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Chapter 3: The Memories Continues: The Happy Ending

Still Flashback

Dino is having a great time with Hermione, since the two of them had become couple few days ago, he was never as happy as this. He really love her, and love being with her. Hermione's parents had just returned from the US and upon hearing the news, they were very happy and congratulated the new couple, though Dino had got himself some 'man-to-man' and 'you-hurt-my daughter-I-hurt-you-back' talks from Mr Granger. Dino was terrified, but nevertheless he respected it, knowing that the father of his girlfriend was right, and he had no intention of hurting her.

Not only that but Dino also had told Reborn, his men and the Vongola about this, and everyone had sent their best wishes and congratulations to the new couple. Romario and Bono had reminded their young boss not to make fool of himself in front of his new girlfriend, though the two of them and the rest of the Dino's men had sent their young boss their blessings, and said that they can't wait for Miss Hermione to become Missus Cavallone.

In spite of being blissful since having a boyfriend, Hermione had been thinking, how is she going to break the news to her best friends? She know that they will demand answers from her, why this and that, and of course Harry and Ron will goes into protective brothers mode, and Hermione is surely that they will grill Dino with questions and promises, and as for Ginny, that girl will surely will ask her whether she had done this or that, and not only that but the moment she found out, Hermione could bet the whole Wizarding will know about it as well, she knew them too well. And most importantly, how is she going to break the news to Dino himself that she is a witch.

And as for that Hermione knew that she needs someone to talk to, and she just knew the right person, her own mother. Mrs Granger may not a witch like herself, but she is a woman, and a mother no less, so she knew what is right or wrong.


"Mum, can I talk to you about something," said Hermione to her mother in the kitchen after the family's dinner. She was helping her mother while Dino is in the living room with Mr Granger.

"Sure, what is it, darling?" Mrs Granger asked. Hermione was quite hesitated at first.

"I haven't tell Dino, about me being a witch, and I really don't know how and to be honest, I am quite afraid, so what should I do, mum?" Hermione told her mother of what she had in her mind for the past couple of days.

"Darling, there's nothing to be afraid of, though I know that it is hard for you, but you had to trust yourself, you just had to be honest to him, just tell him about who you are, and I'm sure that if he really loves you, then he will accept you as who you are. Besides, I'm sure Dino will understand that this is not of your choice to become like this, this is your gift, you are born with this gift," said Mrs Granger softly as Hermione hugged her mother, and that's why she loves her mother very much.

"Thank you mum," said Hermione as Mrs Granger embraced her back.

"You are welcome, darling," responded Mrs Granger.

The very next day

Hermione is planning to tell Dino about herself, she is determining about this. So after her parents went to work this morning, Hermione want to take the time to tell him about her being a witch, although how determined she is, she is afraid of what Dino will say about it.

"Umm…Dino, I had something to tell you about," Hermione said, though she was quite uncertain about this. Both she and Dino are now in the living room, sitting next to each other in the love couch.

"Hmm…what is it that you would like to tell me about?" Dino asked his girlfriend lovingly,

"Umm…well, I really don't know how to say this," Hermione admitted nervously.

"Say about what, Hermione," Dino questioned her with wonder.

"Well, the thing is, I am…I am, not really a normal…person," Hermione started, she looked at Dino worriedly as Dino stared at her weirdly.

"What do you mean not a normal person," Dino asked her. Hermione could feel her heart beaten faster than normal; she had no idea how to explain this to him.

"I am a…witch," Hermione admitted with anxiety.

"You are…wit…wit…witch? Are you are saying that you are a witch," Dino stuttered as he looked at Hermione with widen eyes.

"Umm…yes, I'm a witch," Hermione slowly admitted. Deep inside she was very worried, worried if Dino didn't want her anymore because she is a witch. She could felt tears are built in her eyes.

