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The Power Of One

Chapter 4:

(StrawHat Head-Quarters) (Two Years After Encounter)

"Three Swordstyle – Blood Movement!" a blond said as he swung his swords in a circular motion causing the marimo to fly right into a rock pillar but also making cuts on his left.

"Three Swordstyle – 300 Hundred Pound-Ho!" yelled the marimo as he got his swords into a triangle formation and thrusts forward. The blond tried to block it but still ended up with some cuts on is front. (Don't know how these moves work so hey I'm making up my own stuff… sorta)

"(Pant) Not bad (Pant) Naruto-gaki," the marimo said as he gasped for air after their spar just took place.

"I'm training harder and harder each day, I will take your title! Zoro!" Naruto claimed as he pumped his fist in the air with a huge grin.

"NARUTO-KUN, MARIMO! TIME FOR BREAKFAST!" Sanji said over the loudspeaker which coursed over the entire base.

(At the mess hall)

"Meat!" Luffy shouted as he stuffed himself with a giant amount of meat.

"Bon appetite!" Sanji said as he filled the very long table with gourmet food for breakfast.

Everyone began to eat… At a slower pace than Luffy. "I think this is your best yet Sanji-kun," Nami commented as she ate some omelet.

"I do this all for you Nami-swan!" Sanji said with a blush. (He is slightly under control with his blood hormones)

(A few moments later)

"Oh Naruto-kun I heard today's graduation day for you, am I right?" Nami said as she finished her meal.

"Aye kaa-san! Today's the day I get tested to be a genin!" Naruto said proudly with a grin on his face.

"Maybe I'll be the character of the day!" Luffy shouted in glee.

"Tou-san you came with me yesterday," Naruto argued making Luffy sulk.

"OW! Na-ru-to who is the character of the day! Yow!" Franky danced about and said with fancy.

"To answer your question, todays character is…..BROOK!" Naruto announced while Brook pranced around. "And Chopper!" Naruto said as well causing the two announced to celebrate.

(At the academy)

"YOHOHOHOHOHO! Hellooooo childreeeeen!" said a hyper skelly that walked in with a top hat and purple suit with a cane at hand. (Basically Brook after the timeskip)

"Well hello Brook, its nice to see you here," said Iruka with a smile. (He already gotten use to Naruto's family appearing here and there)

"Its nice to see you too Iruka-san. Wait I don't have eyes to see from YOHOHOHOHOHO skull joke!" Brook laughed as he made a joke making several others to laugh.

"BAKA! GET OUT OF THAT TRANSFORMATION AND TAKE A SEAT!" a certain pink menace shrieked.

"What are you talking about Haruno-san?" said an animal that walked in eating cotton candy. (Wearing clothes from after the timeskip)

"Hey its raccoon-san!" said some excited students, while some blushed at Chopper's cuteness. (I didn't say that… the girls did)

"I'M NOT A RACCOON I'M A REINDEER!" Chopper complained as a tick mark grew.

"But I can't believe the praise~~" Chopper said as he practiced the hula dance.

"Hahahahaha! Always the funny one aren't ya Chopper!" said a blond boy standing at five foot five. (Look at my bio his picture will be there, it's a pirate outfit)

"HEY THIS ISN'T HALLOWEEN NARUTO-BAKA!" shrieked Bashuka Hawhourno- I mean Sakura Haruno, as she got up and charged at the blond with her fist. Which he caught and squeezed her hand until you could hear breaking bones.

She then fainted from the pain and collapsed onto the ground.

"(Sigh) Mizuki-san can you please take her to the infirmary?" Iruka asked the silver haired chunin. "Hai," Mizuki responded.

"Chopper-san, Brook-san, you can leave now, if you want," Naruto said as the reindeer and skeleton turned to him. "We will waiting outside Naruto-kun," "Good luck Naruto," said both Brook and Chopper as they left through the door.


Sakura came back from the infirmary with a bandaged hand and with a mad frown on her face.

"Now that Haruno-san is here, we can finally start the exams," Iruka said with a sweatdrop.

Natsuki just scoffed in her seat next to Sasuke who just looked out the window. They have gotten closer over the years but won't show it much.

"The first exam is a written test, make sure you have a writing utensil, and also no cheating, me and Mizuki will be watching over you, very carefully," Iruka said as he narrowed his eyes as he said the last part giving some people a chill down their spines.

Everyone was given a test by Mizuki. As he gave a test to Naruto he noticed something wrong. These were questions normally chunin couldn't answer. 'What is this?' Naruto thought to himeslef as went over the paper carefully.

