Code Geass Star Wars Crossover

By Victory 859

Authors Note: This is the final Book of an Epic Multiverse Fanfiction Mainly Centering on Lelouch and my own OC: "Grand Admiral Villhem Feior a Mandalorian Warlord and Ex Admiral of the Republic." I will try to stay Close to the Original Story as Possible; however it will change at points due to 1.) Zero will be considered more of a threat. 2.) The End of season one will Change from the Anime, and the Intro to season 2 will be Different due to Feior and the Starfleet.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or Code Geass, Code Geass is owned by Sunrise and Star war is owned by Lucas Film, Now part of the Disney Media Empire. This is a Fanfiction Written for Fun and No Money is being made!

Chapter One

The Birth of a Demon.

"Sir Earth is in Range of Transmission, Shall we alert the Ashford's to your Impeding Arrival?" Admiral Feior Asks Lelouch watching out the Forward Viewports as the Fleet Stations itself around different Planets of the Sol System.

"Yes, for I will need them for my and Nunnally's reintroduction to the Britannian Society under the Guise of the Feior Siblings, We will Attend school there, to maintain a cover as the Setup Commences for the final battle" Lelouch says smiling at the thought of Millay and Ruben Ashford.

"This is the Imperial Flagship Kuat, Ashford Academy, The emperor Wishes to Speak to you" Feior speaks over a secure line.

"No matter how hard or fierce the wind blows" Is the Reply

"The mountain can never bow" Lelouch answers "Ruben I have no idea why you love those Chinese proverbs so much" He pauses "I will be on planet in an hour, I want to request your help in hiding my true identity, I will be Masquerading as Admiral Feior's Cousin and wish to attend the Academy to better acquaint myself with the current events of Earth."

"Lelouch, it is good to hear that you are so close for a Change" An Older Man Answers back "I welcome you to my families Academy and will gladly aide you in any way possible." He pauses "Besides being family friends my family swore fidelity to the VI Britannia line, whatever you wish we will obey for both reasons."

"I will be Landing in an hour and a half" Lelouch finishes

AN Hour Later the Kuat in Tokyo bay and a LAAT inbound for Ashford academy

Feior Presents a False body of ten year old Lelouch to the Viceroy of Area 11

Imperial Borough building

"What" Clovis Yells?

"I said Prince Clovis that Lelouch was killed by Britannian tanks opening fire on his escape shuttle he was grievously injured, if my vessel had been repaired we may have been able to save him, however due to the hasty end to repairs the faulty Energy Circuits just finished off the young prince, We of the Imperial Republic Lay all Blame on the Holy Britannian Empire for the Deaths of the Vi Britannia line, and especially at yours and Schneizel el Britannia's feet after all you two were in command of the invasion." Feior Sneers at the Distraught Prince

"Wait both of their deaths?"

"Yes distraught with Lelouch's death Nunnally activated an escape pod and was killed crashing into the Moon, so indirectly you caused her death as well"

"You can't do that, we would never harm them"

"You did and that is the end of that, the Terrain Imperial Republic is officially declaring the Holy Britannian Empire an Enemy state we return the only recoverable body to you to Properly honor and Bury" Feior states and turns and storms away