She didn't care anymore, she didn't care if her mother is yelling at her, her title of being champion of Kanto, or that her neighbor had his hopes and dreams crushed by her, in the end she didn't care. What she found had spark a fire in her that ignites her will and determination to find what she's been seeking for in the past two years. Those terrible two years of not seeing that one special person she's been thinking about, and even if she did try to forget him, he will always form some sort of action in her secreted mind.

"Leaf, stop this right now, Mt. Silver is a very dangerous place! You just came home and now you're leaving again!?" Leaf's mother yelled at her daughter who stayed silent as she scavenges through her closet to look for some warm coat or jacket. Leaf looks to her right and notice the brown coat with large buttons and the same color pants were right beside it too. She smiles as she grabs it and placed it on her bed.

"Leaf, what's the point of you going to Mt. Silver!? There's nothing for you there, you of all people know that that place is terrible, it's filed with death and strong pokemon! People die there trying to climb up the damn mountain, and when they do, they jump off of it!" Leaf's mother yelled out at her daughter again. Leaf once again ignored her mother's shouts and warnings as she grabs the clothing and headed towards the door. Her mother rushes past her and spread her arms across the entrance, preventing her from leaving the house.

"Move mom…" Leaf harshly said as she raised the brim of her white hat and looked into her mother's eyes.

"No damn it! You're my daughter, and I'm very worried about you. Ever since you came back, you are a completely different person, I'm sorry that I pushed you too hard to grow up. I'm sorry Leaf, just please don't do anything stupid!" Leaf's mother pleaded; Leaf on the other hand reached towards her pokeball that's clipped on her miniskirt and threw it in the air. First-Aid comes out chirping a happy 'bliss.'

"I'm sorry about this mom…but you leave me no choice. First-Aid, sing." Leaf commanded her pokemon as she looked at the pink pokemon. First-Aid nodded as it starts singing a lullaby. Leaf's mother gasped, until her eyes slowly droops down while listening to the rhythm of the music; she was about to fall on the floor, until Leaf caught her before she hits the ground.

"I'm sorry mom…but it's something I must do. You can ground me all you want after I'm done." Leaf whispered as she grabs her mother's arm and slung it over her own as Leaf drags her mother towards her bedside. She drops her on the soft comfort and covers her body with the blanket. She leans over and gave her mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you…for everything…I have to save someone that's dear to me..." Leaf softly said as she opens the door from her house and left with a heavy heart. Leaf reached her hand on a pokeball that is latched on her miniskirt and threw it up in the air. Pride comes out screeching as he looks at his master's eyes. Leaf nodded her head as Pride offered her a ride on its back. Leaf obliges as she climbs on top of the massive bird pokemon and flew towards the cold desolate mountain. Leaf's brown hair flow in the wind as she clutches onto her heart with her eyes closed, she heaved a sigh and clenched her hands.

"Red…I'm coming." Leaf whispered to herself. She opened her eyes and she could see the massive mountain coming into view. She then spotted the pokemon center at the base of the mountain. Leaf whispered towards Pride as the giant bird screeches. Pride flies down towards the center and as they got closer, Leaf jumps down and landed on the ground smoothly. She brushes through her brown hair and fixed her white hat as she enters the Pokemon Center to do what the center does best towards pokemon.

After an hour in the pokemon center Leaf exited out with her pokemon Hope next to her wearing the brown coat and long brown snow pants, while still donning her white hat. She looks towards her loyal pokemon and gave a small nod. The Clefable responded with a soft 'clef.'

"This is it...Crimson is waiting for me at the top of this mountain. I just want to say Hope…I want to thank you…no…all of you guys…for helping me out on this long journey…it's been crazy…" Leaf softly said as she looks at Hope and her pokeballs. Hope responded with a happy 'clef,' something that Hope rarely does now which surprised Leaf a bit.

"I need your help again…one last time." Leaf said to Hope. The Clefable responded with a confident 'clef.' Leaf smiles as she fixes her white hat and enters a cave that is connected to Mt. Silver. The cave was dark and the air was cold and damp; Leaf spotted a few Steelixes and Gravelers, but for some strange reason, they didn't bother fighting her, it's as if they were waiting for her this whole time, although they eyed on her if she were to do any strange movements. Leaf isn't frightened or nervous, she has Hope right next to her, if something were to happen; her pokemon will definitely come and save her.

"I think we are expected Hope, that's why the pokemon aren't attacking us." Leaf softly said to the Clefable. Hope didn't respond as it kept following her master. The mountain trail was long and harsh as she climbs, scales, and slide her way through the rough cavern, in a few occasion she made it outside, but she wasn't at the top yet, she still has a few ways to go. Then she found another cavern at the base of the mountain, which she assumes takes her to the next level. As she climbs even further, her mind starts wandering, why did Red even come up to this desolate mountain in the first place and how was he even beaten in combat!? She has seen him fight, his knowledge of battle far exceeds hers, and even now she doesn't even know if she'll even manage to defeat Crimson; he has the knowledge and strategy like Red, but who knows.

As she got up further and further, she's having a hard time breathing and scaling, she knows why though. She's reaching towards the point where there is hardly any air which makes the human body weaker and short out of breath. Nonetheless, she continues to scale up further. She noticed that the cavern is getting chillier and the sounds of wild pokemon are faint. It's probably because there are less pokemon on the higher elevation. She looks towards Hope who seems to struggle while climbing; Leaf feeling sorry for her pokemon reached on her pokeball.

"Hope, it's okay, I'll get us there, just return in the ball for now." Leaf gently said. Hope looks at her master and nodded. Leaf fires the red beam at the pink pokemon as it withdraws back into the ball; Leaf continues to climb. Several minutes went by and she noticed a cavern with the sun glaring through the hole. Leaf smiles as she pants and exited out of the cavern, but she's in for some real trouble now. The blizzard is harsh and the weather is so unbearably cold and it makes her wonder how in the hell did Red survive up here with just a regular jacket? She covers herself even more as she treads through the snow. She looks to the sides and notice that she's staring at the open sky and at the edge of the cliffs is a long drop. The harsh snowstorm makes it harder for her to shuffle through as her snow shoes slowly heaves on. Cold, tired, and short out of breath makes this even harder than she thought it would be.

"My gosh Red…why did you even come here?" Leaf whispered to herself. After heaving through for several minutes she noticed a set of small steps, her eyes widen in shock the person has his back facing her, the red jacket and the red cap donning on his black hair, looking out in the distance in deep thought. Leaf stopped dead on her track as she stares at the form.

"So…you've made it…" The person said without turning around. His voice was even more chilling than before, it gave her goose bumps. Leaf didn't reply as she grits her teeth together.

"That takes guts to climb up here, and those who even manage to climb up here, are worthy to challenge the mighty god himself." The figure said as he put his hands in his pocket, but still he didn't turn around to look at her.

"Crimson…" Leaf muttered under her breath. The snowstorm continues to blow heavy wind which nearly knocks down her white hat, but she held onto it.

"Like I said before, you have a chance to save Red…however…" Crimson trailed off on his words as he slowly turns around, his red eyes gleamed even more than before, but what made Leaf stunned was that there are vein marks on his face with a bloody nose which he didn't bother wiping it off of him. Leaf's eyes just stared at him; he looked terrifying…like a killer.

"Crimson…how come you're…" Leaf trailed off with her words as she put a hand on her mouth. Crimson didn't look pleased or satisfied as he turns his back on her again and stared off into the distance once more.

"Red did this…" Crimson simply said while clenching on his hands. Leaf's eyes widen even more.

"W-What…?" Leaf whispered to herself.

"You heard me…Red did this…he's trying to free himself. He hasn't done this before until I confronted you back at the Pokemon League. I guess that was a mistake, but I'm not going down without a fight." Crimson responded as he slowly reaches down towards his belt. Leaf stood firm as she immediately has her hand on her pokeball.