'Hmph the brat is going to fail, not even low jounin can answer those questions, I got this in the bag,' Mizuki thought but his thoughts threw him a curveball and a gold knuckle to his face when he saw the blonde writing answers right and left, and finished in under 2 minutes. 'W-what? H-how? W-when? Come on Mizuki calm down, he probably guessed and sped through it, yeah he probably got everything wrong,' Mizuki said to himself as he worked on some other papers.

'Fwoo I'm glad I listened to Kaa-sans lessons,' Naruto said to himself as a sweatdrop formed.

(Test End)

"Ok, time's up put down your utensils," Iruka said as he collected the test receiving several moans from those that didn't finish.

"If you did not finish you can make it up during the other three exams," Iruka said as some others smiled.

(AN: Kinds lost my touch, im outta practice but don't worry everything will turn out better….Hopefully)

(Academy Training Grounds)

"Okay your goal is to get 10 kunia and 10 shuriken to hit those targets on those logs over there," Iruka instructed as he called out names. "Choji Akamichi."

"A chubby kid wearing green with swirls on his cheeks stepped up and threw his kunai and shuriken "14 out of 20, next!" Iruka called out.

Several names were called either getting a score between 13 to 17 or not even scored close. "Namikaze Natsuki!"

"Good luck Natsuki-chan," Sasuke said with a smirk.

"Thank you Sasuke-kun," Natsuki said with a beautiful smile.

She threw her kunai and shuriken in a beaut manner. Her kunai and shuriken glowed blue with chakra and left a nice blue streak as they flew towards their target. *Shink* *Shink* *Shink* were heard throughout the grounds as the weapons hit the fence behind the logs.

"I'm sorry to say this Natsuki but you get a ze-," Iruka started to say but was interrupted by a series of thuds. He looked back at the posts to see chunks of the log on the ground. "Y-you p-pass with a 20," Iruka stuttered.

Natsuki jumped in cheer like a schoolgirl and ran over to the Uchiha. "Did you see that Sasuke-kun?" Natsuki said softly with a cute questioning face.

"You did wonderful," Sasuke said with soft smile. (AN: They will turn bad but not like other people with this kind of story)

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"Best of luck Sas-uke-kun," Natsuki said cutely.

Sasuke gotten up to face the targets. He calmed himself and threw his weapons into the air each hitting each other into the targets. He had two shuriken and one kunai left. He threw the shuriken side by side towards the middle target but threw his chakra enhanced kunai between the two, knocking all three into three separate targets blowing up the second ones middle secion.

"20 out of 20."

Cheers were heard throughout the girl section as all the girls cheered. But not the Hyuuga girl.

"Monkey D. Naruto."

Silence was not an option as half the girls cheered and half the guys cheered as our favorite blond stepped onto the plate. Everyone stood in silence as the blond stood. Naruto took a slings and shot a ball straight into the air.

"Hey BAKA we're supposed throw KUNAI or SHURIKEN AT the target!" Sakura screeched as she was silenced by Iruka. Soon there was pop sound and kunai and shuriken started to rain. (AN: No one has seen Naruto use Usopp's slingshot yet so…)

"Party Table Kick Course!" Naruto said as he got in a hand stand and spinned to make his legs go in a fast motion kicking shuriken and kunai into the targets and creating perfect clean holes through the logs.

"Woah…" goes some of the class.

But if you look closely some fangirls and fanboys were raging at the show off performance. Natsuki was nearly pulling the hair off her head and Sasuke was gritting his teeth.

"Well then… 20 out of 20 plus some credit for improvising," Iruka stammered as he wrote on his pad.

(Taijutsu Test)

"Okay now its time for the taijutsu portion of the exam, each of you will face Mizuki for at least one minute to pass and two minutes for extra credit and if you so happen to knock Mizuki out of the ring or defeat him you get extra credit," Iruka announced as he started calling out names.

Most people got over a minute or about a minute and a half. "Namikaze Natsuki." Natsuki smirked as she walked up to the plate. Natsuki and Mizuki glared into each other's eyes then….."Hajime!"

The fight started, but both of them stood in place. Mizuki's eye twitched once and that was all she needed. She burst ahead at full speed ziging and zaging it made no sense. When she reached him she made a hulk like move and did a hulk smash towards his head. He moved to the left, and looked back at the crater that could've been him. 'Geez this girl is trying to kill me.,' thought Mizuki as he dodged left and right from the girls punches and kicks and elbows and knees and occasionally a few heads. He fought back very little to avoid the chakra enhanced strikes at his life.

