"May And Dawn's Farting Contest?" May And Dawn farted loudly and read simultaneously as they had both farted in unison, smiling at each other as they each produced an additional deep pitched bassy tuba fart for them to enjoy, with the two being in the center of the bustling Castelia City, which was the heart of Unova.

"I didn't know we could extend our farting this way!" May exclaimed as she placed her hands on her face.

"Ooh! I'm getting flutters in my stomach from thinking about it! Unless it's just fart gas!" Dawn giggled as she happily clenched her fists.

May and Dawn then proceeded to see who could have the longer lasting fart between each other, grossing out the people and Pokemon passing by in the city of Castelia. Arceus, the Pokemon god, glanced at this scene from high above as she chuckled to herself, willingly changing its gender at will to pass the time.

"How do you feel about not being in the first chapter?" Arceus asked as he sipped some tea using his godly powers while hanging with the flying type dragon Rayquaza high in the sky above the Pokemon world, with white puffy clouds in the form of May and Dawn farting lightning bolts at each other.

Rayquaza shrugged casually, having some biscuits. "I feel quite fine, honestly. At least, we know what to expect from the title. There's no bait and switch here."

"And the script." Arceus pointed out as he summoned the script for the fetish fueled fanfiction using his godly psychic. "It's quite easy to know what to expect."

"Great!" Rayquaza exclaimed as he glanced around for some more biscuits, frowning as he lowered his head. "Then let's get through the author's note and see what this dumb story has in store for both of us."

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Pokemon's May and Dawn farting in the same story? With a deadly double set up like this, things are only asking for trouble. And that's the kind of trouble I stay out of. Get it, I referenced... never mind.

"And just why are they here again?" Rayquaza stated as he pointed at Dry Bowser and Gruntilda Winkybunion the witch chilling on a rain cloud nearby.

"Oh, they're my friends. Very good close friends." Arceus stated as he chuckled, tilting his head back. "I always bring them here for these meaningless cameos in popular stories of Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus."

"Yes and we just hate it." Dry Bowser pointed out as he blew back his red hair that kept messing up due to the windy condition.

"When are we going to get our own fanfiction?" Gruntilda complained as she adjusted her purple scarf, with Arceus and Rayquaza glancing at each other and shrugging as the real story got on the way...

..only that was put on hold as suddenly the Phantom Cruiser crashed into a nearby dark cloud storing rain, causing it to turn into a thunderstorm as Space Ghost stumbled out, with everyone looking at him oddly, both Dr. Hoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus sitting within the burning space ship.

"Was now a bad time to make an unneeded cameo?" Space Ghost asked as he rubbed the back of his head with his right hand, his yellow cape blowing in the wind.

"I think so. Hell, neither of us should be here." Dr. Hoshi explained as the purple raptor began cleaning off his light blue glasses with a cleaning spray he had in his white lab coat.

"Peh! It's just a cheap way to update the story without actually doing work!" Peppy said as he then pulled out some lettuce, the yellow Ankylosaurus munching away on it.

And with that, the real story finally got on the way, with the starting chapter managing to break the boundaries of pushing past one thousand words. Because if there's one thing for certain, it's that you want an entertaining show of flatulent girly goodness from Haruka and Hikari, so without further ado...

May Haruka and Dawn Hikari were both wearing their normal outfits, with the two female Pokemon Coordinators being in the middle of Sinnoh. ...That's not descriptive enough. They were in Hearthome City. Towards the western entrance to the Amity Square. There we go, now we're getting somewhere.

"So, what do you feel like doing?" May asked after scarfing down a couple of Poffins she made with Dawn earlier.

Dawn giggled as she pointed at May, her eyes closed as she had a wide, happy go lucky smile on her face. "Whatever you feel like doing, sister!"

"...But I'm not your sister!" May retorted as she shook her right hand, shaking her head.

Dawn shook her head as she placed her hands on her hips. "Like that really matters! Just what do you have in mind?"

May wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Well, that's the thing. We could practice for our contests, or have a little private time to ourselves to do naughty things, but that's what other fanfics are for..."

Awkward silence then got followed by Dawn farting, feeling her skirt lifted from the back while her deep pitched tuba poot echoed leading her to chuckle nervously, with a broad smile appearing on May's face as a result.

"Excuse me," Dawn admitted that led her to smile in embarrassment, fanning the eggy smell away from her. "Oh my, I can't believe I just let loose like that!"

May clapped her hands together as her eyes started sparkling. "That's it! We can see who can fart the most between us! We'll have a fart contest!"

Dawn rubbed the back of her head with her left hand. "Don't you think something like this has already been done in another fanfic by the same author?"

May farted out a big sloppy toot in response, giggling and promptly closed her eyes, holding Dawn's hands with her hands. "Who cares as long as it's fun! Now come on, let's see who's butt is louder and stinkier!"

And this, it begun, a contest that would prove which girl was gassier. May and Dawn's Fart Contest.

"Yeah we tend to have a lot in common. It all comes down to-" May was saying to the camera for she was consistently farting, accidentally going a bit too wet that made her throw her arms up in the air. "...Well I need to change shorts again."

"Are we a bit too focused with our flatus? Maybe yes; who knows!" Dawn laughed while lifting up her skirt so that her loud farts wouldn't be as muffled. "It all comes to see how we let them flow. After all it's about making them fun!"

"The realization that various alternate universes have us under their control scares me." Rayquaza shuddered upon which he performed a Draco Meteor attack on the gassy girls, clenching his dragon fists. "Maybe I am a bit tense; what about it?"

"Eventually you get used to it. It's not that much of a big deal." Arceus laughed while raising her legs, nodding its head and using their godly power to alter various realms all while bringing back the farting females. "I have to handle worse situations. You just need to come to the conclusion of owning up to it."