"Only one person managed to defeat a god…and that boy is in the place where I need to go back…and no one is going to stop me. Not you or Red!" Crimson roared out as he turns around with his gleaming red eyes glowing even more. The second he turns, the atmosphere changed drastically, the sky turned dark red, and the snowflakes turned pink and the snow on the floor turn hot reddish pink too. Leaf was stunned and frightened by the dramatic climate change as she scans the area. Crimson himself seems to have a powerful aura around him, the blood on his nose continues to drip down and his gleaming eyes glow fiercer.

"Pandora's gate is now open and I'll make sure you'll be sent to hell..." Crimson mocked as he unclips one of the pokeball on his belt and raised it up in the air. Leaf could do nothing and stood there, her mouth is widen and stunned by his strong aura.

"Pikachu," Crimson simply stated as he threw the ball in the air and out came the Pikachu, it too has a bloody nose as volts of electricity were emerging out of its red polka dot cheeks. Leaf was stunned, why is its nose bleeding? She shook her head and continues to focus on the battle at hand.

"My name is Leaf Green from Pallet Town, I have been trained by Red and I will not lose to a false image of him! Go Hope!" Leaf called out as she threw the red and white ball in the air to reveal the pink pokemon. It yelled out a 'clef.'

"Extreme speed." Crimson whispered. Pikachu nodded its head as it dashes towards Hope with tremendous speed. The pokemon slammed against Hope as the pink pokemon yelled out in pain. Hope flew in the air until it hit the pink snow on the ground. Leaf was shock and worry at the same time. The Pikachu managed to take Hope out!

"Hope no!" Leaf called out to her pokemon. Surprisingly Hope managed to get up from the ground as it starts panting, trying to catch its breath. Leaf sighed in relief as she focuses on the battle. She has underestimated this person; his Pikachu is extremely powerful, so powerful that it nearly took her most loyal pokemon down! Crimson seems unfazed by Hope's miraculous attack.

"Hope, fire blast!" Leaf yelled out towards her pokemon. Hope nodded and responded with a raspy 'clef.' Hope pointed a finger at Pikachu and shot out a large flame wall towards Pikachu. It was a direct hit! Pikachu was knocked on the snow, but it quickly got back up from that powerful attack. Leaf's eyes widen. The Pikachu didn't back down from that strong attack; Crimson smirked.

"Leaf…do you have any idea…what you're going up against?" Crimson questioned Leaf. She didn't respond back, but clenched her hands.

"Going against me…means going against Red." Crimson responded, which made Leaf's eyes popped out in shock. Crimson pointed a finger at Pikachu.

"Thunderbolt." Crimson commanded Pikachu with a soft whisper. The pokemon shouted out its own name in triumph. The yellow pokemon's electricity came out and shot towards Hope with a devastating blow. The electric current surges through Hope as the pink pokemon cried out in pain as it collapse on the ground, defeated. Leaf's eyes widen in horror. Then she looks up to look at Crimson who has a sneer on his face.

"Give up yet?" Crimson questioned with a mock tone. Leaf shook her head as she withdraws Hope back into the ball, but whispered a 'thank you.' Leaf reached for her other ball and threw it in the air. The ball reveals Rita, the Ninetails.

"Rita flamethrower!" Leaf called out to the pokemon. Rita obliges as it spew out a long flame towards Pikachu. It was a direct hit as Pikachu could no longer stand up as it fainted on the cold ground. Crimson frowned as he withdraws the Pikachu back into his ball. He looked at it for a minute before returning it back to his belt.

"Venusaur." Crimson whispered as he threw the ball in the air. The pokeball revealed the last evolution of Bulbasaur, it is ten times larger than a regular Bulbasaur and the seed is now a large red flower and strangely it has a blood dripping from its nose. It roared out a 'saur.' Leaf frowns as the pokemon reminded her of Bulby, the Bulbasaur; her first pokemon.

"Bulby…" Leaf whispered to herself. She shuts her eyes and put a hand against her chest. She opens her eyes again and points at Rita.

"Rita, will-o-wisp." Leaf commanded her pokemon. Rita nodded its head as it spew out small flames towards its opponent. The pokemon seems unfazed as it took in the burn. Leaf smiles, it is now in its status effect, burn. Crimson again didn't seem to be fazed by the fire attack.

"Solar beam." Crimson stated calmly. Venusaur starts gathering its power as it remains stationary; Leaf grins at this as she withdraws Rita back into the ball. Then she threw another ball out, it reveals Pride as it screeched. Crimson still didn't say anything as he put his hands in his pockets. Venusaur wince from the burning effect as the fire slowly takes down the giant grass pokemon as it continues to gather energy.

"Now." Crimson whispered as he pointed a finger at Pride. Venusaur stopped gathering as the flower from its back starts moving and it pointed towards the bird pokemon. From the middle of the flower, a large lime green beam fired upon the flying pokemon. The beam made a direct hit, but luckily it isn't as effective since flying has the advantage against grass. Somehow the beam nearly fainted Pride as the bird pokemon could barely keep flapping its wings. Suddenly the snowstorm turns into hail. The small pink ice chunk clashes against the two pokemon. Venusaur stood its ground and so did Pride. Leaf was getting worried, but she still kept her focus on the battle.

"That's an interesting set up. I taught you well on status effect" Crimson stated as he lifts his cap and stared at her. Leaf shook her head and glares at him back.

"No you didn't…Red's the one who taught me." Leaf responded back harshly which Crimson responded with a small chuckle and shrugged his shoulders.

"Pride, brave bird!" Leaf called out to her pokemon. The flying pokemon nodded its head. The pokemon flew up in the air and dived down while spinning around like a drill towards the Venusaur. It was a direct hit as the Venusaur tilted on its back. However, the brave bird move has a recoil effect, and because of the solar beam attack; Pride fell unconscious. Leaf gasped in horror, both pokemon are defeated. Both trainers returned their pokemon back into their respective balls.

"Red…" Leaf whispered quietly as she eyed at Crimson with intense looks. Crimson just sneers as he reached towards his next pokeball. He unclips it and stares at the ball as he smiled at it.

"Let's make this battle a little faster shall we?" Crimson stated as he unclips two more pokeballs from his belt. He threw all three pokeballs in the air. On the right is a Charizard, in the middle is Blastoise, and on the left is Espeon, each and every one of them has a bloody nose. Leaf winced as she obliges. She unclips three pokeball from her miniskirt and threw them all out.

"First-Aid, Rita, and Lappy!" Leaf called out to her pokemon. On the right is Lappy, Rita in the middle, and First-Aid on the left. Both pokemon on the sides roared out at each other. The battle was getting intense; both trainers have the same amount of pokemon on each of their team.

"I must admit…you're doing pretty well…but know this. I won't let you win." Crimson stated as he put his hands on his hips. Leaf glares at him as she bit her lip.

"All I want is Red…" Leaf simply responded back with a harsh tone. The red sky grew darker and the pink snow grew redder. Crimson's face suddenly has more veins popping out of his skin.

"Red…that bastard is causing nothing, but trouble lately. Thank god I shut him out…" Crimson stated. Leaf raised an eyebrow from that comment. Crimson could see her confused face and decided to tell her.

"I had to prevent Red from causing anymore harm to me. I had to use all of my willpower to stop him from getting too loose. I wouldn't want that to happen." Crimson stated. Leaf grips her hands tightly; she glares at Crimson filled with hatred. Throughout her whole journey with Red; Crimson has been causing nothing but trouble for the both of them, especially since he took him away from her. She'll be willing to take him down with everything she's got.

