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The Daughter's Diary

Chapter 13: Liber Esse

Maris held two sabre swords in her hands. Her eyes scanned around the room; Dick and Zatanna were still out- battered and bruised. Her hands clinched on the fighting ornaments embedded on her soft, but rough young hands.

Deathstroke swiftly propelled four metal objects towards her and started launching his body towards her. Maris's big blue eyes were wide open as she crossed the sabre swords in front of her to block the projectiles. She moved like a ninja, but she soon got blind sided as the fourth projectile slipped through her swords and gashed her left shoulder. She anguished in pain.

The assassin kicked her weapons away. He aimed to grab her wound, but she cupped it in time. Maris's senses started tingling, so she maneuvered herself stealthily to get through Deathstroke.

The young homo magi chanted, "Etativel!"

She had kicked the back wall and hopefully did her best to levitate over her deathly assassin. She was weakening and so was her abilities. The young hero's feet touched the ground and she stumbled towards Nightwing.

Maris tried to wake him up, but then her head perked up. She saw something. And for the first time, she actually felt confident about it.

She turned her head around- smirking.

"Your pretty happy knowing you're about to die soon, girly."

Maris wiped the sweat out of her forehead with her right hand, "No, I'm not."

He took out his gun one last time, "Don't be cocky."

Even though her face was all dusty from the smoke and her arm was badly cut, she voiced the signature Grayson laugh, "I should say the same thing to you."

He scowled his eyes more at her. Deathstroke was tired of the irritating girl even though his job was one simple task.

Without hesitation he fired his shot, pointing at her bare forehead.

This time she didn't move or do anything.


The young kids were all in Mount Justice. Everyone was relaxing from working out all day, but Johny Kent was at the base messing around with the computers. Kailin, his older sister, came behind him, "What are you doing?!"

Her loud voice echoed around the whole place. Johny quickly covered her mouth, "Geez, your louder than dad, " he puffed, "what do you think I'm doing?"

Wesley, Amistad, Jeptur, Aaron, and Abigail started coming into the room. Everyone was pretty much curios what he was doing.

So he shrugged his shoulder and said, "Ever since I've been hanging out with uncle J'ohn in the Watchtower, I've been watching him with some of the technology there. Everything is pretty much the same."

Abi was crossing her arms, "So?"

Johny continued, "So, that means I can change the wiring and do a little tweaking so we can hack into the Watchtower's system."

"Your sounding a lot like uncle Dick," Jeptur concluded, "and it's kind of scary."

Wesley shook his head, "Why would you even want to do that anyways?"

"And since when are you that smart to hack into the watch tower," Aaron laughed.

He rolled his eyes, "First off, ever since the Robins left Mount Justice, they just sort of down graded the place. And second off, I'm inputting the watchtower alerts, so we can finally do missions. And third off, shut up Aaron!"

Everyone turned quiet for a second until they all yelled in unison, "What?!"

He just gave them the biggest smile, "Done!"

Before Johny could gloat, the whole base glowed red as the sirens went off. A picture of Nightwing's symbol popped up. Everyone's eyes grew wide open. A location popped up. Their eyes grew wider.

They knew they were going to be in a load of trouble.


Maris closed her eyes. The bullet barreled through the air. And then it stopped.

"Sweet! I got the first souvenir," Abi exclaimed as she sped towards Maris and took the spitzer bullet.

Maris opened her eyes, "Abi! Wait, Abi? Where's the Justice League?!"

Amistad flew in through the already broken windows with Jeptur in his arms. Before Deathstroke could aim his gun at the two boys, Jeptur took his water whips out and flung it to the corner of Lex's office.

Slade was dumb founded. He charged towards Jeptur to kick his ribs, but Kailin and Wesley came just in time. Her eyes glowed green and hovered Deathstroke a few inches up in the air. She ended up pounding him in the walls.

Wesley and Amistad came together to give the assasin an uppercut follwed by many jabs. They were rough and affective.

The young ebony haired girl was still at lost, but she still found safe and comfort from her friends. Abi looked down at Maris, "The JL is sort of taking a...vacation."