Dino looks at her with disbelieves, Hermione is a witch, a witch. This is impossible, just impossible. She didn't looks like one; she didn't have warts in her face or a big ugly nose or crooked teeth. She doesn't even wear a weird looking clothes or even a pointy hat, and she doesn't even have a broomstick that can fly. And apart from that she lives in a nice big house, not in some weird, scary looking den with many weird things in it. Her parents are dentists, dentists for God sake. So, how come she told him that she is a witch?

"Di…Dino are you…okay?" Hermione asked worriedly as she wiped the tears from her eye.

Dino was snapped from his thought as he stares at Hermione who was looking at him with sadden eyes. Did she just cry? Oh no, he didn't mean to make her cries.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm sorry I was slightly confused," Dino admitted.

"Confused? Confused of what Dino?" Hermione asked worriedly.

"Well, you told me that you're a witch, but then you didn't look like one," Dino told her truthfully.

Hermione looked at him weirdly, why he is saying like that. Then, her mind snapped, she let out a chuckle and shake her head.

"Dino, if you are thinking of a witch with warts in her face, or had a big, ugly nose or even crooked teeth and wear a weird looking robes and pointy hat, that one only existed in the fairy tales. I am a witch, but I am not a witch that worships a devil or sort like that, I am a different witch, I was born with this gift," Hermione explained to him. Dino wondered if Hermione was gifted with ability to read mind because what she had mentioned was exactly the same as what he had described of a witch inside his mind.

"But how is that happen?" Dino wondered as he is now slightly accepted of what Hermione had told him, but still confused.

"I am what the witch and wizard called as muggleborn. It means that I was born to non-magical parents; my parents are like you, non-magical. And how is this happened, I don't know how to say it but the only answer I can give you is that I was born with it. Since I was a child I aware that I could do things that normally people can't do, like once I saw a bird at the window pane outside my bedroom and the bird's feathers was all black and I wanted to see it in blue, I just stared at it when suddenly the bird's feathers turned blue, though at that time I had no idea how's it happened. Then when I was eleven years a woman came to our house and told my parents that I was a witch, and I was offered to study is a prestigious school for wizards and witches, and the school called Hogwarts, and that woman was my teacher, Professor McGonogall. And the school was location in the other world in which we called as the Wizarding world, and when I was there I found out about pureblood, half-blood, and like myself, muggleborn," Hermione explained more to him carefully.

Dino is now slightly confused as he looked at her curiously. He still cannot believe of Hermione being a witch despite that he had slowly accepted of what she had told him. Then she told him about this hidden world called the Wizarding world, and there's a school for witches and wizards called Hogwarts, and now there's a pureblood, half-blood, and muggleborn. He just found out about muggleborn and Hermione is one, but what about pureblood and half-blood, why blood has anything to do with it? Besides, the only types of bloods that he knew are A, AB, B, and O, so since when there's a pureblood and half-blood, he had no idea?

Hermione had misinterpreted, seeing that Dino didn't responded to her she thought that he is afraid of her and will likely to break up of their new formed relationship. Hermione is now very sad, she is about to lose her first ever boyfriend whom she had fallen in love with. Though she can't really blame him, she is the one, after all, who is different.

"It's okay, I understand if you can't accept it, it's not easy actually, so thank you for being with me this far," said Hermione sadly as tears fell from her eyes. She is about to stand up and leave to her bedroom when Dino grasped her hand tightly. She was shocked and slightly panicked.

"No, don't leave, and please don't cry, I'm sorry if I hurt your feeling," Dino apologized; Hermione looked at him as tears fell from her eyes and Dino wiped it away.

"Hermione, please don't misunderstand, I love you so much, I was just shocked and surprised with all this information and news, but that doesn't mean that I was afraid or hate you, please don't leave, I don't want to lose you," Dino spoke as Hermione let more tears to fell from her eyes. She was now very blissful to hear that.

"Really, you mean it?" Hermione asked softly, she wanted to confirm.

"Really really," Dino confirmed it as he kissed her in the lips tenderly.