"Charizard, flare blitz." Crimson commanded the fire pokemon nonchalantly. The Charizard spew flames around First-Aid as the opponent Charizard circles around the terrified Blissey as it looks around on both sides. Then with no warning the flames engulfs Blissey then with a hard head butt, the flames made the Blissey screech and cried out in pain. Leaf's eyes widen in horror, her pokemon are taking serious damage! The fire finally subdued leaving the pink pokemon in a state of critical danger. The Blissey's companion looked at her with worries as they cried out to see if she's fine. The only response was a faint 'bliss.' Leaf looks back at Crimson, he stood there with his hands in his pocket and crooked his body to the side.

"Your turn Leaf…" Crimson stated as he pointed a finger at her. Leaf sighs as she looked at Rita.

"Rita, use will-o-wisp at Blastoise." Leaf commanded her fox pokemon. The elegant pokemon agrees to do so as it spew small bits of flames and made contact at the water pokemon. Crimson gleams his eyes, wondering what Leaf has in store. He crosses his arms together and thinks for a moment.

"What are you doing Leaf…?" Crimson muttered under his breath. Leaf kept staring at her opponent's pokemon.

"Espeon, psychic." Crimson commanded the smaller pokemon. The catlike pokemon's red bead on its forehead shines and its eyes turned aqua blue. It stares at Lappy with its eyes widen. Lappy felt an immense pain in its head as it tries to stand firm, but the attack is so powerful that it knocked Lappy on the ground. Leaf stares at her three pokemon with worries.

"Lappy please get up! You can do it!" Leaf tries to urge her pokemon. The giant water pokemon tries to get up slowly as it barely held in there.

"Good job Lappy, First-Aid use light screen!" Leaf commanded the hurtful Blissey. The pokemon nodded itself as it spread its arms weakly across from each other then made a loud clap. Three barriers surround the standing pokemon and Leaf's last pokeball glows a strange aura. Crimson frowns as he crosses his arms together again.

"Blastoise, blizzard." Crimson commanded the pokemon. The pokemon roars out its name as it withdraws itself in its shell and starts spinning around rapidly. The area became even colder as a strong blizzard storm surrounds Leaf's pokemon. Even Leaf herself covers her eyes from the terrible storm, but she peek her eyes to see her pokemon getting the terrible punishment.

"Guys! Stand strong! We can do this!" Leaf called out to her pokemon for a morale boost. The pokemon all roared out their names in confidence. The blizzard finally subsides with the three pokemon endured the devastating blow; thankfully First-Aid's light screen protected them and lessens the damage on the whole team. Blastoise was soon hurt by the burn effect.

"Impressive…you're playing on the defensive route huh?" Crimson questioned with a hint of sarcasm. Leaf didn't respond back to his call as she points a finger at Lappy.

"Lappy confuse ray!" Leaf pointed at the water pokemon. Lappy roared out as a strange ball coming out from its mouth headed towards the Charizard. It surrounded the giant fire pokemon. The Charizard seems less tense as it looks around as if its looking for something. Crimson glares at Leaf as he looked at Charizard with gleaming red eyes.

"Charizard, fly." Crimson commanded the fire pokemon. Charizard nodded to itself as it flapped its wings and flew up sky high. Leaf looked up, and then back at her opponent, she knows that if Charizard manages to successfully use the fly move, it'll be over for one of her pokemon.

"Rita, attract!" Leaf commanded. Rita twirls around gracefully with its long tails following it as it stares at Espeon. The pokemon then ended its move with a wink. Espeon seems fazed by Rita's move as it falls into a trance. The effect worked, so far the battle has become extremely intense.

"Espeon, reflect." Crimson announced. Espeon's eyes fluttered, but then snapped itself back into reality as it wiggles its tail around. A strange aura surrounds the whole party including Crimson's last pokeball. Leaf cursed herself, it got lucky and somehow managed to ignore the attract move. This is bad, playing defensive is a good strategy, but she has yet to make a dent on any of Crimson's pokemon except for the burn effect on Blastoise.

"First-Aid, sing!" Leaf called out to the Blissey. The pink pokemon holds its arms together and closes its eyes then starts singing a lullaby towards Blastoise, however the opponent is unfazed by the music resulting a miss. Leaf curses herself, her one chance of getting a preemptive strike on her opponent, and it missed. Crimson smirks at Leaf's reaction as he points a finger at his giant turtle pokemon.

"Blastoise, hydro pump." Crimson commanded the giant turtle pokemon. The pokemon roared out a 'blast' as it withdraws out two canons on the front sides of its shells. It pointed towards Rita as it fired the massive amount of water blast towards the fox pokemon. It was as direct hit as the fox pokemon took a devastating blow. The fox pokemon flew up in the air and landed on the pink snow. Blastoise once again was burned by the burn effect.

"Rita!" Leaf called out in worries. Somehow and miraculously Rita stood up weakly as it trembles and struggles to get back on its feet; Leaf sighs a relief.

"You got lucky Leaf…that light screen barely saved its skin…but for how long?" Crimson questioned with a hint of sarcasm. Leaf grits her teeth, she knows that light screen effect won't last long enough; she has to act now and try to do enough damage to his pokemon. However…the Blastoise is causing so much trouble, its attacking her pokemon left and right, she has to take it down, but thanks to the effect burn, it is wounded with another effect on it, it halves its attack which is another reason why Rita survived the terrible attack.

"Lappy use thunder!" Leaf called out to her pokemon. Lappy roared out as the water pokemon's horn was suddenly glowing a bright yellow aura until it became a size of a volley ball. It pointed its head upward as a wave of electricity rose up towards the sky. A few seconds later the bolt came straight down towards Blastoise with a direct hit. The giant turtle pokemon roared out in pain as it collapses on the ground, defeated. Leaf released a relief of sigh as she felt less tense. Crimson didn't seem pleased as he withdraws the Blastoise back into his pokeball.

"I'll make sure you'll regret that…" Crimson warned as more veins popped out of his face, he shook it off as felt a bit tense. Leaf gripped her hands tightly; this is by far the hardest and longest battle she has ever fought. She knows that her pokemon are willing to throw down their life for her, after all they've been through, their hearts and mind are connected, and they are a second family to her.

"Charizard fly!" Crimson roared out as he swings his hand across. Charizard came down like a shooting star towards First-Aid, it crashed directly towards her with a loud boom as rocks and pink snow scatters across the area. Leaf's pokemon and Leaf herself were stunned and shock.

"First-Aid!" Leaf called out in worries. Charizard flew up sky high in the air and landed right beside Crimson who sneered by the display at hand. Leaf ran towards the large hole on the ground the opponent Charizard had delieverd as she peers down and sees an unconscious Blissey who couldn't fight no more. Leaf grips her hands tighter as she slowly took out her pokeball and withdraws it back in. She glares at Crimson filled with hatred.

"Don't look so smug, it is a pokemon battle after all." Crimson stated as he put his hands on his hips. Leaf shuts her eyes as she slowly stood back up and looked back at him.

"Rita…fire blast!" Leaf roared out u angrily as she points it at Espeon. The fox pokemon spew out a large flame wave towards Espeon. The pokemon was hit, but it wasn't out as it shook itself from the blow. Leaf cringes, this is looking really bad, and both teams have two pokemon on each side and one pokeball on their belts.

"Espeon…psychic." Crimson said nonchalantly. The Espeon somehow listened to Crimson's words even when the attract effect is still on. The Espeon's eyes glows once more as it glares at Rita. The fox pokemon was hit and it is the last hit it can endure as it collapses on the ground, defeated. Leaf's eyes widen in horror, she's down to one pokemon on the battlefield! It's now or never. She has to defeat at least one of these two pokemon. Leaf slowly raises a pokeball and withdrew Rita back into the ball.

"Lappy, hydro pump!" Leaf called out towards her last pokemon. Lappy roared out in anger as it shot out a wave of water blast towards Charizard. The large body of water made contact to the fire pokemon as the water creating a devastating blow to the pokemon. Alas, the water attack wasn't enough to deliver the blow as Charizard stood firm, drenched in water as it roared out in anger and determination. Leaf starts trembling, her eyes widen in horror. Crimson smirks at her reaction as he slowly pointed a finger at Charizard.

