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Chapter 6:

Hermione had spent an entire one month with her family, and with another month to go before she started working again, and for the final month of her holiday she will travel to Italy, hoping by luck she would find him. If she is honest to herself, a month is not enough to find him, probably would take longer. When she went to Australia to retrieve her parents after the war had ended, it took her about three months before she finally found them. And now, she only got a month left to spend for a much deserved holiday, and at the same time she would tries to find him, that man Xanxus.

Hermione had done with her packing and will travel to Italy in two days. She was told once that the territory in that province was under the control of the Varia. So, it would not be such a problem finding him there, the only thing that bothered her are his men. She had been told that the Varia are often seen together most of the time, they were hardly seen alone or so unless they had some missions that would required them to acted alone or in pair. They were pretty intimidating, she had to admit that. And now she begins to wonder on how to deal with them should she come across them when she is there. She wanted to see him, but she couldn't handle the others. Putting that thought aside, for now she wants to spend the entire day with her family and she didn't want to rise any suspicious from her parents, especially not her father.

The next day Hermione wanted to give a surprise visit to Harry, knowing that Harry is usually having a day off on Saturday and ought to spend the whole day at Grimmauld Place unless he's needed elsewhere. Blaise, on the other hand, is either working or visiting his mother on Saturday. So she thought that it would be a good day to spend with her best friend without having his lover around. And later she would probably go shopping as she needs to get some extra clothes for her journey to Italy.

Hermione left her parents' house and walked to the wood behind their housing area as she disapparated straight to Grimmauld Place. Because of her job being an auror, Hermione has mastered silent apparating, and able to apparated directly to any location without alerting anyone, especially when her task involved tracking down enemies. Hermione apparated straight to the living room in Grimmauld Place and she didn't aware of the intimate event that took place at that very spot.

"Harry, where are you, Har…WHOAAA…" Hermione shrieked loudly and quickly turned away with much embarrassment as she quickly hid her now blushing face with one hand and used the other to find any door with her eyes closed. She was totally in shock and this was too much for her to handle as she desperately needed to get out from the living room as quick as possible.

There, lying on the floor in the living room and stark naked are both Harry and Blaise. They were in the middle of having an intense sex; both were sweating heavily and groaned loudly as they had almost reached their climaxes. They were shocked when they heard a loud shriek and more shocked to found that Hermione was there in the living room with her back on them, trying to escape from the room. It would be hilarious to see because she tried to find a door with her eyes closed if not for their current situation. Her face redden and she couldn't stop muttering "Oh God", "Merlin", "I'm sorry" and all the apologising and cursing that came from her mouth as she eventually opened the door to the hallway and slammed the door shut. The two young men were so shocked that they didn't realised that they were still holding each other's private parts and lying there naked with their love juice trailing down their tights and right to the floor.

"Bloody hell," Blaise slightly cursed as he pulled away from his now panting and heavily sweating lover.

This was the third time Hermione Granger had walked upon them while they were in the middle of their intimate moment, and second time she had walked on them while they were busy having sex. The sexy Italian even wondered if Hermione Granger was prone to walk into people while they were having sex, seeing that she often stumbled upon them when he and Harry were in their heated moments.

And at the moment both of them seemed to be a little lost and sat there nakedly without bothered to covers their exposed flesh, as both were trying to catch some breath.


Sitting at the dining table in the kitchen, Hermione was still in shock, blushed heavily and her heart beaten fast. She tried to remove that very scene that she just saw a moment ago. Moreover, she wanted to smack herself, this was the second time she accidently walked on them while they were busy doing that.

She sat there at the dining table, moaning to herself as Kreacher approached and gives her a cup of tea. She thanked him as her hand was shaken when she reached for her tea.

"Did they shock you, Mistress Mione, of their intimate display?" Kreacher asked as he pushed towards her a plate of homemade biscuit and cake, though the witch seemed to be a little loss of appetite at the moment.

"Ca…ca…can say like that," Hermione replied stuttered, her face still redden though she tried to calm herself down.

"Can say that Master Harry seemed enjoying it, him and that wizard doing that and give witches and wizards like Mistress Mione and Mistress Moonchild a quite shock, I hope that they didn't give you a heart attack as they almost give Kreacher a few times, seeing them in their breeding moment, though Kreacher had always wonder if they could produce something out of it," Kreacher said sarcastically as Hermione looked at the house elf with her eyes and mouth widen. She wondered how many times the house elf had suffered from the accidently walking into Harry and Blaise while they were in their so-called breeding moment, this poor house elf. After the war Kreacher had became obeyed and slightly being friendly with Harry Potter and his best friends, though he's now began to accept Blaise into the circle, because Harry asked him to. As Hermione pondered anything she could as long as she could get rid of what she had saw earlier, she suddenly remembered Kreacher mentioned someone he called Mistress Moonchild, she didn't know anyone with that name, unless. She shuddered, thinking of the possibility.

