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Chapter 15


Penny's mother walked through the door...

"Am I too late?" Penny's mother asked to no particular person.

"No. Your fine." Penny replied.

"Okay. So... How is Maybelle?" Penny's mother asked Penny.

"The doctor almost lost her..." Penny said.

Her mother gasped.

"...But she pulled through. She's still in a coma." Penny finished.

"Oh. Good. Well... You know what I mean." her mother replied.

Penny went and grabbed her mother's hand. She tugged on it to bring her mother into the ER room.

"W-where are we going?" Penny's mother asked.

"We can see Maybelle now." Penny answered.

"Oh." her mother replied.

They both walked into the ER room and looked at Maybelle.

Penny's mother sighed. "I can't believe this happened." she thought.

Penny broke the silence.

"I know I was the one who put her in the car... But, I didn't take the time to notice that she looks so... so... broken." Penny explained.

Maybelle had a cast on her right rear leg, and 26 stitches on the side of her head. She was also hooked up to medical machines through wires.

Neither of the girls could bare to look at her this way right now.

Both of the girls walked out and went to find Dr. Brinkman to find out when they could bring Maybelle home.

They walked into the main office and looked for someone to give them assistance. Penny's mother found a young woman with a name tag that read "Dr. Wesley"

She went up to the woman and asked, "Excuse me, can I see Dr. Brinkman, please?"

"Of course. Please, follow me." Dr. Wesley replied.

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