So, as it turns out, I like my idea and it is now growing inside my mind. I won't update this story regularly, as much as I or someone else likes it. It will be updated based on my mood and how much creativity I have. This story will mostly be from Ienari's point of view but I will most likely also do a third persons POV.

P.S. If anyone knows the anime/manga Ouran High School Host Club be prepared for the relationship between the twins because I want it to be kind of similar between them. If you don't know the anime/manga it doesn't really matter, but it was a really good backstory (in my opinion).

This chapter will be very short and I'll put the next one up immediately but I just wanted to put this one up seperately because I think it would be a good idea to sort of explain their relationship.

Hope you enjoy this chapter/story and I hope you continue reading it if you do!

Chapter 1: Their Relationship

When he scored the highest on a test I would clap the loudest.

When I got a goal he would cheer the loudest.

We were inseperable. It was fun being around him.

We were identical twins and the only difference between us was our field of achievements.

He was the brain and I was the brawn.

We were popular. We were 'loved' by our peers but we were never really liked.

As a result we stuck close together.

A little too close as the oncoming years would soon prove.

We got warped. At least I did.

We didn't have any friends besides each other and we were fine with that.

The girls learned to stop calling us out as soon as I 'embarrassed' them.

It wasn't anything big, I don't know why they got so upset.

All I did was ask them which twin I was. Then ask why they liked 'me'.

I would tell them to come to the real 'me' the next day and if they got it right they could go out with 'me'.

None got it right. And they stopped coming as soon as 'precious' Kyoko-chan got it wrong.

I never knew Nii-san liked her.

We loved Nana. But not like we loved each other. (A/N Not incest! Just go with the flow!)

If a bullet were to be going towards Nii-san I wouldn't jump in front of it. No, that's too cliche.

I would push him down, as I would always have his back naturally, and kill the person responsible for the bullet.

No one, I mean no one, would get away with hurting him.

At least not without me hurting them with a hundred-fold payback.

I might have been an unnaturally overprotective brother but in my opinion it was necessary.

They would watch him. People would come and just look at him as if sizing up his worth.

I never liked it. It seemed as if they would just take him from me.

As it was we weren't as close as we could be considering our different abilities.

I wouldn't - couldn't - let him be taken away from me.

I relied too much on him now. It was too late to change that fact and I didn't really regret the choices we made.

I still don't.

But, my first realization after acknowledging this fact was that I couldn't live without him.

I loved my brother, I still do, and I would always do what was best for him.

Even if that meant going up against the impossible and coming back unscathed just for him not to worry about anything.

OK! BEFORE THERE ARE FLAMES OR MISUNDERSTANDINGS I WANT TO SAY THIS ISN'T INCEST! For this story to turn out how I want I am making Ienari slightly 'warped'. Thus making him have an unhealthy obsession (BROTHERLY) with his brother. It might not be how some of you imagined my story from the prologue I wrote but its true when I tell you that I thought about this from the beginning.

I'll try to limit the slight incest implications but you have to realize that since I'm doing it from Ienari's personality (and since he'll be slightly crazy) I have to write as if I'm crazy/obsessed with my brother. When I do it from a different perspective (that I highly doubt now that I wrote this chapter) I'll make sure to show that he's just OVERPROTECTIVE of Tsuna and not 'in love' with him.

Thanks for understanding, and if not please ask me in a review or PM, I do hope you continue reading even if this isn't what you were expecting.

~ TheBlackPuddle