"Kreacher, earlier you mentioned someone as Mistress Moonchild, who is she?" Hermione asked, hoping that it's not the person she thought of.

"That witch be Master Ginger's mate soon," Kreacher replied while busy cleaning the kitchen, not noticing Hermione shocked reaction.

'Moonchild, Master Ginger, there's only one person that Kreacher would called that, Ginger is Ron, and Moonchild is his mate, and that would be…Luna'

Oh my God.

Hermione turned to Kreacher. "What was her reaction when she saw them…like that?" She asked the poor house elf. Kreacher just stared at her before replying.

"Well, Mistress Moonchild flooed in because she wanted to show something to Master Harry, but Master and his mate was busy mating, so she just stood there and stared at them, Master Harry and his mate did not noticed her standing right in front of them because they are…almost finish, so Mistress Moonchild just mumbled something about them being infected by…Kreacher don't know if that creature ever exists and then she just floo-ed back, and Master Harry and his mate still not saw her leaving," Kreacher told Hermione, as the brunette just stared at him with her eyes widen and as if her breath had just left her lungs. After a moment she turned back to the front and sat there liked a clueless idiot.

"Kreacher must leave the kitchen to do other work, is Mistress Mione needs anything from Kreacher," Kreacher spoke as he gathered dirty towels in his hands.

Hermione shook and thanked the house elf for the tea and biscuit as Kreacher leave the kitchen. Her hands still shaking and couldn't hold the cup properly. This was lot worse compared to the first time she accidentally walked on them. Hermione remembered that day she wanted to inform Harry regarding the news of the escaped Death Eater and Kreacher just told her that he was in his bedroom. Thinking that he might be alone, Hermione just confidently entered into the room as she would usually did because Harry often told her to just enter if she got some important things to tell. She didn't know at that time that she was going to get the shock of her life. Both Harry and Blaise were on his bed, naked, loudly moaning and sweating, though at least they got themselves covered with the duvet. Hermione was stunned, that was until she heard Harry moaned loudly that got her off from her stupor and she quickly left the room, completely shocked.

That day both of them at least been covered by the duvet, but today she saw almost everything, and she saw not just one, but two naked male without even a piece of cloth covering them. And the way they touched each other's bit, is that what Harry would called as wanking, or jerking?

Hermione admitted that she's no expert when it comes to the topic of sex and sexuality. She often heard from Harry and Blaise talked to each other about it or things that they wanted to try. Sometimes they seemed to forgot that she was there listening. Ginny and Katie would sometimes talk about it as well when Hermione went out with them. Ginny, especially, seemed eager and tried to educate Hermione about the world of sex and what should and what not when having sex. Sometimes their eagerness to teach her about that scared the clever witch and made her felt awkward and slightly afraid of the two witches. She was afraid that they might tried to demonstrate it in front of her, or worse tried to do it on her, it's like, or more likely, molesting her. And because of her reluctantly to learn or trying to educates herself with sex education, she was often labelled by Ginny Weasley as Hermione the Prude and even said some lewd word such as your cave must be very dry and Hermione knew what's it meant, though she took it with pride and said that she would do it with a man who she would fell in love with and would be her future husband.

Hermione didn't know how long she was in the kitchen, but moreover she knows that she could not look at their face without having that image appears in her mind. It's just too recent, and the last time she saw them liked this, it took her weeks for her to finally talk to them normally.

Then her mind snapped, maybe she could just leave a note to Harry. With this she didn't have to face him while both of them are very much embarrassed to see each other after the little incident. Hermione quickly summoned a parchment, a quill, and an ink. She was about to start writing when suddenly the kitchen's door opened. There, standing on the doorway was Harry, whose face was so red he didn't dare to glance at his best friend. Hermione could felt her face warm and gone red as if the blood had gone to her face and felt slightly awkward to see her best friend who already had cleaned himself after his sex session, but what suddenly shocked her was that he's now dressed in a bright red shirt and lime green slack, what the…?