"Charizard, finish it with a flamethrower." Crimson commanded the pokemon. Charizard obeys as the flame consumes Leaf's last pokemon from the opponent. Lapras screeched and roared out in pain. Leaf grits her teeth together as Lappy falls down defeated. She pulls out a pokeball and withdraws him back into the ball.

"No…I won't lose here! I came here for a purpose! I came here to return Red back to me, and I will do it!" Leaf roared out in anger as she unlatched her final pokeball and threw it in the air. The pokeball revealed itself as the legendary Mewtwo; Crimson smirks as he seems unfazed by his strong aura, instead he was chuckling to himself.

"This should be interesting…" Crimson stated with a smirk on his face.

"Yes Mewtwo…that's him…the one I'm looking for…but…I need your strength. Please lend me your powers to defeat him!" Leaf begs towards the psychic pokemon. Mewtwo closes his eyes and reopened them again. Leaf smiled softly as she nodded her head.

"Thank you Mewtwo…" Leaf softly said; she then focuses on the battle at hand. The reflect move has subsided from Espeon and Charizard.

"Mewtwo psycho cut!" Leaf commanded Mewtwo. The pokemon has its right arm into an arc, then with one swift motion, he swings his am to the side and a dark purple wave is sent flying towards Charizard. The attack hit as Charizard roared out in pain from the terrible gash the attack has delivered. Charizard fell on the ground and fainted. Crimson raised a pokeball in the air and withdrew the fire pokemon back into the ball, but he has a sneer on his face as he kept looking at Mewtwo.

"Espeon, lightscreen." Crimson commanded his pokemon. The Espeon obliges as it wiggles its tail once again. An aura surrounds Espeon and Crimson's last pokeball.

"Mewtwo, power yourself up with a calm mind." Leaf commanded her pokemon. Mewtwo nods its head as it closes its eyes and took a deep breath, and finally a sigh of relief.

"Espeon…use toxic." Crimson commanded with a grin on his face. Leaf's eyes widen in horror.

"No!" Leaf called out. The Espeon open its mouth as it spat a gooey substance on Mewtwo. The psychic pokemon flinched from the substance, but still hold his ground. Leaf knew what toxic does. The pokemon will be badly poisoned, meaning it will continuously get damaged by the effect and that's not all, at the end of six turns, the toxic will completely destroy the target regardless of how durable the pokemon is! In other words, she's only got a six turns or be annihilated by the next pokemon that Crimson is about to send out.

"Mewtwo, aura sphere!" Leaf called out. Mewtwo obliges as he has his hands on the side, he slowly back them up and a small ball is form between two hands. A few seconds later the ball is as big as a basketball. Mewtwo releases the ball with both hands towards Espeon. Mewtwo cringed in pain as he held onto his chest. Leaf looks at her pokemon with worries; the toxic has taken its toll. It took the hit and it down for the count. Crimson withdraws the pokemon back into the ball as he raised his last pokeball in the air.

"Now we'll see how long the legendary Mewtwo can withstand my pokemon." Crimson stated as he threw the last pokeball in the air. The ball reveals a humongous pokemon with a large belly, sharp three claws, beady eyes, two fangs across its closed mouth, and two small blunted ears, and last but not least, his nose is bleeding like the rest of Crimson's pokemon. 'Snorlax!' It roared out.

"Mewtwo use another aura sphere, it's weak against fighting!" Leaf called out. Mewtwo nods its head again as it readies another sphere. A few seconds later the sphere managed to make a direct hit at the giant pokemon. Mewtwo clutches onto its chest even more as it has hard time breathing. The giant pokemon cried out in pain as it lazily moves around. Thanks to Espeon's lightscreen the attack didn't do as much damage as Leaf had hoped.

"Snorlax, amnesia." Crimson commanded the giant beast. The Snorlax nodded its head as it raised its right hand towards its mouth and tilt its head to the side in a confused state. Crimson only smiles at this reaction.

"What are you doing Crimson…?" Leaf whispered to herself. She raises her head as she hears Mewtwo talking to her through telepathy.

"I really hope so too Mewtwo…" Leaf responded back to his telepathy calls.

"Mewtwo, try a psystrike!" Leaf commanded the psychic pokemon with a pointed finger. Mewtwo's eyes glows blue as it raised its left hand, the opponent Snorlax was suddenly levitated in the air, catching the giant pokemon off guard as it flails around in the air. Mewtwo eyes suddenly stopped glowing blue and pushed its hand on the soft snow. The opponent Snorlax was instantly slammed against the ground as pink snow splashes around with a sudden loud bang. The Snorlax was repeatedly slammed on the ground multiple times creating a large crater; Crimson didn't seem unfazed, but still smirks. Mewtwo's attacks finally stopped; Snorlax's body didn't seem to move at all; Leaf gave a small smile.

"We…we did it…" Leaf whispered to herself. Mewtwo looks at Leaf and nodded its head. Then suddenly Mewtwo heard a loud voice shouting 'lax!' Mewtwo and Leaf turns back towards the fallen Snorlax as it slowly rose up from the ground and shouted its name in anger.

"You didn't think it's over that easily…did you?" Crimson asked with a hint of sarcasm. Leaf clenches her hands together, this is looking really bad. Then she looks at Mewtwo who's on one knee and panting trying to catch its breath.

"Mewtwo!" Leaf cries out in worries. She then looks at Crimson then realizes what his plan is.

"You're going to endure the rounds until the poison effect takes down my pokemon!" Leaf shouted out towards Crimson who only nodded his head slowly. Leaf gritted her teeth, if only she had stocked up on her supplies, if only she didn't get too cocky, it was so stupid of her. The only thing she has are a few potions and fragment of a revive.

"That's right…Snorlax, rest." Crimson commanded his giant pokemon. The pokemon starts yawning as it falls on its back with its giant belly sticking out and starts snoozing. Leaf couldn't believe what's going on; her opponent Snorlax is incredibly enduring, especially since it was attacked by a legendary pokemon! Now it is resting, meaning it'll regain its energy, making this fight to prolong even further!

"Damn it…" Leaf cursed herself. She looks at Mewtwo who is still on his one knee, panting, the poison is taking its toll around the pokemon, legendary or not, the real power lies on strategy and Crimson has it all. She now knows what a Pokemon Master battle is like and it looks like she's stuck.

"Mewtwo…you're going to have to give it your all. Store up your powers with a calm mind!" Leaf called out towards the psychic pokemon. Mewtwo nodded its head as it stood back up on its two feet and closed its eyes, then breathed out a sigh.

"We only have two more turns left…before the poison takes out my pokemon. But because of the lightscreen effect and Snorlax's amnesia, its special defense is incredibly high right now. I have to hit him hard and give him everything I got." Leaf muttered under her breath.

"Snorlax snore." Crimson whispered to the giant. Somehow the giant pokemon manages to hear the master's call as it opened its mouth and breathed out loudly, causing a loud sound wave. Mewtwo backed away in time from Snorlax's attack. Crimson was impressed by Mewtwo's ability to dodge sound, nonetheless he smiles. The lightscren wears off, this is it, and it is now or never. Leaf will have to use everything she's got, but she doesn't know if Mewtwo could overcome the odds; she has no choice.

"Mewtwo hit it with another psystrike, finish it off!" Leaf roared out her command at Mewtwo. The psychic pokemon's eyes glowed blue once more as the sleeping Snorlax is levitated in the air and instead of hitting the ground; Mewtwo threw the giant pokemon off of the mountain! Leaf's jaw dropped down from such an unknown move from Mewtwo. Crimson is unfazed by this, he still has a smile on.

