Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I didn't really care for this completely insane level at first, but playing around in it, as well as looking further into it and especially listening to the music, just put me in the mood to have a fanfiction for it. Besides, I got one for Click Clock Wood. Who says I can't do Cloud Cuckooland, especially since it shares a similar trait with the Click Clock Wood in that both are the final levels in their own games each and they coincidentally they have the same two initials, that being Click Clock and Cloud Cuckooland. But with all this land above the cloud talk, it's making me feel cuckoo for coo coo puffs! ...Wrong cuckoo.

Cloud Cuckooland. A chaotic place high in the bright sky above everything else, with the only thing above it being space. Here, anything literally goes. Whether it be a castle made of jelly, a giant garbage can, a giant smelly wedge of cheese, or somehow a mountain rising out of the greyish clouds, just about anything you could think of was located up here. Known as the cacophony of silliness, you could literally do anything you could want up here, and you wouldn't be troubled for it.

It also provided a very nice view of the Isle O' Hags below.

"...Which is why I want to leave as soon as possible." Kazooie finished as she moved her red wings about.

Mr. Fit rubbed the back of his head as he shrugged. "Sorry, red feathers. The bubble that leads back down got popped. You're going to be stuck here for a while."

Kazooie groaned in annoyance as she folded her wings together, shaking her head as she groaned. "Ugh! I knew I should have gone with Banjo to Seaside Hill and race with those SEGA folk..." She grumbled, with Mr. Fit shrugging as he proceeded to do some exercising.

Meanwhile, in an alternate Cloud Cuckooland, one made completely out of LEGO...

"Yay! Everything is so bright, shiny, colorful, and FUN!" Unikitty gleefully exclaimed as she was dancing around with the other Master Builders, as well as the rest of completely different LEGO folk, who were having the time of their lives.

"Hmm..." Vitruvius stated as he stroked his LEGO white beard.

"What is it, Vit?" Wyldstyle asked as she appeared next to the old, Morgan Freeman voiced mentor.

"I sense that there is another Cloud Cuckooland that is alternate to this very one we're in..." Vitruvius stated to Wyldstyle as he moved his left LEGO hand around, holding his white staff in his right hand.

Wyldstyle could only widen her eyes in surprise as the two stood on the highest point in Cloud Cuckooland, looking up at the bright sky.

"...so that's why I decided to merge them," Arceus stated with a chuckle, with the Cloud Cuckooland from Banjo-Tooie now being in lego form, and the LEGO Movie's Cloud Cuckooland being less blocky.

"I'd say it's less of a merge and more that you swapped their properties..." Dry Bowser stated as he observed the LEGO versions of the Banjo Tooie enemies running around both versions of Cloud Cuckooland.

"You do realize that this is just an old saying, right?" Gruntilda Winkybunion asked, the warty green witch herself in LEGO form due to Arceus not exactly being careful with his godlike Pokemon might.