"Ni…nice combination, the color of your shirt and slack, if the color of your….slack is slightly darker, it could match with your…eyes," Hermione attempted a conversation as she tried to controlled her blush, and at the same time tried not to laugh at Harry for the choice of his shirt and pants.

Harry pretended to clear his throat as he tried to glance at Hermione and tried not to flush. He didn't realize of what he had grabbed earlier in his closet and simply wore it off without bothered to look at it. Blaise, on the other hand, had left moment ago not long after Hermione had arrived.

"Thanks, it's a…birthday gifts, from Blaise, he said that these colors suit me," Harry said as he pretended to wipe an invincible stain off his shirt.

"Ahh…okay, well it's a nice…bright colors, to be honest, could attract people easily, could be a head-turner even. Did he buy them in a muggle shop?" Hermione asked, tried to look at Harry in his face rather than his lower region.

"Thanks, I tried to…varies, my choice of clothing, and yes he bought them from a muggle clothing store in muggle London," Harry said sheepishly as Hermione gaped at him in disbelieved.

"So you are saying that you want to try a different kind of fashion, well I understand that, surely everyone needs a change in clothing once in a while, but don't tell me that you are going to wear like that to work?" Hermione said as she gawked at him. Harry choked on his breath.

"Are you crazy, of course I am not, what would people say when they see me wearing something like this, I'm the Head of Aurors, for goodness sake, I don't want people to think that I've got something on my mind to wear something like this," Harry stuttered in embarrassment. Hermione nodded understandingly, though she tried not to laugh at him. The colours really make him stood out.

"Well, of course you won't, just that I'll try to imagine you wearing like this to the office, surely you will stand out among the crowd and your name will change from The-Man-Who-Lived to The-Head-of-Auror-Who-Stand-Out-In-Fashion-Sense. Hey, who knew you might start a new fashion revolution in the Wizarding world, and then they can try to adapt into muggle fashions, just like what I've did with muggle technologies," Hermione said teasingly, though she meant of what she had spoken off.

Harry stared at her and then snorted before the two of them started to laugh. Trust Hermione to said something like that, she really does had the advantages of being a muggleborn witch because she can easily understand and able to adapt to any new technology and fashion the muggle world could offered, as Hermione always said that the muggle often upgraded their technologies and fashions from time to time, and Harry knew it because he knew how much Hermione loved of her muggle heritage, unlike Wizarding technologies that sometimes still been used for even decades and hardly able to accepted any technologies which weren't theirs, in which Harry found it to be a little bit annoying and boring, especially when dealing with some bunch of old farts who didn't want to learn the new system that the Minister of Magic himself had recommended to them, let alone learning about muggle's technology.

Well, that old policy had slightly changed when many months ago Hermione had fought for her right to use her muggle mobile phone and other fashionable and modern devices in which had triggered the interest of most young witches and wizards and due to that muggle technologies were slowly accepted into the Wizarding world. But there were still some of the old farts complained because they found it difficult to understand the muggle technologies as well as destroying the old traditions, but Harry and the rest of the young wizards and witches just ignored them, and simply told them that the Wizarding world needs to accept of new changes.

Though, the only elderly person Harry knew who had the enthusiastic about the muggle technology would be Mr Weasley, but then The-Man-Who-Lived-And-Hard-To-Kill feel bad for him since his own family didn't shared much of his passion, well except for his daughter who slowly began learning and adapting the usage of muggle technology into her life. And since her partner Katie was a half-blood and had been muggle-raised her entire life, she had been familiar with technologies since she was a child and able to keep up with the changes and that's one of the reasons that Ginny got hooked up pretty easily in using muggle technologies compared to her brothers and even parents. And for that Ginny Weasley has bought her own mobile phone, plasma TV, refrigerator, microwave, and even a hi-fi stereo, and the redhead girl didn't allowed her father to came any nearer to her expensive muggle items, knowing of what he will do if he had his hands on this muggle devices.

As both Hermione and Harry laughed, they had forgotten about the incident earlier. The two of them took quite some times to regain themselves back.

"So, Hermione, what can I do for you?" said Harry sheepishly, having remembered of the incident earlier.

"Hmm…well, first of all, I'm so sorry for barge in without telling you, didn't realize that you and Blaise were…doing that, didn't expect to see him today, I thought that he will either work or see his family on Saturday like this," Hermione responded, her face slightly flushed.

"That's…okay, well he umm…didn't have much work today and he is going to see his family later, so he came to stop by before that," replied Harry as he pulled the thread of his shirt.