"I love you too," Hermione told him, Dino smiled and embraced her in his arms lovingly. He is not going to lose the woman he loves just because she is different. She is, in fact, special to him.

The Burrow

Ginny is anxious as she walks back and forth in the living room, she haven't heard from Hermione for more than a week already. She cannot wait to find out if her best friend had some hot gossip to be shared with, and although Hermione is not a type who loves gossip, but still there might be something that she could share with them.

Harry and Ron looked at each other, even though they had been wondering about Hermione, but they are not as anxious as Ginny is. Luna, on the other hand, tend to leave the red-head girl alone as she is reading the latest news in the Witches Weekly, knowing that the moment she opens her mouth Ginny will started her usual "I'm worried about Hermione', "I wonder if she had some news for us", "Luna, don't you think this and that", and the latest, "I wonder if Hermione had secret lover that she didn't want to tell us about."

The twins had been having a busy week as both Fred and George had invented more new items for the shop and those things had been sold like hot cakes. They too, couldn't stand of Ginny's unstoppable claims of her been worried about her best friend, though they knew the real reason of it; she just wanted something to talk about.

"Ginny, for Merlin's sake, stop walking and sit down, you're giving me a headache, I swear if you don't stop walking the floor will have hole in it sooner," Ron exclaimed, he really was having a headache by watching his sister walking back and forth like madwoman.

"Really Ron, don't tell me that you didn't worry about your best friend at all," Ginny retorted, gave her brother a glare in which Ron tended to ignored it.

"Ginny, as much as we are also been wondering about Hermione, it's been only a week and there's nothing to worry about, maybe she's having a sudden holiday with her family, who knows, besides Harry and I haven't heard from Hermione for months after the war ended because she went to get her parents back, and she still came back safely," Ron rejoined back. Harry and Luna stared between the brother and sister with slight worries written in their faces, hoping that the two red-heads won't drag them into their bantering.

As Ginny and Ron are into their bantering mode, Harry hears a tap on the window, it is a post owl and it had a letter with it. Harry walks towards the window and opens it as the owl gives him the letter. Harry feeds it with owl's treat as the owl hoots and flies away. Harry looks at the letter, it was for to him and he recognized the handwriting. It was from Hermione.

"Harry, whose letter is that," Luna asked. This had stopped the bantering between Ginny and Ron.

"It's mine, it's from Hermione," Harry said as he tore the envelope and took the letter out.

"What does she say?" Ron asked as he, Luna, and Ginny walked towards Harry.

"She said that she's fine, she misses us, and she would like to invite us to her house," Harry simply said, because the content of the letter was short and simple.

"Us, did she mention who 'us' in the letter," Ginny said.

"Us, as the four of us, that's who, Ginny," Harry answered.

"Okay then, so when are we going to see her," Luna asked eagerly.

"Tomorrow morning, after breakfast," Harry responded as the rest nodded understood.

"Good then, I can't wait to see Hermione tomorrow," Ginny said enthusiastically as Harry, Ron, and Luna looked at each other and prayed to whoever listening so that Hermione will prepare herself tomorrow.


Hermione had sent her short letter to Harry moments ago. She had thought about that since this morning and since she and Dino are now in a relationship, she is ready to tell her friends about it. She had told Dino about this and the 10th Boss of the Cavallone family had agreed to meet with her friends. It's fair since she had met with his friends, so he should meet hers as well.

Although he can't wait to meet them, Hermione had told him to prepare himself since Harry and Ron are quite protective of him, and because the two had taken roles of being her brothers. And this had reminded Dino of himself, for he had taken role of being Tsuna older brother. Hermione had also told him about her best friends and not forgetting her girlfriends, Ginny and Luna. She had told him not to worry about Luna, but it's Ginny that quite worried her the most. Well, all they have to do is waiting for tomorrow to come.

Even though, Dino had prepared himself well, he knew that if the boys doubted him, he will tell them about his true feeling for Hermione, and he is willing to prove it to them if they insisted too. He will do it, because he knew that he loves Hermione so much.

