While most individuals from Earth would have been terrified by the Turin, Flash had become accustomed to their fierce appearance. Therefore, the teeth he was being shown, Flash new to be a smile. Smiling himself, Flash was glad to be greeted by Rivus, Bolgar's son.

Thinking back on the last time he had laid eyes on the next leader of the Turin, Flash knew Mongo would be a far different place if he had not retrieved the antidote from Esmeline.

"Flash Gordon," Rivus greeted. "Welcome to the lands of the Turin. We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival."

Leading the way into some tall yellow grass, Flash was surprised when a doorway suddenly appeared before them. Not a traditional door like one would find in a Verden village, or a drape, which the Omadrians favored. Instead, the door looked to be made of some of the surrounding grass placed on a wooden frame that a person had to bush to the side, similar to doors in eastern Asia. Seeing Rivus open the door, Flash realized that the technology, which was so omnipresent in the capital, was almost nowhere to be found in other parts of Mongo.

Though the Turin settlement lacked the many advancements found elsewhere on Mongo, within the den, Flash found things in stark contrasted to the lands the Turin claimed. Where the Turin lands were hot and dusty, like a savannah in Africa, the inside of the den was cool and clean. And, while there may not have been large numbers of trees and other obvious natural resources, Flash found many typical Mongo items furnishing the area. However, all the furniture was low to the ground and instead of chairs, Flash noted mats and cushions on the floor were chairs would be.

"Please, sit Flash Gordon." Rivus said indicating one of the cushions. "Tonight you are an honored guest in my house. A feast has been planned as a welcome."

"You didn't have to do that." Flash replied. " You shouldn't be wasting your resources just because I'm here."

"Nonsense." Rivus replied smiling. "I had been saving a few choice bottles of flavored water for a special occasion, and what better time then when a friend who saved my life should visit."

Knowing that there was no way that he could avoid this meal; Flash resigned himself to the idea and decided to change the subject. "Speaking of water," Flash began. "I was wondering if something had happened to the transport."

"No, Flash Gordon. The source water arrived two days ago."

"That's good. Then why did you want me to come out here?" Smiling, Flash continued, "Don't get me wrong, it's always nice to see a friend, but Aura was worried, and Queen Freya wanted me to mention that she is more then willing to trade more of her ice."

"When you return to the city, please send them my apology for causing them concern. My father will be glad to hear of Aura's anxiety. It shows that she is a more worthy leader then her father ever was, and Queen Freya has already been far more then generous in our recent trading.

"No, the reason for our request has to do with a phenomena that has been occurring in a nearby den." Looking towards the ceiling, Rivus continued, "Each night, right before the setting of our last moon, something opens in the air. We do not know what it is nor what is causing it, but many of my people fear it may be the work of Ming."

Turning his attention back towards Flash, "We were hoping you could either tell us what this phenomena is, or at least relieve my peoples concern with news of Ming."

"I'm sorry to say, but Ming is still on the loose. But I would be more then willing to see what I can find out about this thing. Can you give me a description of what happened."