Shadow Storm Ranger Form

Character Info

Name: Katana Takahashi

Age: 17 years old

Looks: She looks like Jaime Chung except she has ice blue eyes, and her hair is to the middle of her back. Has a tattoo of the wolf kanji on the back of her shoulder.

Guardian: Master Takahashi of the Shadow Ninja Academy

Personality: She has trust issues, and when you read her background you will know why. Because of these trust issues she doesn't really talk unless she trusts you or she finds it really important. She has a serious attitude most the time but around people she trusts she can be very funny and sarcastic. She has a caring side where she will risk her life for the ones she loves. She is more of an animal person, because she thinks you can always trust an animal to act on instinct.

Pets: Wolf/Dog named Kiba that she had since he was a pup, and a falcon named Horus, who she nursed back to health when it had a broken wing and when better wouldn't leave.

Likes: Training, Fighting, Motocross, Horseback riding, Climbing, Music, Animals, Black and Blue, Night, Nature, Quiet, and Fixing Things.

Background: Been on the streets taking care of herself since she was five years old, before that she doesn't remember. She had to learn how to fight and steal to live. She was eight when she was found, by Master Takahashi, asleep in the woods near the entrance to the Shadow Ninja Academy. So he took her in and adopted her, and taught her everything she knows until she was the top student at the academy. So far she will only talk to three people freely and they are Master Takahashi, Sensei Watanabe, and Cameron Watanabe.

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