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"My names Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, I'm six years old and the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, his real name is Kurama, he acts more of a father than my real dad, the Yondaime Hokage. My parents neglect me for my sister Natsuki because when we born the Sandaime Hokage separated the Kyuubi's soul and chakra, the chakra went into my sister, and the soul got sealed in me. Since then my parents have ignored me and made my sister the heiress and gave all their attention towards her. I have been chased and beaten by villager mobs and the Yondaime didn't even notice. Kurama acts more of a father than my biological father. Kurama taught me how to survive in the wilderness. I left Konoha to train and travel the world for my own experience, I will soon return to Konoha. Kurama is dying because he doesn't have his chakra. He said he will ask the Shinigami to replace him with nine other souls to accompany me."

"(Sobs) He was (sobs) the only one (sobs) I could call (sobs) FATHER!"

(Four years and eleven months later)

"Hey Sanji, does this soup look good to you?" Naruto asked the blond man smoking a cigarette next to him.

It has been almost five years since Naruto left the village and Kurama died. Naruto has met the nine souls promised to him The StrawHat Pirate Crew and has trained with them and has learned their skills. Naruto now wears a red headband around his arm (Like Zoro's) a black sleeveless buttoned vest (Like Luffy's) black goggles around his neck (Like Usopp's) black pants and custom made shoes, somewhat like Sanji's but more ninja like.

"It looks great, you're getting better at your cooking skills Naruto, this shark soup smells wonderful," Sanji commented.

"So Sanji what are we doing next in our training?" Naruto asked as he slurped down his soup eagerly.

"We are going to work on your skywalk and devil leg style, even though some of the others were making it easier for you doesn't mean I'm going to be too," Sanji informed the blond jinchuuriki.

"I know, I'm just eager to get stronger and Uncle Zoro made me work out 24/7, my jaw is still sore from holding a ten ton weight in my mouth," Naruto sulked.

"I know, baka marimo, but I'm using nearly the same training method except were using weights with your legs and improve your cooking skills," Sanji explained.

"Damn it!"

"I know but you got to deal with it."

"Okay lets get to it, get into your black leg style form, ready, set, go MOUTON SHOT!"

(At the gates of Konoha)

"Finally we are back at the village, I can't wait to wipe that smug face off my sister," Naruto smirked at the idea as well as the nine forms standing behind him.

"I know you want to prove yourself Naruto, but you have to keep a profile okay," said the cyborg.

"I know, I know, hold on guys you got to dispel someone's coming!" Naruto warned as the nine forms went poof.

"I thought I sensed someone, I never thought I see you again, we thought you were kidnapped by rock nin, it's great to see you son," said the mysterious figure.

"It's nice to be back Hokage-sama, I was actually training these past few years and I was hoping I could join my sisters class," Naruto said with no emotion.

Out of the shadow came out the Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage with a frown on his face at the fact that his son called him Hokage-sama instead of father or dad or tou-san.

"If you think you are ready I have no reason doubt my own son, class starts tomorrow at seven, see you at home tonight Naruto," Minato said in a surprised/worried look as he disappeared in a yellow flash. But what he didn't know is that his son wasn't coming back to the house.

(Elsewhere in the village)

"Where in hell can I get a house or an apartment," Naruto said a she roamed the streets of Konoha.

"Why don't you use the wood we got to make a house on top of that suuupeeerrrr mountain over there?" Franky said as he pointed out that Naruto could build a house on top of the Hokage Monument.

"Now there's an idea, but how about I build an underground house in the mountain?" Naruto said in his mind with a smirk on his face as he jumps on top of the roofs towards the monument.

Franky just smirked at the idea of an underground, "Now that's an idea!"

(In the forest on top of the monument)

"Dang you were right Franky this is a great spot," Naruto said impressed at the nice spot to make a house.

"Ow! I'm suuuppeerr," Franky said as he did his super pose.

"Okay let me make a hole in the ground, SOUL FORM: RORONOA ZORO," Naruto said as white smoke formed around him. As the smoke disappeared a man appeared with three swords at his disposal.

