"DJ!" Annabeth yelled, running into my cabin.

Annabeth is my oldest friend. Most people are sketchy around me, considering my parentage. My family died in a trapeze accident, and my dad is Hades. See, I use to be a trapeze artist, until I was seven. My family were known as the Flying Graysons. We were stars of the circus, but one day, my brother and parents were killed. I was taken to Camp Half-Blood, and I discovered my dad was Hades. That was five years ago. My name is Dove Grayson, but everyone calls me DJ.

"DJ!" Annabeth yelled excitedly.

"What's up Annabeth?" I asked.

"Look at this." she smiled, handing me a newspaper.

I looked at the front cover. Wayne Charity Ball raises money for design students. Mr Bruce Wayne held a Charity Ball for New York Design School students to have updated equipment. Mr Wayne raised an amazing $40,000. This was with help from many wealthy designers all over the world. But sadly, for his adopted son, fourteen year old Richard Grayson a.k.a. Dick, it had been five years since he lost his seven year old sister and beloved parents.

"That's amazing Annabeth." I said happily. "You are going to love the new equipment." I looked down at the newspaper again, and was shocked at something.

"Annabeth?" I asked. "What do you know about this Richard Grayson?'

"He's the person who gave Mr Wayne the idea." Annabeth said, gleefully. "Why?"

"I was seven when my parents and brother died." I explained. "He was nine when he died."

"That has to be some sort of coincidence." she said.

"But the evidence lines up almost perfectly." I said, rushing out the door of the Hades cabin. "We need to see Chiron."

Without waiting for her reply, I ran up the hill at full pelt, ignoring Piper's wave as I went. When I reached the Big House, Chiron was sitting on his wheelchair alone.

"What happened to my brother?" I asked as I reached him.

"What do you mean?" he asked calmly.

"When I was seven, my family died." I said. "Yet I find that there is still a chance my brother is alive."

"What are you on about?" he asked again, a little worried this time.

As he asked, Annabeth reached the Big House and put the newspaper down in front of him.

"This is what I mean." I said. "It says; '...adopted son, fourteen year old Richard Grayson a.k.a. Dick, it had been five years since he lost his seven year old sister and beloved parent.' I was seven when I was brought here, five years ago. My brother, who I thought was dead., was nine. The evidence lines up."

Chiron looked at me, and breathed a deep sigh.

"You're right." he said looking me in the eye. "Your brother didn't die, but he was adopted. We thought it best to use the mist to make it seem like you were dead, and bring you here."

I sat down. I didn't believe that my brother was still alive, and after the two wars I had managed to live through, no one had told me.


"You count Dick." I giggled, running away to find a hiding spot.

"Ok Dove." he called back.

I ran into the big top and hid between some crates. I couldn't hear Dick counting, but I knew he was probobly looking for me now. I heard someone come into the big top. Thinking it was Dick, I snuffled a giggle and poked my head out from where I was hiding.

"Tony, what are we doing here?" a deep male voice asked.

I scruched up my nose. Tony? There's no one called Tony at Haley's circus.

"To remind old Haley why you never say no to Tony Zucco." A sinister voice answered annoyed.

I heard a faint thud. Taking a risk, I peered out from between the boxes. My eyes widened as, only two boxes away, a knife was embedded into the box. I realised that the man with the sinister voice, had thrown the knife. I pulled my head back into my hiding space, pulling myself into an even tighter ball.

Dick. I thought weakly. Find me soon.

"How are we going to teach them a lesson?" the first voice asked.

"His prized act is going to have a little accident." Tony Zucco snarled.

As he said this, my stomach erupted in pain. I looked down, and a knife was embeded there. A black hand pulled me away. I heared my mother scream when she saw me.

End Flashback.

Gotham was creepy late at night. I had decided to go here so I could find Batman. I had worked out that Dick was Robin, the Boy Wonder. He used the same acrobatic moves he did when we trained when we were younger. I was running around in my new superhero costume (I'm not going to describe it, but it's my profile picture). I had taken the name Nightshade, after my friend Zoe, who had died trying to save the world from her Titan dad. I thought it was fitting, with my powers.

I was sitting on a roof top, looking around Gotham, when I noticed Poison Ivy. I watched her go into a warehouse, that immediately sparked with plants. Smiling, I leaped off the roof, and ran towards the warehouse. As I walked in, I saw Ivy, sitting in a throne of bushes.

"Hi." I said, walking towards her. "Aren't you meant to be in Arkum?"

"What's it to you girlie?" she smiled.

"I'm the new superhero in town." I said drawing my sword. "And you should be locked up."

With that, I charged at her. She just flicked her wrist, and plants attacked. I cut them down, but more kept appearing. I had an idea.

"Don't your plants need light to grow?" I asked.

"Yes." she answered. "Either sunlight or moonlight."

I concentrated and covered all the windows in darkness. I continued cutting the plants, but this time, they didn't grow back. As soon as there was no plants left, I rushed at Ivy, knocking her out. She lay on the floor uncounsious. I smiled at my handy work. I uncovered the windows, letting the moonlight shine in, and tied her hands together with vines made of shadows. After I had done this, Batman and Robin arrived.

The Batman walked over to Ivy, and looked at my handy work.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Name's Nightshade." I said.

"What are you doing in my town?" he asked sternly.

"I'm looking for someone, and I was hoping Ivy could lead me to him." I said. I hadn't lied, but I hadn't told Batman everything.

"The police are on their way." He said to the boy wonder. "We're leaving, and talking someone with us."

He gave me the Batman stare, which was kind of creepy, but not as creepy as Nico's stare, before grabbing my hand and dragging me to the Batmobile. He plonked me in the back seat as Robin joined us in the front. As we left the warehouse, I stared at Robin. He sat exactly like he used to when we were younger.