A/N New story. Don't hate. A plot bunny just attacked me.

One athletic. One smart.

Both popular.

One older. One younger.

Both twins.

One taking after the father. One taking after the mother.

Both sons of Sawada Iemitsu and Sawada Nana.

Both innocents.

Both civilians.

But both chosen as possible heirs for Vongola Decimo.


The boys both have their own rooms.

They both wake up at the same time.

They both go to eat breakfast.

Their mother, Nana, sends them both off with a smile.

She doesn't love one more or less than the other. They are both her darlings.

They both have their own clubs, fan clubs, and friends.

They both have an ordinary life.


They both get home the same time.

They joke around a bit as brothers do.

They both eat their dinner.

They both do their homework and/or after school activities.

They both feel a shiver run up their spine for the oncoming day.


Their routine continues.

They are both eating breakfast when Nana comes in holding a flyer.

They are both apparently getting a tutor.

Not just any tutor but the demonic, spartan tutor, The Worlds Greatest Hitman in the World, Reborn.

They are both surprised.


They are both on the end of Reborn's sadistic side.

They both now know of the mafia.

They both have to prepare for the future.

They both don't know of all the troubles up ahead.

But, they push each other.

They love each other. They are as close as can be.

They push each other to strive to become better.

When one falls the other helps him up.

What happens when one is the heir and the other is too dependent?

What happens when one starts to gain friends?

What happens when that puts a wedge in between their close relationship?

What happens when one descends into madness?

The brothers are Sawada Tsunayoshi and Sawada Ienari.

Sorry this idea just attacked me and I had to write it down immediately.

This will be a one-shot but depending on how I, the plot bunnies, and the universe feels I will probably add on chapters making it a sort of vignette like story thing... Just go with it.

Ja ne.