"D-Did…we win?" Leaf whispered. Few seconds' later two large bulgy claws were protruding from the side of the mountain and it raised itself up. 'Lax!' The Snorlax roared out as it got up. Leaf's eyes widen in horror, the Snorlax made it back up!

"Snorlax's known specialties are climbing mountains with ease…" Crimson stated which Leaf couldn't say anything; she looks back at Mewtwo who finally falls on the ground, barely staying awake.

"Let's make this a round shorter…Snorlax, hyper beam." Crimson commanded the giant. Snorlax roared out as it opened its mouth. Inside of the gaping mouth shines a yellow ball of light as it stores energy. In a few seconds later the Snorlax fired a yellow beam from its mouth and made the direct hit on Leaf's Mewtwo, kicking the snow in the air and mist.

"Mewtwo!" Leaf cried out. She didn't get a response in telepathy. The mist finally clears and all that's left is a defeated Mewtwo with many cuts and bruises as it lay there motionless. Leaf fell on her knees and finally her hands on the cold snow while staring at it. Crimson is the victor.

"No…I…I…I failed…" Leaf whimpered as tears starts welding in her eyes. She could hear snow shuffling towards her until a large shadow looms over her. She looks up and sees Crimson looming over her. He grabs her by the hair, taking in chunks of brown strands as he pulled her above the ground. Leaf screamed out in pain as he lifted her above the ground. Her hat falls off on the snow as she tries to kick and punch Crimson, but he endured the blows.

"You can't defeat, that can't be defeated." Crimson stated as he throws her on the ground by the hair as she landed on the cold snow. She starts crying as she clutches onto her head, trying to ease the pain and curls into a ball; eyes shut. Crimson himself seems to have trouble moving as his hands tremble and his movements are slow.

"Argh…damn you Red…" Crimson cursed as he tries to tense himself. He kneels down and flips Leaf over so that he can see her devastated face. Tears kept streaming down her hurtful eyes. Crimson licked his lips as he pulled something out from his back pocket. He reveals a sharp pocket knife; Leaf's eyes widen in fear. Before Leaf could yell Crimson strikes down the sharp object down on her torso. She screams out in agony, but the pain was far from over. He starts twisting and turning the knife that is still lodged into her skin and fresh blood starts pouring out and dripped on the cold snow, turning the pink snow red.

"Argh! R-Red…please argh! Please stop!" Leaf begs, but Crimson didn't stop as he withdraws the knife, allowing the blood to flow out of the wound from her brown coat. He strikes again, this time on her stomach. She cries and begs him to stop, but Crimson wouldn't listen at all. He withdraws it once more.

"I'm only doing this…because I love you…" Crimson said as he bends over and licked her cheek and tasting the salty tears that continues to fall. Leaf whimpers as more tears continue to fall. Crimson removes his sharp tongue away from her cheek and examines the bloody knife, soon Leaf witness something disgusting as he starts licking the bloody knife, tasting and savoring Leaf's blood with every lick.

"You taste very good Leaf…no wonder Red stayed with you…" Crimson said as his eyes glow even redder. Crimson finished every drop of blood from the knife as he grab Leaf's neck and pins her down on the cold ground. Leaf looks at Crimson, a look of plea and sorrow.

"Red…it's me…Leaf…please don't do this…" Leaf cried out, but her response was a hard squeeze on the neck.

"Shut up you stupid bitch! I'm going to skin you alive!" Crimson roared out as he raised the knife in the air, but for some reason he couldn't deliver the blow. She looks at him, eyes filled with plea and hope.

"Remember when we first met…it was back at Pallet Town, you tackled me because you needed my help…we argued and fought, but we always stayed together." Leaf whimpers. Crimson tenses up as he brought the knife closer to her head.

"You wanted to go to Mt. Silver…and I wanted to be with Blue…we helped each other throughout our journey…we fought and comfort one another. At that time…you gave me the will to keep going on." Leaf whimpered once more as more tears fell off of her cheeks. Crimson trembles even more as he looks at Leaf with hatred, but at the same time, sadly.

"You gave me advices, we took down a group of mafias…and you even gave me the bracelet…because I was feeling down." Leaf cries as more tears fell out. She reaches down into her coat pocket and pulled out the small shards of silver. Crimson stares at it with disgust, the knife goes down closer almost to the point where it touches her cheek.

"Shut your god damn mouth!" Crimson yelled out at her. His eyes starts bleeding and his nose starts pouring more blood, some of the red liquid fell on her coat and cheeks.

"Please remember me Red…remember the time we spent together, remember the day when we confessed our love for each other…and remember the day when we got married. It was the happiest and saddest days of our lives! Red, I love you! Please come back to your senses!" Leaf cried out as she raised her hand and gently touches Crimson's cheek. Crimson flinched from her touches, but Leaf persists on touching him.

"Leaf…finish me off." Crimson whispers as he tries to exert more force. The knife in his hand start trembling,

"R-Red…?" Leaf whispered as she looks at Crimson who seems like he's in pain and struggling to move.

"D-Damn you Red!" Crimson curses, but he couldn't move an inch. Leaf has realized that Red is trying everything in his power to stop Crimson.

"Red it is you!" Leaf cried out his name with a smile on her face, but she hissed in pain from the terrible wound she had taken. Crimson gripped onto Leaf's neck which causes her to gasp in pain and threw her a few feet away from him. Crimson starts screaming out in agony, more blood starts trailing from his nose and eyes; Red is fighting back. Leaf tries to stand up, but the damage on her torso and stomach isn't making it any easier.

"Leaf finish me off! Kill me!" Crimson yelled out as he moves around while fidgeting around. Leaf's eyes widen when she heard what she thought she heard. Kill him!?

"R-Red no! There has to be another way!" Leaf cried out desperately as she got into a crawling position. Her bag is right beside her and Hope's pokeball is right next to it.

"Leaf, just do it! I won't be myself; Crimson will take over my body soon. Please Leaf you have to do it!" Crimson roared out as more blood was coming out from his eyes and nose. Leaf was stunned, she doesn't know what to do, she will have to kill Red herself along with Crimson! She doesn't want to do it, but Red won't be himself if Crimson is there, a feeling she hadn't felt in a long time had sprung up, she felt weak and hopeless.

"Red…I-I can't…" Leaf cried out as more tears fell out of her eyes.

"LEAF!" Crimson roared out as he fell on the ground, while clutching on his head. Leaf shuts her eyes, her hands tremble, but then she shook it all off. She crawls towards Hope's pokeball and reached into her yellow bag. She pulled a small yellow shard and placed it against Hope's pokeball. The ball shook for a moment; Hope is revived.

"Red is suffering…I have to end this…I have to do it! I have to for the sake of Red!" Leaf whispered loudly to herself as she readies the ball in her hand.

"Hope!" Leaf called out as she throws the ball and reveals the Clefable. The pink pokemon came out, looking quite weak, but still ready to battle. The pokemon was expecting a challenger, but what she could see is her master on the ground, bleeding to death, and Crimson rolling on the floor in agony. The pokemon is left in a state of confusion, she doesn't know what's going on, but it rushed towards her master's side. It cried out a 'clef' and several 'fable' in sheer panic and worry. Leaf shook her head as she kept staring at Crimson.

"Do it Leaf! Finish me off now!" Crimson yelled out.

"Red…please forgive me…" Leaf cries as she turns her head to the side and shuts her eyes. Her finger slowly points towards Crimson while trembling without even looking at him.

"H-H-Hope…h-h-hyper…" Leaf chocked in her constant crying, she doesn't want to do this, but if she doesn't, then Crimson will definitely come around. She shuts her eyes tightly as she musters every will to command those two words.

"H-Hyper…b-beam…" Leaf whispered softly with her last command. Hope looks back at her master and then back at Crimson. It starts yelling out 'clefs' and 'fables' in a panic.

