Everyone was out of their cars, watching Thor and Loki use the tesseract to return to Azgard. Loki jerked his head in my direction. Thor nodded, turning his head towards me.

"Give my best wishes to Zeus." He said. "It has been good to see you daughter of Poseidon."

I flinched at my dad's name. Only slightly, but I still flinched. Thor turned the handle and they disappeared. We turned around and walked back to our vechicals. Natasha handed over Bruce's bag, and Bruce left with Tony. Everyone seemed pretty happy. Steve and I walked back to his bike. He seemed happy to be back on it, with me sitting on the back, clinging for my life like I always had.


"I see the famous Captain America has fallen into my hands." Red Skull sniggered in his thick accent. "And I see he has brought his little bird."

I looked up at him. He smiled at my face, which everyone said was beautiful.

"Such a beautiful face." He said, picking up Cap's shield. "It would be a shame if it was given a scar."

He lifted the shield and smashed the side into my face. It hurt. It hurt a lot. I didn't flinch and I didn't cry. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Red Skull stood over Cap and proceded to punch him. Suddenly the glass smashed and machine guns exploded into action. The end game had come.

End of Flashback

We pulled up in front of an apartment block. Steve led me up the stars and into an apartment. It was a nice little space, with two bedrooms. It was a good place. Steve showed me my room, and his room with memories from World War 2. My sea green baseball cap was there. I smiled when I saw it, and pulled it on. Steve left me and I looked at everything else that was there. I put the cap back down, not wanting to take something from this memory room. I walked back into the living room and was surpised to find Steve at the door, talking to a man.

"Why don't you get her to come meet Percy?" the man asked.

"I'm sure she'd love that." Steve replied. "She doesn't really have any friend."

"Well then she must meet Percy." The man insisted. "How old is she?"

"13." Steve answered.

I smiled at this, really I was 81.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Steve turned around and smiled at me.

"Zan, this is Paul Blofis, our neighbour." He introduced me.

I walked over and shook his hand.

"Your name is blowfish?" I asked.

"Blofis." He corrected with a smile. "Everyone gets that wrong."

"Paul was suggesting that you meet his step-son, Percy." Steve explained. "You to have a lot in common. You're both ADHD and dyslexic.

That's not normal. I thought. Unless you're a demi-god.

"Sure." I smiled, agreeing to go.

"Why don't you come over now?" Paul suggested. "Percy's in at the moment, but he's leaving for summer camp tomorrow."

I waved good bye to Steve and walked over to the other door, which had been left adjar. The layout looked exactly like Steve's apartment. There was a boy sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Percy come meet our neighbour's young friend." Paul said, turning off the TV.

"Steve has friends?" Percy asked sarcastically.

"Just come say hello." Paul insisted.

Percy groaned, but stood up and turned towards me. His face whitened. My hand instinctly went to make sure my fringe was covering my scar, which it was.

"What's wrong?" I asked, looking at his whitened face.

"Are you a demi-god?" he asked abruptly.

"Percy don't be rude." Paul snapped. "She probably doesn't know what you're on about."

"I know what he's talking about." I answered, still staring at Percy. "Because I am a demi-god."

"You know!?" Percy exclaimed shocked. "You can't be more that thirteen."

"Tecnically I'm 81." I said.

"Lotas Casino?" he asked.

"For 68 years." I answered. "I'm thirteen otherwise."

"But you know you're a demi-god." Percy said. "I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon."

It was my turn for my face to pale.

"Captain Alexzander McCormick." I said. "Daughter of Posedion. Most people call me Zan, or Atlantis."

"You're my sister." Percy exclaimed shocked.

"Your older sister." I corrected.

"What's with the name Atlantis?" he asked.

"I think I know." Paul said stepping forward. "During the war, Captain America had a team. Two went missing, one died. These were the three people everyone remembers. Bucky died. Captain America and Atlantis went missing. Atlantis was 13. She's you."

"That's correct." I smiled. "You're pretty smart."

"I'm an English teacher with a history degree." He corrected.

"Why don't you come with me to camp tomorrow?" Percy asked.

"Camp Half-Blood?" I pondered. "I'll have to ask Steve, but I'm sure he'll say yes. It's been ages since I've seen Chiron. I bet a lots changed."

"You would not believe." He smiled smugly.

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