Chapter 1

As we continue with Bolt, we will see if Bolt really can hold onto his promise. Close members of Bolt's family will get hurt. How, you may ask? Find out in this part of my sequel!

Previously in my last story...

"I promise, I will find your parents, and I will bring them home." Bolt promised...

...Maybelle just looked at Bolt for a few seconds.
"Bolt, it's okay. You don't need to. ...I have you." Maybelle said.
Bolt thought about it again.
"Maybelle, I love you with all my heart. Not the loving a human kind of love, but loving as a relationship kind of love. And I hate seeing you like this. It makes me feel guilty that I didn't do anything about it earlier. I'm doing this. ...For you, Maybelle." Bolt stated.
Maybelle cried tears of joy on Bolt's shoulder when she heard this, and he comforted her.
"Okay, but I'm coming with you." Maybelle said when she stopped crying.
Bolt thought about that.
"No. I'm sorry, Maybelle. I can't let you." Bolt stated.
"Why not?" Maybelle asked.
"I can't lose you again if something goes wrong. I can't. I won't ever be able to forgive myself if something happens to you. You are the most important thing that has happened in my life so far, and I won't let you be taken away from me again, either." Bolt said softly.
Maybelle retracted her head, she knew what Bolt meant by what he said.
Maybelle also knew that if Bolt makes a promise, he keeps it.
Maybelle sighed.
"Okay, Bolt. I know that you can do this. ...And thank you. I love you." Maybelle added.
Bolt nodded his head.
"I love you too." Bolt responded.
"I have some questions to ask though." Bolt said.
"What are they?" Maybelle asked.
"What are their names? Your parents' I mean." Bolt asked.
"My mom is Maya, and my dad is Daniel." Maybelle answered.
"Okay. Are they the same breed as you?" Bolt asked.
"Yes. They are both Canaan, so I am full Canaan." Maybelle answered.
"Uh... Can you remember where that place was?" Bolt asked.
"Ummm... I think... Uhhh... Some where in... Maryland? Uhhh... It starts with a "Ch"... Ummm... Chesa-... Chesa-..." Maybelle repeated. She was deep in thought.
"...Chesapeake City, Maryland?" Bolt decided to help and finished.
"Yeah. Chesapeake City, Maryland. Thanks." Maybelle said.
"No problem. Alright. That's all I needed." Bolt added.
"Okay. So... when are you leaving?" Maybelle asked.
"I don't know for sure, but soon." Bolt replied.
"Oh. So what time is it?" Maybelle asked.
Bolt looked at the sun for about a fraction of a second. Then looked away quickly, with his eyes closed tightly.
"I would say... Around... 2:00." Bolt answered.
Maybelle looked at Bolt confused.
"How can you tell?" Maybelle asked.
Bolt slowly opened his eyes.
"I just look at the sun, if I can. I look at where the position of the sun is in the sky. So... If it is noon, the sun will be at it's highest in the sky, straight above in the middle." Bolt finished.
"Ah. I see." Maybelle added.
Bolt and Maybelle noticed two cats, Mittens and Troy walking up to the house.
"I was wondering when they were going to show up." Maybelle said.
"Yeah, me too." Bolt added.
Mittens and Troy walked to the steps of the patio, then looked at the two dogs.
"Hi guys. Oh! Maybelle, this is Troy. I'm sure Bolt talked to you about him and I, right?" Mittens asked Bolt and Maybelle.
"Yes, he told me. It is nice to meet you, Troy." Maybelle greeted.
Troy nodded.
"It is good to meet you, too." Troy greeted back.
Maybelle smiled.
"So what are you two up to?" Bolt asked the two cats.
"Eh. Nothing much. ...Just showing Troy around." Mittens answered.
"Yep." Troy added.
"Oh. Well you two have fun." Bolt said.
"Okay. Come on Troy." Mittens said.
"Alright. I'll see you guys later then." Troy said before he went to follow Mittens into the house.
"He seems nice." Maybelle said.
"Yeah he does." Bolt replied.
Both Bolt and Maybelle were silent for a couple seconds.
Bolt broke the silence and asked, "So what do you want to do while it's still light out?"
"You could tell me your story?" Maybelle replied.
"Yeah, okay. Let's go inside so Rhino and Mittens can explain it with me." Bolt suggested.
"Okay." Maybelle said and the two went inside the house.
When they got inside, they found Rhino watching TV, like usuall.
"Hey Rhino. What's up?" Bolt greeted.
"Eh. Just watching Law & Order." Rhino shrugged.
"I see. Is Mittens still in here?" Bolt asked.
"I think so." Rhino replied.
"Okay. Well, Maybelle wants to know about our little "trip" that we had a while ago." Bolt said.
Rhino shut off the TV, then looked at the two dogs looking at him.
"Really?" Rhino asked excitedly.
Maybelle nodded her head.
"Awesome!" Rhino squealed, hopping up and down in his ball.
"...But I want you and Mittens there so you two can add anything I may have forgotten." Bolt added.
"Well what are we standing here for? Let's go find that cat!" Rhino said eagerly, as he got off the couch.
With that, the three looked for Mittens. The search didn't last long when Rhino found both Mittens and Troy in the bathroom. She was still showing Troy around the house.
"Over here! I found her!" Rhino called, startling the cats that were not looking.
"AHH! What the... Rhino! You scared the fuckin' shit out of us!" Mittens exclaimed when she turned around to see Rhino in the door way.
Rhino chuckled.
Troy looked puzzled at Rhino.
"What's going on?" Troy asked.
"...You'll find out." Rhino answered.

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