I was sitting in my final class for the week, history. I had been enrolled at a school in Metropolis a month ago. It wasn't anywhere near my old school, which all my friends went to. I hadn't made any friends, and I intended not to. Finally, the bell went for the end day. I picked up my books and walked to my locker. I packed my bag and left. I had to walk to the Metropolis Justice League base, which was a ten minute walk from school. About five minutes into my walk, I noticed a man following me.

"What do you want?" I asked him, turning around.

"I am interested in you." he said.

"How can I help you?" I asked, slightly nervous.

"I need you to come with Me." he said, pointing at the van that had just pulled up beside us.

"And why should I go with you?" I asked, trying to keep my nerves under control.

"Because I say so." he said, grabbing my hands and pulling me into the van. "Daughter of Poseidon."

I was pushed into the van, shocked that a someone knew about my dad. The doors were closed and everything went black. I didn't have x-ray vision, so I couldn't track where I was going. I sat in the truck and kept calm, trying to remember where I had seen the man's face. I realised that it Lex Luthor, from my dream. That's when I realised I was in for it. After a long time, the van stopped. Men came into the van and tided my hands together, and took me into a warehouse, where I was strapped to a chair. As soon as I was sat down, three men walked into the room, and the two men who had taken me out of the van left.

"I take it you escaped Tartarus." I said, looking at Chaos.

"You're clever." Joker laughed. "Don't you realise that you're being used as bait."

I kept my mouth shut.

"You're a mere daughter of Poseidon." Luthor sniggered. "There is only the need to draw the children here, so that the Justice League will save the children."

"I thought you were the expert on Kryptonians." I said to Luthor.

"I Am." he said, slightly confused at the question. "I can recognise them on sight."

"Obviously not." I said, refusing to break a smile.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You'll find out eventually." I sniggered.

He came over and stood right in front of me. Then he slapped me in the face. It didn't hurt me, but Luthor was in a lot of pain. He looked down at me. He ripped my top, exposing my birth mark, which was in the shape of an S.

"You're Kryptonian." He realised.

"Oh." I replied sarcastically. "I hadn't noticed."

I ripped the ropes, binding my wrists, and punched him in the face, mentally making a note to thank the lead wall. I ran towards the Joker, but before I could hit him, he pulled out I green gem. I thought it was nothing important. But then I felt weak. Really weak. I fell to the floor, absolutely exhausted.

"You like my gem?" the Joker asked gleefully. "It's kryptonite. I was saving it for Superman, but you're just as good."

I was so tired; I just wanted to go to sleep. Chaos bent down and put hand cuffs on me which were made of lead. I felt helpless, I felt weak. Something hit me on the head, and everything went black.

Upon waking up, I felt the rays of kryptonite surrounding me. The kryptonite felt far away, but still in the room. I felt weak, but I tried to move, but my hands and feet were tied with lead cuffs. I could not move. I pulled against the lead restraints, trying to break them, but I felt so weak that I couldn't break them. I relaxed, thinking of my training, trying to work out what to do in this situation. I couldn't think of everything. I relaxed, knowing that I wouldn't be able to break out, making a mental note ask Chiron to do this as training.

I was lying there for what seemed like forever, when I felt something. A presence in my mind. This presence was there for only a second, but it said one thing, Max.

John must be doing a mind sweep I immediately realised.

John. I screamed in my mind.

I hoped he would hear me.

Max. I heard John's voice said. Where are you?

I don't know. I thought back.

What happened to you? He asked. Clark's being pulling his hair out.

I was captured on the way back from school. I explained. Luthor captured me and stuffed me in a van, not realising I was kryptonian. I punched him in the face, and Joker pulled out kryptonite. I never realised how much pain Clark went through.

How long were you in the van? He asked.

I have no idea. I told him.

I can work out your location now that I'm talking to you. He said.

Just find me soon. I pleaded. I'm scared.

We'll be there soon. He said in a comforting voice.

I smiled at this. I hoped they would get here soon. I was so tired I went back to sleep.

When I woke up, I heard someone banging on the door. I realised it was someone punching the door. I saw Chaos, Joker and Luthor in battle armour, as well as four hell-hounds. The door was pushed out and the sunlight was blinding. I could still feel the kryptonite, so when I saw Superman, I was very worried. With Superman, I saw John, Green Lantern, Shining Knight, Vigilante, Green Arrow and Black Canary.

John. I thought quickly. There's kryptonite around the room. Don't let Clark come in.

I didn't know if he had heard me, but he said something to Superman, and he didn't come in. There was mayhem everywhere. I wasn't paying attention to who was fighting who. At some point, Shining Knight was thrown against the table I was strapped to. I told him to take my ring, turn it into a sword, and use that. He did as I told him. Very soon, I heard the whimper of a hell-hound turning into dust. I didn't smile, because I was starting to lose consciousness again. I heard Luthor and The Joker fall, and all the hell-hounds become dust, as well as Chaos. Somehow, I felt the restraints release me, and someone pick me up. I barely noticed the green skin or the kiss Superman planted on my head, before I was transported to Justice League headquarters. As soon as I was in the space station. I could feel the tension. I could see the panic on Martian Man-Hunter's face, as I felt the transfer to the stretcher. I felt horrible. The last thing I remember was the roof of the hall ways as I was rushed to the sick bay.

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