Hello folks! It's Sentinel07! Hard to believe, but after reading fics here for a couple years, I've decided to finally try my hand at one myself. One can only wonder how well it will go, but I'm optimistic about it.

With Kid Icarus becoming a huge favorite of mine after Uprising, I've decided that will be my first writing attempt. Truth be told, this was kind of born from a story idea I had for a sequel to Uprising. So I decided that I might as well do something about it.

Now, some pointers. Since Kid Icarus makes fun of and uses many different mythologies, I will be using ideas for any kind I can think of, so don't go crazy if you see things like Norse mythology and whatnot. It is a fantasy world after all. There will also be the occasional video game and anime/manga references that I imagine people will like.

There is more to say, but how about we get into the story's beginning, shall we? I will say more in the bottom section.

Now, as I imagine I have to say, I don't own Kid Icarus or any video game or anime referenced in this fic. They all belong to their respective owners.

Now let the adventure begin!


Prologue: Dark times ahead

Like many things, time stops for no one. It flows like a river, never stopping or changing along its path. There are those who flow along with the tide, never letting one event or occurrence slow them down. Then, there are those who can't keep with the flow. They end up getting left behind, eventually forgotten by time itself.

There is one such place where time has no effect. A place that rules over time itself. A world nearly made out of nothingness. The beings that inhabited this strange world could hardly be compared to that of a normal being. In a dark world, where time had no meaning, there was no sense of daily activity, no sense of true life. Such is the nature of beings that transcend normal life and live through the eons.

At the top of this black and blue world, a white palace stood, overlooking all from above. The palace, composed of a simple design with a large clock tower towering above, welcomed all who entered it to oblivion. The clock tower ruled all in this world, mostly due to its master.

Inside the tower sat a lone figure. A god of incredible power. His gaze was always set forward, peering over his realm. His grizzled face was that of no emotion, fitting for one who ruled over the fabric of space and time. The staff in his hands, resembling a clock on its top, was brimming with light blue energy.

The being sighed, and turned to his left to a bowing figure.

"Eldran, what do you make of this?"

The figure, known as Eldran, was silver in color, resembling an animal-like appearance to go along with his humanoid size. At his master's word, he looked out over the realm.

"It is your world sire. A world you crafted with your own hands." said Eldran. The master looked back over the land.

"Yes, it is true. However, it is but a pittance compared to the other world I helped craft." said the master.

"You refer to the world you helped create with Zeus?" pondered Eldran.

"Of course. A world that would have never come had I not granted it my power, one that gave it the law of time and space." Said the master.

"Agreed sire. Your realm was meant to be more than this. This one realm is not enough, even though it is completely ruled by your powers." said Eldran.

The master rose from his chair, walking out and looking above the dark realm.

"Have you brought back what I requested?" he suddenly asked. Eldran bowed again.

"Of course sire. The report on that human world. It recently went through a great war with the Lord of the Underworld. Supposedly Palutena's Army. The Underworld Army, and even the Forces of Nature were involved in this battle," Eldran reported, his stance not wavering in the slightest. "In the end, the Lord of the Underworld was destroyed."

The master grumbled at the news, yet he also chuckled darkly as if amused. "Humph, Hades could never resist a good battle. Now you say that the Forces of Nature were involved too?"

"Yes. Apparently the Goddess of Nature, Viridi, sparked part of the war by dropping one of her Reset Bombs on a human settlement during another human war. Soon after though, she joined with the Goddess Palutena to defeat Hades. Another point I should mention is that Hades was ultimately defeated by Palutena's young captain, Pit." Eldran continued.

The master stood silent as Eldran's information sunk in.

"Sounds like the humans and the gods are as radical as ever. I knew that only my way could bring true order to the world." The master grumbled.

"As you say sire. Your forces are always at the ready." Eldran bowed again.

"I would expect no less. Make sure that doesn't change. Soon, Skyworld and the Overworld will remember the Forces of Time." said the master as he returned to his seat, a dark grin on his face.

"Of course, Lord Kronos."


Phew, well there is your Prologue. What do you guys think? I won't plead for reviews or say that I need a certain amount to continue, but any insight on my chapters would be welcome. This is my first after all, and I'd like to do Kid Icarus justice.

Now, something I'm doing for fun is that, at the bottom of each chapter, I will post a character bio, saying things about that character's appearance, what they're like, and even a Japanese and English voice because I'm weird like that. It helps me with the mental image, so I hope it can do the same for you. So, how about we start the first bio with our main character himself and his "evil" twin (since they're mostly the same after all):

*****Pit and Dark Pit*****

Age: 13 in appearance

Appearance: Pretty much the same as Uprising, except they have grown perhaps an inch or two.

Japanese seiyu: Minami Takayama

English VA: Antony Del Rio

Bio: After the war with Hades, Pit has continued on with being the captain of Palutena's guard. He's still the light-hearted young angel we all know and love, and taking all the chances he has to mess with his "twin" Dark Pit. He's also quite ecstatic about his small gain in height. Dark Pit is virtually the same, and has often wandered around since losing his power of flight. Still the same sarcastic twin we know and love.

*****End bio*****

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