"Umm…okay, well the reason I'm here is that um…you know that I'm going to Italy tomorrow, the spend the one month of my long break, I think you know why I'm going there, anyway I just want to ask for your help, about that," Hermione said as she looked quite unsure of it.

"Help about what?" Harry enquired.

"Well, the thing is, can you not tell anyone about this, anyone, well except for Derick, Keelan, and Jeremiah, they surely knew about this. The anyone I meant are of course the Weasleys, especially Ron, and Ginny, and not forgetting your Blaise, so can you please keep this between us, I don't want them asking me of where I'm going or what am I going to do, well I'm not sure about Blaise, but you know well about Ron and Ginny, and Mrs Weasley in that case, if they find out about where I'm going or why I'm going there, well…I think you are pretty sure of what will happen if they find out," Hermione said, she looked pretty hesitated. Harry seemed to get of what Hermione tried to tell him about.

Harry is, of course, knew what will happen if Ron, Ginny, and Mrs Weasley find out about Hermione going to Italy because of this man Xanxus, they will surely demanded some answers from her, asking her why this and that, and Harry knew that Mrs Weasley is secretly still wanted to hook up Hermione with one of her bachelor sons, that's between Fred and Charlie, while the rest either already been married, engaged, or currently dating someone else.

But Harry knew better, those two are players, Fred had told him how many girls and young women he had slept with, especially since after the war, and he told Harry the same thing about Charlie. And the redhead wizard even had Harry promised not to spill this so-called sacred knowledge to his mother, knowing how crazy that woman could be if she find out about it. Fred also had told Harry that he saw Hermione as his sister, as how Hermione treated him like her own brother. And some goes to the dragon tamer.

Harry knew that Mrs Weasley had already lost her hope in him and Ginny's after found out about him being gay, and Ginny's a lesbian. After Ginny finally came clean about her sexuality orientation the Weasley's Matriarch didn't spoke with her daughter for nearly a month, but her daughter was stubborn, she didn't gave a damn about it. Harry felt bad for the girl, it wasn't her fault though. But then, Harry wasn't worried much about Ron and Ginny, the former just wanted to be protective of his all but blood sister, and Ginny didn't want Hermione to hook up with the wrong man. But somehow Harry had a doubt about Xanxus being the wrong man; he could feel that he is perfect, for Hermione, of course.

"Yeah, I guess I do. But you don't have to worry about that, I've got everything covered already, you just go there and get your man," said Harry as he winked at her. Hermione slightly flushed, thinking of what Harry meant by her man.

She might have a sudden crush on Xanxus, and even some sexy, erotic dreams that she had lately, but it doesn't mean that he might be hers; he might already found someone back in Italy, someone who is lot better than she is. Hermione had no idea why her heart feels a little hurt to think of this. But then again, she didn't even really know him. She just knew him by the surface, and not entirely. The only things Hermione knew about this man Xanxus is that he's the Boss of the Varia, and this Varia group had some connection with a mafia organization back in Italy.

"Hermione, hey Hermione, are you listening to me? Hermioneeeeee….oh Merlin, she started it again," said Harry as he tried to snap his fingers in front of Hermione who was lost in her thought. He snapped his fingers a few times before he finally snapped her back into reality.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh I'm sorry Harry, I'm…kind of…lost for a while," spoke Hermione sheepishly. Harry just smirked at her.

"Thinking of him again, aren't we," said Harry teasingly, making Hermione blushed.

"I don't know what you are talking about," replied Hermione shyly. Harry's smirked widen.

"Yes, yes, keep on denying it," Harry teased her, Hermione, on the other hand, just glared at him.

"I'm not denying it," Hermione replied as Harry snorted.

"Yes, yes, whatever," Harry responded lazily, it's hard to convinced Hermione when she was very much oblivious of her own feeling for this Xanxus, but Harry knew that Hermione might actually embarrassed to admitted it. He knew that Hermione might aware of her feeling for Xanxus, though she had no idea what it was.

"Fine, whatever, anyway I had to go, I had some shopping to do today and then I'm going home because I needed some rest because tomorrow I am leaving in the afternoon," said Hermione as Harry nodded.

"Alright then, so I'll take it that you will not going to come to The Burrow tomorrow for Sunday lunch?" Harry asked as he gathered Hermione into his arms and hugged and kissed her on the cheek.

"No, I won't be able to join, tell Molly I'm sorry I couldn't, just give her whatever excuse that you can come out with," Hermione told him.