Abigail helped Maris up, "I didn't know superheroes do that."

"Uh, they do."

Kailin, Jeptur, and Abi started helping Zatanna and Nightwing up. Kailin started informing them that Aaron and Johny were helping the citizens get down from the Lex Corp tower.

Slade was weak and weary. Never in his mind would he ever thought that these young kids would beat him up easily. He underestimated all their strengths and powers.

Deathstroke grunted and grabbed Wesley's arm, twisting him upside down to the ground. The assassin also pushed Amistad to the nearest wall, almost putting a hole through it. Deathstroke's attire was falling into pieces and so was his anger.

His face grew red, "I'm going to end all of yo-"

Before Slade could finish his sentence, Maris finally ended it by giving him a roundhouse kick right on the jaw with all the energy left in her.

Right when Deathstroke plummeted to the floor, Johny and Aaron came in through the door; Aaron sped next to the unconscious villain, "I knew it, we were late!"



The Justice League stared at the 8 children in front of them as Batman gave the long and grueling speech, "You disobeyed orders, tapped into the watchtower's main computer system, disregarded your identities to hundreds of people, blatantly misinform the Justice League, blindly battled a strategic enemy with no definitive mission, and" his eyes glared profusely, "you saved my family."

Everyone's heads turned to the caped crusader. Some wanted to gasp, but knew that it was best to lay low. Its been noticeable lately how Batman's view completely changed ever since he found out that Damian was his son. He tried to embrace the word family more and learned that being alone and isolated is actually a choice and not a forever. Everything changed after that, but that doesn't mean that his jaw-dropping bats skills is out of the radar.

The Flash was smiling beside him, "What Batman is trying to say is thank you."

Amistad spoke up, "But we still violated many rules."

His friends started to silently hit Amistad with their elbows to signal him to shut up. The young hero gave them grim looks.

"Yes, you're right," Black Canary chimed in, "that's why next time you have to be more precautious."

Their youthful heads perked up. Maris asked, "Next time?"

"For covert missions only," Nightwing added

Artemis sighed, "We knew this day would come eventually, but we didn't think it would come so early," Artemis opened up the virtual pop up screen, "that's why we're opening up the young justice project, again."

Their eyes grew into orbs.

Superman came in front of them. The boy scout instructed them about covert missions and the reasons behind it. Everyone else informed them about their responsibilities and after that Maris just sort of blanked out into her thoughts.

The feeling of being free and actually having a chance to be happy is new and scary to her. To know that there's a possibility that she can finally have a mom and a dad that loves and protects her. To realize that she can finally have a family that she can laugh with. To be with friends that truly understand her. And to understand that the meaning of being free is to accept that today is reality and not a day dream.

And that feeling is amazing.


After the whole Justice League conference was over, Maris had to go back to the med bay. Dick checked up on her for a little moment, "You okay, Mar?"

The young one only nodded. He thought that was a sign that she wasn't ready to talk to him yet.

"Da-," she stopped herself, "Dick?"

He turned around, "Yeah?"

She was silent for a second, "Did you catch Lex?"

He sighed, "He wasn't anywhere around the perimeters of the whole building. Superman thinks that he trained you to get information about the league and the families to the Light. We've gotten to much intel that Lex has been feeding the organization for their "plan". No one knows what it is yet, but the things," he stopped and swallowed his throat, "they did to you down there is harder to hear than everything else going on. Because I failed you."

Richard's anger skyrocketed like the night he punched the mirror with his bare hands when he heard Zatanna's melancholy voicemail. Complete rage and anger boiled into one man, one extremely scared man.

"You never failed me or anyone."

And then he stopped, because he sees his little angel staring at him with big blue eyes. The same big blue eyes he held when she was just a small and defenseless baby. She's been hurt too many times and he never wants to be a part of that list. Not even for a second. And that was his promise.

His breathing slowed down and he slowly kneeled and opened his arms for an embrace. It didn't even take her a second to make up her mind.

She wanted to hug her dad.

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