It was about two minutes later that Iruka called time.

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"Finally, I hate waiting," said the brooding duck. "I'm not a brooding duck," Sasuke yelled breaking the fourth barrier between him and the author Jim Carey.

Anyways back to the story…. Sasuke faced Mizuki in the ring eye to eye. "Hajime!"

Sasuke went in head first and threw a punch at Mizuki, most likely getting caught by him and thrown aside. Sasuke caught himself and came back at him a fury of strikes incased with fiery red chakra. (And its not demon chakra, its an ability only Sasuke can use but its not a jutsu its just fire nature chakra) Every time the chakra fist or kick touched Mizuki it gave him second degree burns even though it only touched his clothes it burned right through.

Two minutes later Iruka called the match leaving Mizuki with several burn marks and Sasuke with several bruises.

"Monkey D. Naruto."

Naruto appeared out of nothingness into the ring and stood there with a tooth pick in his mouth with his hands in his pocket and one foot angles forward. (Black Leg Style) He faced a fixed Mizuki who looked at him with a grin. (Mizuki is not evil) "Hajime!"

Naruto disappeared into thin air causing alarm for Mizuki looking around carefully. "Collier!" Naruto called out as he reappeared in front of Mizuki aiming a kick for his neck.

Mizuki caught the kick just in time. 'Damn it! That's one hell of a kick! I have to be on my game if I want to catch up with her,' Mizuki thought on as he blocked/dodged some of Naruto's attacks but still getting injured in the process.

One minute and 45 seconds have passed. 'Time to finish this,' Naruto thought as he prepared his last move. '1:50'

Naruto jumped back from the barrage of attacks he gave and jumped into the air with a backflip. "Troisième Hachée!" Naruto called out as he aimed a fury of kicks at Mizuki who was kicked out of the ring at the 2 minute mark on his back beaten.

"Naruto you get credit for lasting 2 minutes and and extra for knocking Mizuki out of the ring. (AN: Just so you know Naruto's been behind till now not dead last but close)

At the back of the group stood Natsuki who gained a large tick on her forehead and then Saskue who just sighed at the misfortune. 'Maybe I should treat Natsuki-chan to dinner or something to get this off her chest.'

"Okay next for the Ninjutsu portion of the exam please go into the classroom and you will be called into a separate room," Iruka announced as he and the rest of the class went inside.

Students were called in one by one some passing some not. "Namikaze Natsuki!"

Natsuki went into the classroom next door. "Okay you are to perform the henge, kawarimmi and bunshin jutsu, and for extra credit you can use another jutsu that hasn't been taught by the academy," Iruka said as he and Mizuki watched.

Natsuki smirked and henged into her father the fourth with the signature cloak. Next she substituted herself with a random needle that was on the floor. Then, she created ten solid clones. Finally she bumped her fists together side by side then pulled them apart revealing a blue chakra staff with a hint of red chakra. "Chakra manipulation: Staff."

"Uchiha Saskue."

The Raven went into the classroom next door. "Okay you are to perform the henge, kawarimmi and bunshin jutsu, and for extra credit you can use another jutsu that hasn't been taught by the academy," Iruka said as he and Mizuki watched.

Saskue calmed himeself and henged into Madara an ancestor of the Uchiha. Next he substituted himself with a log that was outside. Finally he made a small fireball so that the room didn't torch.

"Monkey D. Naruto!"

Naruto just grinned a Luffy like grin and walked to the classroom next door.

"Okay you are to perform the henge, kawarimmi and bunshin jutsu, and for extra credit you can use another jutsu that hasn't been taught by the academy," Iruka said as he and Mizuki watched.

Naruto then henged into his father Luffy and gave them a monkey like smirk. Next he substituted with Iruka but not without jumping first causing the scar face to land on his back. Then he created several mirages he learned from Nami-nee. Finally, he put his hands together forming a triangle, which then turned to black. "Haki Style: Black Kurama!" Naruto called out his technique as a black nine tailed fox came out of the triangle and rammed into the desk.

"Congratulations! You graduate!" Mizuki said as he fist bumped Naruto. (AN: Mizuki likes Naruto as a student and Iruka still dislikes him but not too much to interfere) Mizuki also gave Naruto his headband. "Thanks Mizuki-sensei," Naruto smiled as he went back to the original classroom.


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