"Okay, will do, anyway have a good rest later and don't forget, have a safe journey to Italy, and remember, if anything happen, let us know, and don't forget to say hi to your family, and Xanxus as well, anyway have fun searching for him and take care of yourself alright," Harry said, Hermione just kept on nodded.

"Will do, Harry, don't worry," Hermione assured him.

"Good to hear that, anyway have a great time over there, and umm…Hermione, get yourself to relax and don't forget to grab any opportunity for yourself, and ummm… you know…let your hair down for once in a while especially during this long break of yours," Harry said sheepishly as Hermione looked at him weirdly. She was quite confused at first, but when she slowly grasped of he had meant, she was stunned and felt her cheeks slightly warm.

"Are you suggesting me to have se…se…sex, is that what you're saying?" Hermione stuttered. Harry looked at her slightly embarrassed.

"Well, not entirely, but you could include that in your trip, if you want too," said Harry guiltily and tried to smile at her. Hermione felt that her eyes are ready to pop out. She then shuddered as the images in her recent wet dreams came into her mind; she felt her face is now in beet red. 'No, no, no, this can't be happening.'

"I can't believe this, why are you suggesting me this, why, why, why?" Hermione whined, as Harry, on the other hand, tried not to laugh as he felt bad for his best friend.

"Well, for once you can prove to Ginny that you are not a prude like she always claimed, besides trust me it will give you the satisfaction that you never had in your life," Harry said truthfully. Hermione was blushing pretty badly. She can't believe this came from the mouth of her best friend and brother, that's quite embarrassing. Her thought of going for shopping is now halted for a while.

"Harry, what are you trying to tell me about?" Hermione stammered as she felt awkward talking about this with her male best friend.

"I'm trying to tell you that you should let yourself have the satisfaction in your life, have fun and enjoy yourself once in a while, take this chance and try everything that you never done before, and most importantly, you go there and go get your man," Harry said as Hermione stared at him in disbelieved.

"Harry, I don't know what you are talking about, besides what you mean that Xanxus is my man, he might already had someone in his life," Hermione spoke, her heart slightly felt hurt for something she wasn't sure off. Harry just shook his head, he felt bad for his best friend who is in denying. Hermione was surely blind when it came to the topic of love and feeling, the poor clever witch.

"I don't think that he already had someone in his life, and I don't think that he had ever forgotten about you," said Harry confidently.

"And how do you know that?" Hermione asked, hands on her hips.

"Well, to be honest, I don't know, I had to admitted that I'm not sure why, but it's my instinct that tell me so, and I believe my instinct very much," Harry spoke truly and confidently of himself.

"Alright, fine, though I'm not sure about having sex whatever it is, but I trust you about him not having anyone in his life, but if it didn't turn out to be like that, I'll blame your instinct, alright?" Hermione said seriously before a thought came across her mind 'And what are you trying to get yourself into?'

"Alright, deal," Harry replied.

"Okay, well I had to go now, I see you again when I come back from my long break," Hermione spoke as she took her wand out, ready to apparate.

"Yeah, see you in a month, take care okay, and don't forget, we all love you," said Harry as Hermione left the kitchen, but before that she spoke loudly, "Harry, do you know that you almost give Kreacher heart attack for every time you and Blaise are in the middle of your, you know, sexual intercourse, and also Luna had saw you two doing that here as well?"

"What, when?" Harry shrieked.

"Well I don't know the detail much, but according to Kreacher, she flooed in wanted to tell you about something, but somehow she accidentally stepped in while you and Blaise were busy making out, and according to Kreacher she was so shocked she just stood there and when you two almost…finished, she just turned around, mumbled about the two of you being infested with something Kreacher said not so sure about its existence and left," Hermione spoke as Harry slightly paled.

Hermione grinned when she heard a thud coming from the kitchen before she disapparated from Grimmauld Place. Harry, on the other hand, was still shocked at the revelation, having his head knocked on the table after Hermione had told him about something so embarrassing but somehow he felt quite hilarious at the situation. No wonder Luna had looked at him one time and told him that he was infested with…he had forgotten what but that creature seemed to enjoyed attracting people towards the same sex and if the infestation were severe the couple could stimulate their sexual drive to the maximum.

But right now, he would pray that Hermione would hopefully find love in the form of Xanxus. That he trusted his instinct so much, knowing that Hermione is destined to be with the said man. Harry then smiled to himself and congratulated himself for being such a good best friend and brother, and smirked widely when he remembered suggested to her to have some fun. Wait until Blaise hear about this. But then he had promised her not to tell anyone about this, not even to his lover.


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