The worst part about Camp Half-Blood is leaving at the end of summer. I seriously could not be bothered taking the community bus with everyone else.

"How are you getting home?" Nico asked, as we walked to the top of the hill.

"I'll fly home thanks." I smiled. "What about you?"

"I'm staying for the year." Nico said.

I smiled and spread my wings. Nico smiled. He never got used to seeing my wings.

"I'll see you next year." I laughed at his face.

With that I took off, carrying my bag by my side. Camp had always been amazing. I was going to miss it. I loved my brother and my cousins, Nico and Thalia, but I only get to see them once a year. I loved seeing my mum. She wasn't anything special, but I loved her, and she did everything she could to keep me safe and well educated.

I love feeling the wind in my face as I flew home to Metropolis. I couldn't wait to see mum.

I landed on the roof so that no one could see me. I pulled my wings back into my back and pulled a dark blue hoody on as I walked down the stairs to our apartment. When I got to our floor, I noticed our door was open. I ran into the apartment. Standing at the edge of the room, was a man. His back was at me as he looked out the window. He had black hair and a long red cape. I put my bag down at the door quietly, then tapping my ring, my sword appeared in my hand. I formed a ball of water in my hand. Slowly, I sneaked up behind him. Suddenly, I leaped and pushed him to the ground.

"Who are you?" I asked, with my sword at his throat.

"I'm Superman." he said, staring at the sword.

"Sorry." I chuckled, standing up. "I'm Maximus, but call me Max. What are you doing here?"

"It's about your mother." he said, standing up.

"What happened." I said, a wave of shock passing through me. "Is she alright?"

Superman looked very sad.

"While you were away on summer camp, the Joker came to Metropolis." He explained. "He held up a bank while your mother was there. She was shot dead with a kryptonite bullet."

I sat down. My mother couldn't be dead.

"Why was it a kryptonite bullet?" I asked, still upset.

"Do you know your mother's heratige?" he asked.

"Not really." I admitted.

"Your mother was a kryptonian." he muttered.

I looked up at him. With a wave of added shock.

"I'm kryptonian!" I exclamed.

"Yes." he smiled. "Your mother was my little sister. That's why she was killed by the kryptonite."

I couldn't believe it. My mother was dead, I had never met my father. And now I find out that I'm not even human. I feel like a freak.

Superman looked around.

"You'll need to live somewhere else." he said. "I don't want you to have you living by yourself at fourteen."

"How do you know how old I am?" I asked.

"Batman." he answered quickly. "Is there anywhere you can stay?"

"No." I said, not wanting to think about camp.

"Then you can come and live with me." he smiled. "Pack a bag."

I stood up and quickly grabbed my bag from the door. I ran into my room and packed the things I didn't take to camp. I went into mums room, a grabbed her jewlery box. That's the only memory I needed of her.

I walked back into the living room. Superman stood there still.

"Take us up, John." Superman said, his finger in his ear, odviously talking on a microphone.

There was a flash of light and suddenly we were on a space station. There were people in costumes walking everywhere. I could recognise everyone.

"Welcome to the Justice League." Superman said.

He started walking off. I picked up my bag and ran to catch up. As I ran after Superman, I admired the view of earth. It was absolutely beautiful. I wondered if any of the gods had seen this. I guessed my dad, Poseidon, hadn't. As I looked back to where Superman was, I noticed he had taken off and was flying up to Martian Man-Hunter. Superman looked down.

"I'll come and get you." he said, flying back down to me. "My little brother is half kryptonian and he can't fly. I wouldn't think you could either."

"I can't fly like you." I laughed. "But my dad gave me a gift, so I can fly."

Superman looked confused as he landed next to me and took my bag. As he did, I focused on my wings and willed them to extend.

"Lets go." I said, as he stared at my wings.

He nodded and flew off, upwards towards the Martian Man-Hunter, I followed him, landing neatly next to him as he talked to Martian Man-Hunter.

"John." Superman said. "This is my niece. Max, this is John Jones."

"The Martian Man-Hunter." I smiled, shaking his hand. "It's amazing to meet you."

John raised an eyebrow at Superman. They stared at each other for a bit. I assumed they were having a telopathic conversation. I crossed my arms and looked like a normal teenager. Forcing my wings to disapear. I looked around as they continued their conversation. I loved watching everyone as they were busy working. I felt a presence in my mind, but I ignored it. I started thinking about my mother, my life, and camp. Suddenly I realised what was going on.

"Would you get out of me head." I said stubbornly at John, realising that he was probing my mind.

"You're strong." he said calmly.

"And you'll be very sore if you try to get into my head without my permission." I said.

His eyes twinkled, realising how annoyed I was.

"Do you know how hard it is to detect me in people's mind?" John asked.

"I assume it would be easy." I said. "But considering you said I was strong, it must be hard."

"You are smart." he said calmly.

"Na duh Sherlock." I mumbled.

Superman and John started talking again, so I looked around. I heard the p.a. system call Wonder Women to the command centre. She was probobly the only person I knew around here, and even then, I was only introduced to her. Suddenly, Princess Diana came flying into this area.

This must be the command centre. I thought.

Wonder Women landed a few metres away, and walked towards us.

"Princess Diana." I said, bowing.

"You don't need to bow at me." she said confused.

"You are the princess of Themescara." I insisted. "That is one of the most sacred place for us Greeks."

"Greeks!" she exclaimed, "How do you know about the gods?"

"I'm from Camp Half-Blood." I explained. "I have meet you once before, when you came to camp and meet the heads of each cabin."

"Oh." she realised. "I remember you know. Aren't you a daughter of one of the big three?"

"Yes." I confirmed. "My dad is Poseidon."

"Yes." she smiled. "I remember you know. You were either with the horses, in the arena or in the lake."

"That's right." I smiled.

"Diana." Superman said. "Come over here."

"Coming Clark." she said, turning towards the boys.

"Clark?" I asked, before she could leave.

"His alter ego." she explained walking away.

After they talked quickly, Clark signaled for me to come over.

"Would you like to join the Justice League?" Clark asked

"It would be amazing!" I said excitedly. "You guys are my heroes."

The three superheroes smiled.

"Can I still go to camp?" I asked.

"Sure." Clark smiled. "Can we get someone up here to talk Max to her room?"

"Of course." John said.