"I know Hope! I know! Just do it! Do it now Hope!" Leaf yelled out in anger and sadness. Hope looks back at her master with sadden eyes, then looked back at Crimson who's about to get up with the knife in his hand.

"L-Leaf…I…need…to…KILL YOU!" Crimson roared out as he charges towards Leaf. Hope stood in front of her master and pointed her stubby finger at Crimson and fired a yellow beam at Crimson. The beam went through his torso; Crimson felt the immense pain going through him as his mouth was left agape, and eyes widen in surprise and shock. He drops the knife and he lands on the cold snowy ground with a loud thud, unmoving.

"No…my body…my…soul…is…leaving…me…curse you…Red…damn you Leaf…" Crimson coughed as he stares at the sky, a smile was form on his face and he finally shuts his eyes. The veins are slowly vanishing and the bloodstains on his nose and eyes were gone, the six pokeballs on his belt vanishes in thin air.

"Hehe…lucky god damn bitch…" Crimson weakly groaned as he stopped moving.

"Red!" Leaf cried out as she sees his lifeless form on the ground. She crawls towards Red's lifeless form, her pokemon scurries towards Leaf in tears crying out several 'clefs' and 'fables' incoherently. The pokemon tries to help Leaf by getting her back on her feet, but Leaf shook her head.

"Hope…please return back into the ball…" Leaf stated. Hope's eyes widen as it starts crying and shaking its head. Leaf glares at Hope as she reaches for her pokeball and shot the red beam at her pokemon.

"I'm sorry Hope…" Leaf whispered as she continues to crawl towards Red's body. She finally reaches him and noticed that his eyes are closed and the hyper beam that strucked him made a large hole around the torso covered in blood as it continues to bleed out. Leaf covers her mouth in pure shock and terror more tears kept flowing down her cheeks. She then heard weak coughs coming from Red. His eyes open slowly and it stared back at Leaf's blue and hurtful eyes.

"Good job…Leaf…" Red weakly said with a small chuckle, but then groaned in pain.

"Don't talk…I…I can still save you!" Leaf cried out as she examines the hole, she tries to sit up, but the terrible wound that Crimson had delivered was making it harder for her. She tries with all of her might, but she soon collapses on the ground, she was too weak to get up.

"But you already have saved me…" Red weakly said as he coughs again, but this time coughs out some blood. Leaf cries harder as she held onto his hand and shook her head.

"No…no I didn't…I spent two years training…and searching for you...but in the end…I failed…I failed you…I'm sorry Red…I'm so sorry…" Leaf cried harder. Red raised his hand and touched her soft cheek and wipes the tears away from her face. He musters a small smile with tears in his eyes. She grabs onto his hand, trying to hold onto it with all of her strength. She felt colder than before, she knew that her time won't last long, she is bleeding out as her coat is now stained with fresh blood.

"You did all that you could…I'm just glad…you stopped me...I'm the one who should apologize…I'm sorry for dragging you onto this mess…I'm sorry for ever jumping off of Mt. Silver…and I'm sorry that I met you…" Red apologizes as he coughs more blood. Leaf kept crying as she shook her head.

"Idiot…you stupid stupid idiot! Meeting you was the best thing that's ever happened to me…I found someone who will always be there for me…someone to feel safe around…and someone to care and love…don't you ever say that…if I didn't met you…Blue would've taken advantage of me…that's the worst kind of feeling compare to this…" Leaf yells out, but gasped in pain. Red closes his eyes and chuckles.

"I guess you're right…I am an idiot…but Leaf, I'm so sorry for hurting you…look at you…you're hurt…and there's no one here to save you…I've doomed us both…" Red cried out as he gasped in pain. Leaf held onto his hand even more. She crawls closer to him, to the point where their bodies are close to one another.

"I don't…care…I just wanted to save you…and be with you…if this is the end for us…at least…we'll finally be together…" Leaf softly whispered with a small smile, she felt light headed and sleepy as her head could barely keep it up. Red moves in with all of his strength as he groans and shuffles towards her. He embraced her tightly with his chin resting on top of her head and hers against his chest. The moment Red embraced Leaf, she felt secure and safe, it's like nothing even matters anymore, even in death she doesn't care if she dies, as long as she has Red by her.

"Red...I missed you so much…" Leaf whispered while she closes her eyes and rests her head against his chest.

"It's okay Leaf…we're finally together again…" Red whispered as he shuts his eyes. Leaf could barely hear him say anything as the darkness took over her vision. The last thing she saw was his red eyes looking down at her.

She could hear voices, distant voices; it's calling her name; no…she recognizes that voice...someone she knows since she was a child…someone who took care of her…it's…her mother. Another voice erupted…a boy's voice…Red? No…it sounded more like a tough kid voiceo with low tolerance…it's…Blue…but where's Red?

Leaf opened her eyes as she felt extremely sore on her torso and stomach. She looks around and noticed that she's in her room, wrapped in warm blankets and a heating lamp beside her. She blinked a couple of times as she removes the blanket and lifted up her shirt to examine the wounds that Crimson had delivered. It's not there, no scar marks, or wounds, in fact there's no mark of any kind of scratch on her body. Which means…Crimson is gone. Her mind went wondering, what happened and why is she back in her own house? And if Crimson is gone…then…Red is too. The door opens to her room and a woman had entered carrying more blankets in her arms. She looks at Leaf who suddenly dropped the blankets and rushed towards her and gave her a sudden embrace.

"Leaf! Why'd you do it!?" The woman cried out as tears run down her cheeks. Leaf didn't' say anything, but she raised a hand and starts patting her back.

"Mom…" Leaf whispered. Her mother removes her and looked at her in the eyes. She cups both of her cheeks.

"Leaf…tell me why did you go up to that damn mountain!? There's nothing for you there…." Leaf's mother questions with a hint of demanding. Leaf looks down at her blanket and closes her eyes.

"You won't believe me…if I told you…its part of the reason why I was out for two years…" Leaf responded. Her mother didn't care; she wanted to hear the story anyways.

"I don't care Leaf…just tell me…if it's something that serious…you have to tell me so I can help you!" Leaf's mother exclaimed. Leaf fidgeted her fingers and nodded her head.

"It doesn't matter anymore mom…he's dead…" Leaf whispered as a single tear fell from her eyes. Her mother raised an eyebrow in shock and wonders.

"Who's dead!?" Leaf's mother questioned. Leaf didn't respond back to the question as she shook her head. She clutches her hands on her head and closes her eyes tightly.

"Red…why'd you have to go…I want to die…I want to die and be with you!" Leaf cried out. Her mother was shock on what she just heard. Whoever this person named Red is somehow influenced her on self suicide! That's the only reason she could figure out why Leaf wanted to go there.

"Leaf; listen to yourself! This isn't like you at all! You hiked the mountain so you can go suicide over some damn boy!?" Leaf's mother exclaimed, trying to get the straight fact from her. Leaf glares at her mother and shook her head.

"You don't understand mom! I finally found someone who loves me!" Leaf cried out as she starts sobbing while covering her tearful eyes. The door to her room opens once again a certain spiky haired boy named Blue came in while crossing his arms; he examines his rival and shook his head in disappointment.

"Enough crying…after saving you from that mountain, you're still a crybaby. Ever since I brought you back all you've talked about is Red this and Red that, enough is enough! Who cares about that boy? Heck I bet he doesn't even exist!" Blue harshly said which triggered Leaf's nerves and she finally snapped. She shot out of bed and ran towards Blue and grabbed him by the collars and pinned him by the wall. Her mother tries to stop her daughter, but she shoved her away.

"What the hell do you mean 'he doesn't exist!?'" Leaf roared out in anger as more tears stream down her face. This got Blue into total shock; he has never seen Leaf this devastated before or aggressive.

"He's special to me! Red is the most important person to me!" Leaf yelled out as she removes his black shirt.