The next day

Hermione and Dino waited patiently for their 'guests of honour' to come. And the brunette had asked her boyfriend if he is alright. She was worried, for herself and for him as well. She wanted her best friends to give their blessings for her new relationship with Dino. She also knows that this will shock them because it is too abruptly but she can't help it, she loves Dino with all her heart.

Hermione's parents had left to work earlier, and now both Hermione and Dino, who are pretty nervous, waited patiently when they hear the doorbell rang.

"Coming," Hermione called up as she walked towards the door. As she opened it she could saw her best friends are outside and they looked happy to see her again.

"Hermione," greeted the four of them as each gave Hermione a hug and kisses in the cheek. Hermione invited them inside, and upon entering the four of them shocked to see a handsome blond sitting in the living room.

Ginny nudge Hermione in the arm, silently indicates the brunette to tell her who is the mysterious handsome man in the living room. While Luna looks at the fellow blond with gleam in her eyes, wondering if Hermione had something sort of relations with this man. And if they are, Hermione is a very lucky witch. And as for the wizards, both Harry and Ron glances at each other and thought after thoughts are whirling inside their heads.

"Um…guys, I would like you to meet Dino, and Dino, this is Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Luna." Hermione introduced her boyfriend to her best friends as she stood next to him.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter, it's nice to meet you," Harry greeted and shook hands with the handsome blond.

"I'm Ron Weasley, and this is Ginny Weasley, my sister, and Luna Lovegood, my girlfriend, it's nice to meet you," Ron then introduced himself and the rest of them as Dino nodded and took turn to shakes hands.

"I am Dino Cavallone, it's nice to meet all of you too," Dino responded to them with a smile.

Harry looks at him, and he noticed of his English accent, seems that he is not anywhere from England, or America, or even from any English spoken countries. The Man-Who-Lived-And-Still-Alive-And-Kicking could swear that this Dino guy is probably coming from Europe; he guessed it from his look and accent.

At first none had any idea of what to say, and each and one of them feel a little awkward at the moment. Hermione knew that she needs to break the news, now. But before she could speak, Ginny interrupts.

"So Hermione, is there anything that you would like to tell us about?" Ginny spoke as she looked at Hermione expectedly. Hermione slightly cursed inside her head, damn Ginny and her senses.

"Umm…well, there's something I would like to tell you guys," Hermione said, she was quite nervous and slightly hesitated. She looks at Dino as her boyfriend grabs her hand and held it firmly. This shocked the rest of them.

"Umm…you see, Dino and I are…dating, he's my boyfriend," Hermione announced to her still-in-shocked best friends.

"Uh…what, dating, he's your boyfriend, since when this happened, and where is he from, and is he a…you know," Harry asked, his protective-brother-mode arose.

"Yes, we are dating, just recently we've became couple, but I've met him for quite a long time, well many months, actually. He's from Italy, and no, he is not a wizard, but I've already told him about me being a witch, he's fine with it," Hermione answered him, as Harry and the rest of them looked at her with widen eyes and jaws as they are still putting together of what Hermione had just told them. 'Hermione is dating a muggle, a handsome Italian muggle.'

"I knew it," Ginny yelped loudly, resulted of a shocked-looking Hermione and Dino as they looked at each other, "She knew what?"

Harry and Ron immediately go into their protective brothers' mode as they cornered Dino in the living room and started to interrogate him and even gives him some 'brothers' talks', while Ginny and Luna dragged Hermione away to her bedroom for some 'girl-to-girl' so-called interrogation. Luna knew that Ginny just wanted to know of some hot, juicy gossips. This girl is really the combination of Lavender Brown and the Patil twins.

Ginny 'Tell-Me-Everything' Weasley and Luna Lovegood started to ask Hermione question after question, when she met him, how old is he, and all sort of questions, though more of Ginny than Luna is.

