.

"Gaara, no need to be ashamed of what you did. It was quite enjoyable actually. I just don't want you to do something just because I want you to. I want you to actually feel something and want to do it. Plus I don't think you should be thinking about this kind of thing at the moment. But when the moment is right you'll know and come get me then okay?"

He laid his head against her chest, listening to her heart beat pick up pace then slowing down to normal. They sat like that for a long amount of time, he even fell asleep on her for a while. When everyone started to walk into the mansion and saw, She put her fingers to her lips telling them to be quiet. He woke up when Naruto burst through the door yelling his normal 'dattebayo' and something about ramen in Suna not being good enough. He sat up rubbing his eyes as Liliana rubbed her chest to get back the feeling. Kakashi walked up to them and asked about what happened today while they were out. The two just said they were tired and came back from the office early. It was when Kankuro and Nick barreling through the door with worried and flustered looks that she got up and ran to her friend.

"Is it what I think it is?" She frowned when Nick nodded and handed the sealed and colorfully decorated scroll to Gaara. When he opened it his expression turned serious and he looked to the two that went to sit down. He handed the scroll off to Temari to look at and sat across from them

"We are to go to the Kage Summit in the Land of Iron in two weeks. You two know of this correct?"

They nodded and Liliana put her face in her hands.

"We know everything that's going to happen there and more. Exactly what will happen and when it will occur." Everyone murmured to each other and Liliana walked into the kitchen and started heating up the bento's she had prepared for training and wrapped them up tightly. She all of a sudden felt arms around her waist and sighed as she felt a face in her back, turning to face Gaara. She knelt down and placed her hand against her heart, bowing to him respectfully.

"I dedicate my life to serving you my Lord. You are my Kazekage and I will protect you with my life, even if it means ending my own." He pulled her up off her knee's and looked up into her sapphire blue eyes. He smiled and nodded and walked away into the living room with the group. She turned and gripped the counter, her entire body shaking from something unknown. She gritted her teeth and punched the granite counter tops.

'Just a little longer. You can do this. If Naruto can, you can.' Liliana took a few deep breaths and grabbed the boxes of bento's and shoving them in a large picnic basket. She walked to the large buzzing room and cleared her voice.

"I think we should be off training what do you guys think? I made a lot of bento's." She said holding up the basket and pulling it away when Kakashi jumped after it. Everyone laughed and started to pack they're ninja supplies, heading out the door Nick stopped his red-headed friend. He gave a concerned look but she shrugged and followed behind everyone towards the training grounds.

~Suna Training Grounds, Sunset~

As Kakashi started lecturing Nick on the Sharingan, Hinata was teaching Liliana how to activate and effectively use her newly acquired Byakugan. Liliana took a few deep breaths and willed her chakra to her eyes activating her Kekkei Genkai, she gasped as she saw everyone's chakra systems and looked to Naruto and saw his seal for the fox demon. She kept looking around at everyone analyzing in amazement. She heard Hinata starting her lecture again and showing her basic gentle fist techniques. When she got those down, the shy girl made a clone and said it was time to test her Taijutsu skills that worked with her Byakugan. As the clone rushed at her Liliana twisted, dodging the clones attempt to hit her vital points. She spun around and just as the clone's hand got close to her face she ducked and jabbed the clone in the stomach with her hand. As the clone dispersed Hinata clapped and said she was ready to move onto a more difficult opponent. She watched as a few of Naruto's shadow clone's jumped on the field and surrounded her. She smirked as they charged her, she pulled out her long senbon needles and attached them to chakra strings. The clones jumped back as the needles flew in all directions, swerving and being guided by the twitches in Liliana's fingers. Only when she saw one clone get struck and disperse, her expression became one of blood lust as five more appeared. She retracted her needles and put them away and ran towards them, punching and kicking, laughing the entire time she was fighting.

The group that was spectating clapped and cheered her on but Kakashi, Gaara, and Hinata saw something that was off. When all of Naruto's clones had been destroyed, she stood there in a battle ready position with her head down, huffing and chuckling menacingly. When Hinata called off the training for a break, her head popped up fast and she pulled out her long senbon needles. That's when Kakashi and Gaara jumped in to subdue her. When Kakashi grabbed her from behind and pushed her head down, Gaara used his sand to hold her legs to the ground making her kneel and eventually had her completely subdued by concrete like sand. Nick ran over just as she started to growl and struggle at the sand. When Gaara got to her level and puled her face up his eyes widened as he stared directly into something all to familiar. Her eyes were solid black but in the center her iris had turned completely golden and her pupil was a diamond shape with the four black dots surrounding it. Kakashi held her face and stared blankly at her eyes. Nick turned away that way his powered up Sharingan would not affect her.