"SANTORYU: USHI-BARI," Zoro (Naruto) yelled out as he jumped into the air and struck the ground to make a square outline twenty feet deep into the ground. Zoro turned back into Naruto as he started the technique again.

"SOUL FORM: MONKEY D. LUFFY," Naruto muttered as more smoke surrounded him and when the smoke left, there left a man with a strawhat with an X shaped scar on his chest.

"Okay lets get this over with," said Luffy (Naruto) as a smirk covered his face.

"GOMU GOMU NO GATLING GUN!" Luffy (Naruto) yelled as he too jumped into the air and pounded at the square rock into dust literally.

The square rock was no more. It was now turned in to little pebbles. Luffy turned back into Naruto for a slight second to make shadow clones to clean up the remains, and then turned back into Luffy to destroy more rock in the hole.

(A few hours later)

It took awhile but it was worth it. Naruto finally finished the foundation to the underground house and had to summon Franky to help with developing security, silent alarms that would only alert Naruto or the Strawhat crew and the development with the rest of the house.

"Finally it's over now I can go to sleep," Naruto said relieved as he fell asleep the second he hit the bed.

(At the Namikaze house)

"Minato I thought you said Naruto came back to the village, if you lied to me I'll make you sleep at a hotel for the rest of the year!" a redhead yelled out in worry and anger.

"I'm not lying Kushina, this morning I found him at the gates entrance and I told him I would meet him at the house," Minato said in confusion.

"Then where is he!" Kushina yelled in more anger.

"I don't know, his chakra signature disappeared nearly an hour ago, he said he wanted to be in his sisters class at the academy, so we'll find him there," Minato said in a sulking way.

"You better hope he is there or there will be one less man around!"Kushina threatened her husband.

"Hi mom, hi dad what are you talking about?" a girl came through the door.

"Natsuki we have a surprise at the academy tomorrow, I think you will like it," her father said with a smile.

"What is it, am I going to graduate on the first day or maybe even get special training?" Natsuki said in excitement.

"No something better, but you have to wait for tomorrow at the academy okay," Kushina said with another smile.

Natsuki was confused what were her parents giving her besides training.

"Well I guess I'll have to wait for tomorrow, now my older brother is out of the way, I'm going to become the clan head and I'll have everything I want and I'll become the most powerful, anyways it's not like that dope is going to fall out of the sky," Natsuki thought with an evil grin. But that's where she was all wrong.

(The next morning)

"Naruto-san wake up its time to go to the academy," Robin said as she tried to wake up the little blond.

"Oi! Naruto-baka it's time to WAKE-UP!" Sanji yelled at Naruto.

Naruto jumped into the air from the sudden yell and got his head stuck in the ceiling.

"Oi Naruto you better get ready for class you have an hour left," Usopp shouted the warning.

Naruto got down and used the summoning jutsu to summon the strawhats to get everything ready. Naruto took a shower and brushed his teeth, thanks to Franky who fixed the plumbing overnight. Naruto finally came into the dining room quickly ate his breakfast which was bacon and eggs.

"Hey Luffy, Chopper, Usopp, Robin you're with me," Naruto told the three who were hanging in the living room playing a racing game.

The three nodded and dispelled. Naruto climbed the ladder that let outside to see Franky working on ways to get in and out and to keep intruders out. Franky explained if intruders were found within 2 feet, they will get shocked with 40,000 volts of electricity until they fall unconscious and will be transported somewhere else.

"See you later Franky," Naruto shouted as he ran towards the edge of the mountain. There he stood between pillars.

"SOUL FORM: MONKEY D. LUFFY," Naruto muttered as smoke formed around him and out came a man with a strawhat.

"GOMU GOMU NO… ROCKETTT!" Luffy-Naruto shouted as he launched himself off of the mountain.

As he started to somewhat fly he turned back into Naruto. Naruto next turned into Usopp. Usopp was now coming over the academy and grabbed an ice like ball from his pouch.

"ICE STAR: ICE RIDE," Usopp-Naruto called out as he shot the tiny thing and a slide made of ice appeared. Usopp turned back into Naruto and slid down.



SANTORYU: USHI-BARI- THREE SWORD STYLE: BULL HORNS- Executes a multi-hit running attack with two swords held out like a bull's horns.