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Gysa left to go to town. It was the only place he could get food for low prices. Every one looked extremly gloomy, today a large explosion killed an entire family of 10.

He walked to a meat shop, hoping that he had enough to buy anything that would feed his large family. The smell of raw meat filled his nose as he walked in. He was a common costumer, and was greeted by one of the most mysterious girls in his class: Eeria Daser.

"Gysa! There you are! So, what do you want?" She had long silver hair,and one thing to note about her is that she very moody. "I see your in a good mood. Whats the best I could get with this?" He held out a few coins, mabey 10. Eeria studdied the coins, and said, "How about this turkey? I know you have a big family." She handed him the plump turkey and snached the coins from his hands. He decided to talk with her. After all, she is very dangerous when crossed. "So, whats the news today?" Gysa was never very interested in the news, he just wanted to talk. "Gysa, don't you know what tomorrow is? It's the Hunger Games!" Gysa remembered, and sighed. He hopped that he was not going to be picked, but remembered that he had a lot more tesseraes than he should. He waved good bye and wandered off. Why was life so hard?