I walked along the streets of New York, gazing up at the skyline. The last time I was in New York, it was 1944, on my way to the Lotus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I stayed for a few weeks, but it was actually years. 68 years actually, with this being 2012 and all.

As I walked down the streets, I remembered walking behind Bucky and Cap, laughing as they remembered the old days. But know they were the old days, and I was in the present. I stopped outside an electronics store, and looked inside. The window was displaying tvs of all different sizes, but they were all on the same news channel. The news was displaying pictures of Captain America in Germany, fighting Loki, with Iron Man.

Cap's alive! I thought shocked. He probably thinks I'm dead.

I looked back at the screen, watching Cap and Iron Man in battle. If I wanted to find Cap, I had to find Tony Stark. I stopped staring and kept walking. That's when the giant portal in the sky opened, and aliens came flooding through. I stood my ground, and fought. There were innocent people who needed to be protected.

The aliens fell, no longer powered. The portal had closed, and the civilians were safe. That's when the buiding started to collapse. I quickly ran and held the falling debrie as people ran out from underneath. Another rain of debrie fell, as the last person escaped. It was too much. I couldn't sustain the weight any longer. With a yelp, everything crashed on top of me.

Everything was dark, I couldn't see anything. The dust was getting into my lungs. I kept coughing. People were yelling outside to get me out. But I only heard two words. Captain America. I kept my eyes closed to avoid getting dust in them. My breathing deepened. I had to stay calm. I felt the weight lifted off my back, someone picked me up and carried me out. I opened my eyes and coughed when I felt the sun on me. I looked at my rescuer. He wore a blue costume. It was Cap.

I jumped out of his arms and started coughing again.

"We need to get you to an ambulance miss." He said in his Captain America way.

"Of course." I coughed, as he lead me over to the nearby ambulance.

He sat me on the edge as the medic grabbed an oxygen mask intended for an adult, and covered my face. I took deep breaths in and out as the medic checked for any signs of a concusion. Captain stayed and watched, a deep look of thought in his eyes.

"You're a strong girl." The medic said, taking the mask off. "No concusion. Just a few scratches. You can go now."

I stood up and went for my back pocket, pulling out a square of ambrosia, food of the gods. Stuffing it in my mouth, my cuts started to disappear. As I put the bag back in my back pocket, a familiar hand fell on my shoulder.

"They said you're a hero." Cap said, as I turned to face him. "They said you were fighting off the aliens."

I smiled, realising that he wanted to know who I was. I quickly made sure my scar was covered by my hair. I couldn't afford for him to know yet.

"I heard you were pretty good yourself." I smiled back.

"Walk with me." He said, leading me off, on the walk to Stark Towers. "Who are you?"

"I'm a thirteen year old girl with battle training." I said, not technically lying.

"Yet you seem out of place in this modern world." He said, jesturing to my fourties style men's dress.

"Speak for yourself Captain." I giggled.

"Touche." He smiled. "How do I know you?"

"I lost track of time some time ago." I smiled mysteriously. "And I found it again a few weeks ago."

"You fight with a sword." He said.

"You fight with a shield." I answered.

He stopped, turning and facing me. The wind blew my hair, revealing my scar.

"I know that scar." He breathed, trying to remember.

My hand went and traced my scar by defult, remembering how the Red Skull had done it. I flinched as I remembered the pain of him smashing Captain America's shield into my face, the edge causing the scar.

"Red Skull." He said, taking my hand.

"Yep." I answered. "You're not the only one who's been stuck in time."

He took my hand and lead me towards Stark Tower. We ended up at the penthouse where Loki was lying on the ground. He sat up, to face the Avengers, while I stood at the side.

"If you don't mind," he said, breathing heavily. "I'll have that drink now."

The Avengers stayed serious, but I snuffled a giggle. I would have loved to see Hulk bashing up Loki.