"L-Leaf…" Blue whispered, not knowing what else to say. Maybe it wasn't a good idea for him to say such a thing.

"Just get out! Leave me alone! Both of you just leave me alone!" Leaf cried out as she fell on her knees crying her eyes out. Leaf's mother sighs, perhaps she isn't ready to tell her the whole story yet, let alone comfort her.

"Blue…I appreciate what you've done for her…but I think we should leave her alone for now…" Leaf's mother suggested. Blue only nodded his head as he follows Leaf's mother out of her room and closed the door.

"All those years training…and searching…I finally found you…but in the end…I failed…am I to be forever live in sadness…am I not worthy enough to stay with you?" Leaf whimpered as she clenched her hands tightly; eyes still filled with tears, her heart is so hallow.

"Red…I love you…" Leaf whimpered as continues to cry. Her room is in complete silence, only her sobs were heard until she heard a faint taps around her room. She slowly opens her eyes and look around. She heard the tapping noise again, she looks at the window, thinking that's where the noise is coming from. Then she saw a small rock hit against her window, which results in the tapping noise. She wipes the tears off of her face and stood up; she walks towards the window and peers down on who could've done those tapping noises. She looks around a bit until she sees something that caught her eyes in mere seconds. She moves away from the window and open her door fiercely, causing the wooden frame to knock against the wall; she went past her mother and Blue who were walking down the stairs. This caused Blue and her mother in a state of confusion as they chase after her. Finally she opens her front door as she starts taking in deep breaths while trying to catch her breath. She scans the area and she look no further, just a few yards away from her was a boy around her age wearing a red cap resting on his black disheveled hair, red jacket covering his black T-shirt underneath, worn out blue jeans, black fingerless gloves. The wind blows calmly while brushing her hair in the wind, footsteps came closer to Leaf; right behind her is her mother and Blue looking at Leaf; both of them being confused. They took several steps right next to her until they finally figured out why she's staring at. The boy who Leaf describes the person named Red is standing right before them, a few yards away. His cap covering his eyes, but he kept calm and a gently smile on his face as he walks towards them.

"Pallet Town is a nice place…good people…a homey place…and away from the big city." The red silhouette says as he looks around, eyes still covered by his cap.

"But that's not why I'm here for. I'm here because I made a promise to a crazy girl…who loves punching me with her childish behavior. She happens to live here you know…I promised her that I will forever stay by her side during our times together across Kanto." The silhouette said as he lifted his red cap to reveal two red eyes staring back into Leaf's blue eyes. Leaf's heart felt like she skipped several beats, she put her hands over her mouth.

"Red…." Leaf whispered to herself to the point where she almost couldn't hear it herself. She ran in full speed. Red ran towards her too with a happy grin. Leaf being too happy as she almost trips by her clumsy stance, just when she is just a few feet away from him she jumps in the air, arms spread across.

"RED!" Leaf cried out in joy, tears of happiness fell out of her eyes. Red stopped running and spread his arms out too. He caught her while he twirls her around and they both fell down on the ground with Leaf being on top of him.

"Red…it's really you right! You're not dead or a ghost right!?" Leaf asked in desperation as she pulls back and examines his face. Red laughs as he raised his hand gently and strokes her cheek.

"I'm back…Leaf…" Red whispered to her. Leaf cried against his chest as she starts jabbing him with light punches.

"You stupid idiot! I thought you had died! IDIOT!" Leaf cried out harder, burying her head against his chest. She felt his hand gently brushing down her hair as she continues to cry against him.

"It's because of Crimson…" Red gently whispered which caused Leaf to raise her head up and look at him in confusion.

"After Blue saved you from Mt. Silver…Crimson's aura was nearby, my body felt warmer, and my wounds started healing. Then…something miraculous happened…I've obtained a body…" Red whispered as he cups his hand against her cheek. Leaf held onto his hand while looking into his red eyes.

"What does this all mean…?" Leaf gently asked with a hint of confusion. Red chuckles as he looked up in the sky.

"You saved me Leaf…you've killed Crimson…and because of that…I've obtained a body." Red continues on.

"B-But…what if Crimson takes over your body?" Leaf asked worriedly. Red chuckles and shook his head.

"That won't be a problem…Crimson himself is dead. While I did disappear into him, my self-consciousness and soul still lives on through him. Lucky me eh?" Red joked which Leaf grits her teeth and more tears starts falling.

"IDIOT! You stupid idiot!" Leaf yelled out at him who shook Red a bit, before she wrapped her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately on the lips. Red closes his eyes and wraps his arms around her and kisses her back. They finally released each other as he reach behind his back and pulled out a white hat.

"You left this on top of Mt. Silver…" Red gently said while putting it on her brown hair. She smiles as she kisses him again.

"Wow…so he is real…" Blue whispered to himself as he stood there next to Leaf's mother. She smiles and couldn't help, but shed a tear.

"She hasn't changed one bit…" Leaf's mother whispered as she turns around and walk back to the house.

"Miss Green?" Blue questioned as he turns around and look at her. Leaf's mother turns around and looks at Blue.

"But that doesn't make her a bad person now does it? Leaf is Leaf, no matter how you look at it. She'll always be vulnerable no matter how hard she tries to act. And Red himself seems to make her happy. She can tell me all about this whole thing later; I'm fine with that…" Leaf's mother said as she continues to walk back into the house. Blue looks at the two lovers, still kissing each other, he gave a smirk as he walks towards his house.

"That Red guy is one lucky bastard. I never really truly understood her, but you did…and for that…I'm happy for her." Blue whispered as he walks away.

6 months later…

Red and Leaf were sitting on the ground having a picnic in Viridian Forrest, enjoying the scenery with Leaf's pokemon outside of their balls as each and every one of the pokemon played with one another. Pride was chasing around Rita while he hovers in the air, Hope remains by Leaf and Red's side, Lappy starts happily eating some berries growing out on the forest, Mewtwo stood by next to Red and Leaf as a bodyguard, and First-Aid lending out soft boil eggs to wild pokemon who happily accepts it.

"Hey Red…" Leaf asked as she leaned her head on his shoulder. Red looks at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah? What is it Leaf?" Red asked as he clenched his hand on hers. She sighs as she looks at a golden ring wrapped around her finger.

"I know that my mother accepts you as my husband, but what about your mom? Shouldn't she know about this whole marriage kind of thing?" Leaf asked the red jacket clad boy. Red rubbed the back of his head.

"Well it's not like we're legally married, just…married. But yeah, I think we should tell my mom, it's been forever since I've last seen her. I wonder if she'll even recognize me after all these years of not seeing her." Red said as rubbed his chin. Leaf smiles as she stood up and stretched her arms out in the air then looks down at Red who looks back at her.

"Do you think we can use Pandora to get us back to your world?" Leaf asked Red with a little hope in her eyes. Red sighs and smiled at Leaf.

"Yeah, I think we can use Pandora. Crimson did say that the gate will be open for the next several hundred years, so why not use the opportunity and take advantage of it." Red responded back as he too got up from the ground. Leaf giggles as she called out Pride. The bird pokemon swoops down towards its master; Leaf starts patting its head gently along with Red.

"Clef! Fable, fable!" Hope called out. Leaf looks at her loyal pokemon and nodded her head; Red starts petting the pink pokmeon on the head and smiled.

"Alright guys, I think it's time we head out on a new adventure!" Leaf called out as she raised her pokeball in the air. Her pokemon all look at her and roared out in excitement. Mewtwo looks at Leaf and nodded its head. Leaf shot the beams from her pokeball towards all of them; each and everyone were withdrawn into the ball except for Hope and Pride. She climbs aboard the giant bird pokemon with Red climbing on next, and finally Hope who was grabbing onto Red's back.

"Hang on tight guys; we'll be heading towards Mt. Silver!" Leaf called out as she commanded the Pidgeot to fly towards the desolate mountain.

