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Sarutobi was not in a good mood after hearing Yugao's report on Kakashi's lack of training his students outside of privates jutsu training being given to Sasuke that had caused him to order his ANBU to look over everything that Team 7 has done including mission reports and number of D-Rank missions done because the only reason he allowed Team 7 to do the C-Rank that turned out to actually be an A-Rank mission was because Team 7 had been active long enough to have the number of missions needed for a C-Rank done and get the basic wall/tree and water walking skills down but now it turned out Team 7 did NOT even have BASIC training which was why he was writing down in each of the genins files that for 2 years they are BANNED from taking the chuunin exams just in case Kakashi tries to nominate them for it when it's clear they are not even ready for C-Rank missions yet.

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"So how goes your training to use your abilities without doing the whole magical girl transformation?" Yugao asks as she watches Naruna run through her Glaive kata's

"I'm able to use my Silent Wall barrier ability but the rest of them I think I need to transform to use without draining myself" Naruna says as she finishes her kata she had been going through.

"I see" Yugao says with a small smile.

"Well let's get started on your water Jutsu training" Yugao says taking out a scroll that held a number of D and C rank water jutsu she had gotten from the Jounin section of the library seeing as most jutsu was held in the library with E and D being held within the Genin section E to B in the chuunin and everything below S was in the jounin section as the S-Rank jutsu was kept either in the clan vaults or the Hokage Vault assuming that they are not listed as forbidden jutsu and thus listed only in the forbidden scroll of secrets.

"So hatake-baka is in trouble with Hokage-jiji isn't he?" Naruna asks as she works on the handseals for the water prison jutsu.

"At the very least his team will get banned from the chuunin exams for a period of time" Yugao says not at all amused by Kakashi's lack of training his team nor his differing to the Uchiha brat on if they continue a mission that's been ranked up more so that he was egotistical enough to not send one of his summon hounds to return to Konoha for a backup team to be sent more so as they was only a couple of hours away from Konoha at ninja speed and made her wonder if his reputation really was going to his head.

"Oh...that sucks seeing as more then likely i'll be a Chuunin or even Jounin by the time they get a chance to take the exams" Naruna says and Yugao didn't doubt it seeing as she did plan to sign Naruna up to take the Chuunin Exams being held in konoha this year.

"Well it's nearing dinner time so let's finish up training and grab dinner with some of the girls" Yugao says meaning she was taking Naruna to have dinner with her friends who were also nicknamed the 'ice queens of konoha' due to them being picky about who they'll date even though Yugao herself was dating someone.

"Alright" Naruna says as she stops going through the handsigns and starts collecting her things mostly spent kunai and shuriken.

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Shortish chapter compared to what I would've liked but I ran out of ideas for this chapter lol and next chapter when I get around to it will more then likely be the Chuunin Exams