"Shukaku. Its been a while. I thought you were long gone." Gaara's voice broke the growling and yelling. A grin came to the girls face and opened her mouth.

"Its only fair I get to see my former host who let me get captured so easily. I think I'll keep this body. I like it better. More fun to play with." A distorted version of Liliana's voice came out of her mouth. Gaara's hands clenched into fists and he started to grow angrier by the second. A menacing laugh came from her lips as the black and gold reverted back to its original colors, the beautiful blue Gaara liked so much. Liliana closed her eyes to turn her Byakugan off and opened then to start looking around. Why was everyone huddled around her and why was she looking up at everyone.

When Gaara deemed her okay to get up he released her from the sand she stood up and dusted herself off like nothing happened.

"So, what did I do..." She stared at the ground as Nick came over and patted her shoulder to reassure her that everything is okay. Gaara looked up at her and pulled her over to where they're were some bench's. He told her what had happened and what was said, she started at his face in shock and got up and ran to Hinata to apologize for scaring her. The shy girl just shook her head and said it was okay and that they could work through it. The older women pulled her into a bone crushing hug saying thank you and begging for to keep training her. Everyone had a short laugh as they watched her practically squeeze the life out of the young Hyuuga and they went back to training, Liliana stuck to learning how to throw her senbon more effectively and using her other weapons. When They all stopped for a break Liliana broke out the bento's and handed them out, she took hers all the way over to the other side of the training field to eat hers. Gaara walked over to her and sat next to her, making light conversation as they nibbled on the food.

"Those two sure are close huh?" Ino said plopping down beside Nick, making him almost sputter his food. She giggled as he turned red and tried wiping his mouth quickly to talk back to her. He looked over to the two, shaking his head as Liliana turned away to put a small morsel of food in her mouth.

"Well those two are a couple of odd characters. But they do seem happy around each other so I'm totally okay with it. I know he won't hurt her." Ino looked up to Nick and smiled. He smiled back with a blush across his cheeks. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Would you like to go out for a drink sometime Ino-san? I know I'm a bit older but I think we could have fun if , you know, we went on a.. a.. a.."

"A date? Are you asking me out Nick-kun?" He started stuttering and looking around nervously as she let out a light giggle. She nodded her head yes and they made a time and date when to go. Now all that was left was to finish training for the night and get home. Nick waved his hand and called his friends name when the break was over. She hugged Gaara and ran over to her friend, wondering what he wanted to talk about this time. He told her about his date and the two did a fist bump and went back to they're training, this time Naruto was teaching Liliana how to use the Kage no Bunshin Jutsu to overwhelm enemies. She was doing fairly well, She made twenty clones on her first try alone, which was impressive.

When everyone was tuckered out from the training they all walked back to the mansion laughing and in good spirits, despite what happened early on in training. They all fought for the shower but Gaara graciously allowed Liliana to use his shower before him since he was used to getting sand all over him and waited till she came out to take his turn. When he returned from his shower he found Liliana sitting on his bed her hair now neatly braided and in a light green sleeping kimono. She looked over to him blushing when he walked out only wearing a towel around his waist. He went to his closet to get dressed and came out in his black kimono. The two red heads sat in silence before she spoke up.

"I'm sorry that I'm in here. I just realized that I can't sleep and I don't know what to do with my time.." Gaara nodded an understanding, he stood up and pulled her up with him, walking her over to his balcony. She stared out at the quaint little desert village, She squeaked when she all of a sudden was picked up bridle-style and Gaara jumped from his balcony onto the roof of the mansion. He set her down on a flat part of the roof that looked to be constructed from sand. It must have been his secret place when he was younger and she felt honored to be there with him. She sat down beside him and leaned against him, hoping that the moment would last forever. Only when she felt him fall asleep beside her did she take him back to his room and set him on his bed, covering him with a light sheet so he wouldn't be too hot throughout the night. She kissed his forehead before leaving his room and softly closing the door. She walked into her empty room and set out for things to do to keep her mind occupied.

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