It didn't' take long for the two trainers to reach the top of Mt. Silver, since Leaf and Pride knows how to get to the very top of Mt. Silver with ease without having to climb . Pride lands on the white snow as it sways itself, getting rid of the snow that's caught in its feathers. Leaf, Red and Hope jumped off of the massive bird; Leaf withdraws her pokemon back into her ball.

"Well I'm glad this place hasn't changed…much…" Red said as he looks around. The red sky was no longer there and the snow has return back to its original color. He edged towards the cliff and looks down and shuts his eyes. Then he opens it again and looked back at Leaf.

"It's fine, the gate is open." Red said to Leaf as he walked towards her with his arm outstretch.

"Shall we my dear?" Red asked in a gentleman's manner. Leaf rolls her eyes and smile as she accepts his arm.

"Well I'm glad you know that the gate is still open." Leaf said to Red. He nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah, and it's all thanks to Crimson." Red joked as they both edged at the cliff and look down which is completely covered in fog and cold mist. Leaf clenches onto Red's hand then her other hand is being held on by a stubby pink hand. Hope was next to Leaf with a smile on its face. The trio looks at one another with a smile.

"You ready?" Red asked Leaf which she responds with a nod.

"Okay, hold on tight!" Red yelled out as all three of them jump off of the cliff.

Somewhere on an island far far away…

A boy with red clothes was running, he has a sadden expression on his face and look that's filled with grim as he continues to run across the sands. He had an argument with one of his best friends while thinking about a certain event that had scared him for life. Tired and worn out he fell on the sand scratching his knees and hands once they made contact on the beach.

"I'm sorry…" He whispered as he took his pokeballs from his belt and looked through them one by one.

"Sorry, Aero…your wings…they got pierced…it must've hurt a lot, huh?" He cried silently as he looked at the damage red and white ball.

"Lax, Gyara…you shielded me from the attack…Poli, Saur…the pain you suffered from those intense attacks…I…I'm sorry everyone…I'm really…really sorry." He apologizes to each of the balls. He then turns his attention towards the yellow rat pokemon with red polka dot cheeks and a zigzag tail who is unconscious and severely injured.

"Pika…you fought the hardest…your thunder attack struck so hard, it almost went through the body, and yet…" He whimpered until he hugged the small pokemon and cried against its fur.

"You're all covered in wounds all because of…because of me!" The boy cried out as tears streams down his red eyes

"Forgive me! Please forgive me!" He sobbed and trembled at the same time, soon he fell onto his knees. A giant pink Wigglytuff hovers above the boy with another trainer kneeling on it as she stares him with soft blue eyes and a smile. She has a white hat donning on her long brown hair wearing light blue sleeveless shirt and a red miniskirt. He looks up at her and back down at his injured Pikachu.

"Blue…are you here to give me a piece of your mind because I don't' have the will to fight?" He said as he turns his back on her. The person named Blue jumped off of her pokemon and sat next to him and stared off into the sunset.

"Actually…I came here to thank you. Thanks Red." Blue said which perked the boy named Red's ears a bit.

"Green and Kimberly told me about the whole thing…how you stood up and fought for me…when I fainted from the shock of seeing my parents disappear vanishing before my eyes." Blue said with a soft gaze looking through the waves crashing against the shores.

"You learned the Ultimate Skill and selflessly went up against a strong foe…all for my sake!" Blue happily announced as she bends forward and hugged her knees. Red smirked from that compliment as he finally stood up and sighed.

"Yeah, but look what came out of that! Not only was I not able to find your parents, I also couldn't stop the assault on the islands…and on top of that, my pokemon…my pals are in a world of hurt! Look at me now. I'm nothing, but a has-been trainer…who's no longer fit to own a Pokedex." Red said as he turns away and started walking.

"Where are you going?"Blue asked, still eyeing out in the distance. Before Red was about to answer her question a bright vortex light appears next to Blue who is just as surprised as Red himself. He turns towards Blue, dropped Pikachu on the floor and ran for her.

"Blue look out!" Red yells out as he pulled her away from the light and went in front of her in a protective manner with his right arm outstretched from Blue's side.

"…eah…I…ove…at." A voice was coming out from the bright light.

"Could this be Deoxys…? Why am I hearing voices?" Red whispered to himself. Blue peers out behind Red and she could see two silhouettes walking through the light, no wait…make that three with a Clefable right next to the shorter one. The two figures kept walking while looking at each other, they both started laughing as the shorter one playfully punched the taller one's shoulder.

"Oh Red, you're such an idiot…" The female voice said. Red raised an eyebrow. Did he just hear his own name? The two figures came closer with a Clefable shape coming closer and closer. Finally the light subsides and vanishes.

"Well Leaf, we made it…let's hope that mom-"A red jacket paused as he looks at his surroundings, but he looked no further. There is a person that looks exactly like him, except he's a bit younger and his black hair is sticking out like Sandslash's back. Behind him looks like the doppelganger of Leaf herself, except she looks a bit younger and a bit more attractive than Leaf herself for some odd reason. Leaf was just as stunned along with her Clefable who just stood there, jaws drop and all.

"Uhhh…Red…where are we?" Leaf asked Red next to her. He looks back and shrugged his shoulders.

"You're talking to me?" Red across asked with interest. Leaf turns her head towards the person across from her and raised an eyebrow.

"Uh…I'm talking to him…he's Red." Leaf said as she pointed a finger at Red who's next to her. The Red across from her raised an eyebrow and then looked back at Blue.

"But he's Red." Blue said as she stood next to Red that's across from Leaf.

"No I'm Red." Red said who's next to Leaf. Confusion has taken everyone's toll. Then Leaf looks at Blue and crossed her arms.

"Uh...something tells me…we're in a different world…" Leaf said to Red as she looks towards her side.

"Yeah…"Red simply said as he rubbed the back of his head. Red and Blue looked at one another with a confused expression on their faces.

"You think we should tell them Leaf?" Red asked his wife. Leaf thought for a moment and nodded her head.

"Would someone tell us what the hell is going on!?" Blue shouted out in frustration. Red and Leaf flinched from her outburst; they both sighed.

"I think Pandora has reversed…" Red whispered to Leaf which she soon grew pale from the thought of it. Blue and Red next to her were still on a confused state.

The End

Pandora 2? Most likely not…I want the readers to come up with an imagination/ or own story on how the next story is going to turn out to be. So Red and Leaf met their counterparts in the manga, oh shit.

But SomewhereinNevada, why won't you make Pandora 2? Well in my current state of health, I don't think I can, I'm going to have to be at the hospital in the next three weeks because my cancer did indeed got worse. Yes, my memories are getting bad to the point where I almost forgot my name and I couldn't eat regularly, meaning I've been eating less, plus I'm very weak now. Writing this story was hard, especially since it's the last chapter, I wanted to make it good and anticlimactic, and make the readers think on what should the ending to Pandora be?

It's been fun guys, it really has, but I'm very weak now…there are so many stories that I wanted to write…because I wanted Lucky and BurningLeaf to be popular because I think it deserves its popularity. Lucky because of the many hints between Red and Blue, despite what people say, they have the most hints and Red himself acknowledges Blue's presence more than Yellow, Misty and others combined. So Yes I think Red and Blue will probably be a canon pair whenever Kusaka decides to release another arc for them or finish the whole series all together. BurningLeaf because Red deserves the love of someone, and that someone should be Leaf, he's the hero he needs someone in his life to cheer him up from that cold mountain. Because they don't actually meet each other in the games makes this shipping more vigorous because it expands imagination on how, why, and ifs. Especially since Red is the only protagonist who doesn't seems like a happy fellow, and he needs someone to cheer him up for that.

You guys want to talk? PM me, but I only have three weeks before I head out to the hospital. I just wish I can live long enough to see Kusaka's final pokemon manga.