During the final fight with Pharaoh 90 Sailor Saturn awoke fully and entered into combat with Pharaoh 90 intent on sacrificing herself to destroy Pharaoh 90 but during the battle a small rift in space and time opened near Saturn causing her powers and knowledge to be copied and sucked through but before her body could be copied sailor moon in her moon crises mood disrupted the energies at play with her moon energy purifying the energies around them closing the rift.


Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze had just taken kyuubi's claw for their daughter as Minato finished the last seals needed for the Shiki Fuin a fuuinjutsu Kinjutsu{1} sealing half of kyuubi into himself and the other half into his daughter as tears roll down both Minato's and Kushina's faces as they look at their daughter with minato saying "We are so sorry Naruna{2} for the burden we've put on you but hopefully you'll be treated as the hero you are and that we are sorry that we couldn't be there to raise you and see you grow up" before Minato and Kushina performs one last set of seals to seal the remaining portion of their chakra into Naruna as fail safes should the kyuubi try to take her over or she try to take its power.


A 4-year-old Naruna is running from cover to cover trying to find a dry place to sleep as the orphanage had finally kicked her out saying she was old enough to take care of herself after half an hour of running naruna finds herself under a tree at the top of the hokage mountain near the yodamies head whimpering due to being wet and cold.

'why me? why do everyone hate me? did my kaa-san and tou-san hate me also? did they leave me?' was the thoughts of Naruna unaware of a tiny rift opening and a small star like crystal floating out almost as if drawn to her and as Naruna sneezes the crystal moves in front of her seemingly like it was judging her before shooting into her chest causing her to pass out in pain as the symbol for Saturn appears on her forehead her golden blonde hair darkening a couple of shade and black/navy blue steaks appear in her hair and if one was to open her eyes they would see that her sapphire blue eyes had become amethyst violet along with the shiki fuin seal fading due to the power of Saturn purifying the demonic Yokai and the knowledge that came with the power slowly filtered into her mind as years of abuse mental and emotional are reversed and her I.Q going up.


Naruna slowly awoke to the smells of the hospital 'Why am i at the hospital?' Naruna wonders as she hears someone enter and opens her eyes to see the Sadamie Hokage Saratobi Hirozin{3} as he says "How are you feeling Naruna?" his voice showing worry making her wonder how long she was out for.

"Jiji how long was I out for?" Naruna asks as the Sadamie sighs while rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"2 months Naruna you've been in a coma for 2 months and you've had everyone that cares about you worried sick" the Sadamie says as he sits down waiting for Naruna to get over the shock saying "Can you tell me what happened?"

"I...i don't know Jiji last thing i remember is something like a small star...a crystal i think from the books you've let me read{4} shot into my chest and then asking up here after i tried to find somewhere dry and safe to stay after the orphanage kicked me out last month" Naruna says softly almost in tears.

End of chapter one :3 ain't i evil for leaving y'all hanging like this?

1: Forbidden Sealing art

2: Naruko is fandom name for fem naruto so i'm not using it but still keeping the naru touch in her name ;)

3: I'm writing in with last name then first name like they do in japan

4: Saratobi Hirozen taught her how to read and write when he saw that she didn't know the basics the kids her age should know

Special Thanks to Tactition101 for helping me with this fanfic by brainstorming with me ^_^ Ja Ne