While in the living room, Harry and Ron had questioned Dino with several questions and talks such as 'Are you really loves her?', 'What is your true intention to her?', 'Don't you dare to hurt her', 'She's our sister', and several of this and that until they are truly satisfied with all the answers they get. And after that, the three of them are busy converse themselves in some men's talks.

After all four of them are done with their interrogation with the new couple, wishes of congratulations and best wishes are sent to both Hermione and Dino as Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Luna welcomed Dino into their family.

Hermione and Dino had been dating for almost two years already, and they are truly happy with each other. Everyone had given them their blessings; both had met with the rest of the family from both sides. Hermione had met with the rest of the Vongola, in which included Haru Miura and Kyoko Sasagawa, who is Ryohei's younger sister. The two girls are very happy to meet with Hermione and they had become good friends since. And Dino also had introduced Hermione to the scary Varia, but despite that she had became some sort of good acquaintance with them, especially the one called Squalo, whom Dino said that he was his best friend since school.

Dino also had met with the rest of Hermione's family and friends. She had taken him to the Wizarding world. He had met with the Weasleys, and a few of Hermione's wizarding friends included Hagrid, the gentle giant, Kreacher, a slightly troublesome house elf, and Winky, the humble house-elf whom Harry had took in to became his house-elf. Dino was quite shocked to see such amazing world, and though the Wizarding world didn't looked like the modern muggle city, but the magic truly amazed him.

As their relationships are getting stronger, Dino believes that he and Hermione are ready to take their relationships into the next step, building a commitment together.


It was on Hermione's 22nd birthday, and during this special day Dino had made it more special. He proposed to her in front of her parents, her best friends, her second family (The Weasleys, of course) and also to his own family and friends, as they are celebrating Hermione's birthday at the Granger's summer cottage. Hermione was shocked with surprise, and so do the rest of them when Dino kneeled in front of her with the beautiful diamond ring in his hand.

"Will you marry me?"

Hermione, who was still shocked, let a tear of happiness fell from her eyes as she too, kneeled in front of him, touched him in the cheeks and kissed him passionately.


As Dino put the ring in Hermione's finger, shouts of congratulations and best wishes are heard from the crowd as everyone celebrates the newly engaged couple, the men celebrates it with more drinks while the women are in tears of happiness, especially Mrs Granger and Mrs Weasley. This is the greatest moment ever for both Hermione and Dino.


It was six months later that Hermione and Dino had recited their vows, saying 'I do' and kissed as husband and wife in front of a hundred crowds in a church in London where their wedding had taken place. Those who are from the Wizarding world had been invited to the wedding as well, in which included Kingsley, Professor McGonogall, the ever surprising Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson who is currently dating Fred Weasley, and a few to name. And in Dino's side were of course the mafia, which included the Vongola, the Varia, The Shimon family, and a few allies as well. The wedding was celebrated majestically and everyone regardless of who they are, enjoyed the wedding joyously.

And in less than two years later, as in exactly of one year and ten months into their marriage, Hermione had announced great news to her husband. She was two months pregnant with their first child.

And thus, seven months later, Spencer Antonio Cavallone, the pride and joy of Dino and Hermione Cavallone, was born.

End of flashback

Hermione and Dino are still cuddling next to each other in the sofa at the living room when he could feel his children kicking again. He let out a squeal of joy as Hermione giggles to see her husband is such way. He is still clumsy, of course, and she still loves him for it. Their life had never been happier whether Dino is clumsy or not.

"Do you remember when Dino told me to prove if I am not going to be clumsy when I'm getting married?" Dino asked as he touched his wife protruding belly lovingly.

"Yes, I still remember alright," Hermione answered as she laid her head on his chest, she loves being next to him.

"So, it's been proven already, right?" Dino said as he kissed her temple filled with love.

"Of course," Hermione answered as she giggled and snuggled deeply to her darling husband as Dino wrapped his arms around her lovingly.

Not long after that, the husband and wife could hear of footsteps running towards them, it is their little pride and joy.

"Mummy, Daddy."

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