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Like the title says, good thing I don't have claustrophobia.

After falling down the man hole and landing with a bump, I realized what a small space I was in. A small space….with spiders everywhere! But I'm not afraid of spiders. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw I was trapped between a gigantic spider and a pig. I had to run towards one of them.

Naturally, I ran to the spider.

You see, I'm not afraid of anything. Not small spaces. Not spiders. Not anything. Except for pigs. They creep me out! They have pink skin, their tails are swirly, they are always fat, and, worst of all, THEY SAY OINK! Who says oink? I don't. Pigs do. So they're scary.

Anyway, I jumped straight over the spider. and sprinted straight into a wall. I ran in the opposite direction, and hit another wall. Tried again. Hit again. Fail. I tried one last direction, and found myself in a tunnel. After wandering around in the dark and slimy caverns for hours, I hopped right out of the manhole I'd fallen through!

As I headed back to my hotel, something came out of the hole behind me. It was….the pig! The pig was following me! I screamed and ran. I dashed into Poptropica Towers Hotel and took the elevator up to the fiftieth floor. Hang on a second, I thought it was only ten stories tall! I didn't dwell on that thought long, because when the elevator doors opened, there was the pig!


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