New Guardians Help

Chapter 1: the Moon tells of hope.

Pitch was back and doing what he was known for chose and fear; it was only a matter of time before the Guardian gathered together for what way to banish Pitch away forever seeing as the guy never does leave or admit defeat even if it was just Jack Frost. Who not long ago was not willing to be a Guardian; had no clue that he was before he became Jack Frost or the fact no one believed in him causing them to walk right through him never hearing or seeing him unlike the other Guardians. That was until he made Jamie believe in the Easter Bunny again and in the cold of his room did Jamie meet Jack Frost who was happier then words could say after so many years of being alone.

"So what is it this time?" Bunny asked not very happy being called back here when it is so close to the East Holiday and work needed to be done, Sandy did what he always does at times like this stand in silent awkwardly well Tooth kept watch for Jack's grand entrance which he came in with the wind now knocking a elf or two with his stuff freezing them just for fun cause to Jack life was fun; no rules, no responsibility just snow day fun.

"so what is so important I had to come not that you guys need me to help or anything" Jack joked the last part but most of him wanted to know why they called him gratefully they didn't bag and tag him here but still what could be so important for him to come here?

"Sandy said the moon spoke saying there is hope in riders and they can help us fend off Pitch, which is a good thing if we have some more help on our side" North told them as the four Guardians stared at him "you kidding? Riders? What could they be possibly riding to make them important and who are they?" Jack laughed at this come on riders; please this has to be a joke?

"They live on an island called Berk, only problem is how to get them here" North said brushing his beard like always when he was thinking which now he needed some suggestions to find a way to get to them and find them so they could get them here quietly and quickly.

"Just like we did Jack, how hard can it be to Bag and Tag them" Bunny joked which got him a snow ball in the face it took Tooth all she had from tarring them apart when North spoke again "not a bad idea but we need much bigger bags cause they'll be riding in the air when we bag and tag them"

"You really think they will fight along side us?" Jack questioned leaving an eerie silence Yip thought so. "What does that mean? Are you being funny?" Bunny asked

"when I first started I didn't want to be a Guardian only when Sandy was gone and Jamie was in danger did I become a Guardian" Jack said looking out the window thinking back on a moment he would not forget 'Jack I'm scared' his sister say on the ice the day he dyed to save her but Jamie said the same thing 'Jack I'm scared' for a moment I felt in my life, I felt scared to have two faces of two different kids say his name and say they were scared.

"So how do we find them and bring them here?" Tooth asked standing well more like hovering next to Jack who lend on his staff watching North for a plan even Sandy and Bunny waited for something; when he said the one thing Bunny hated "to the slide!" more like declared.

"Oh! No! Mate, not that thing again!" Bunny said between scared and worried he might have no choice in the matter.

"Uh… guys another problem these people died over 300 years ago? How do you get these people here when they don't exist anymore?" Tooth said they looked at her then realized what she said was true how would they get these riders if they all died 300 years ago? So they went looking in scrolls for the answer which was a lot of scrolls to go through even the Yetis helped a little. It took several hours and fifty book and fifty scrolls to find the answer which was to ask Father of Time and the Snow Glob to make a portal in time not very easy task mind you.

Father of Time was not all thrilled about it but finally gave in to respect the Man in the Moons choose in these riders telling the Guardians these people were Vikings; they were stubborn, ruff in all area's, brave and most of all they always, always carried a shield, a axe or a spear and were good at haunting things down plus they had beasts with wings among the villagers. Those beasts respected their owners or riders and lived among them protecting them from outcasts.

This is Berk

It snows nine months

Of the year and hails

And other three

In a flash a white portal opened to have five Guardians on the slay, all around them was cold sea water, foggy clouds and in the middle of the ocean was a island with cliff sides, tree's and many houses with people they could see in fur coats and boots. That looked what Jack would wear bare arms men building houses and large lizards with wings walked among them slept in their homes. You could see the tiny ones fight over a half a fish and then there were others that had one or two tone of fish in what looked like a catapults.

One the side of the island was a training ring more like a spider web made of metal. "so this is how Vikings lived amazing and cold" Tooth said not getting any complains by North, Sandy or Jack Frost who got used to it already, but on the other hand Bunny could not agree more with Tooth more even Baby Tooth in Jack's hoodie shivered a bit but it was better in his hoodie then outside.

They pulled to the side of a cliff then jumped out walking to the nearest thing which was the Dragon training arena they could heard growls and people joking around some snapped at the other. Man in moon show more light in this place telling them here were their riders and Pitch would not stand a chance as they remembered Vikings were stubborn and violent. They saw five teens most likely in their 14 or 15 one was big in height and wide in size with a fur vest that went to his knees with tiny boots he had blond messy her with a tiny Hemet for such a large head.

The next was a boy muscular arms and large chest with thin legs and a smug face that looked like one of the season spirits, his hair a bit messy black with a much bigger helmet then the blond for people to live in cold weather they sure dress less then back in Jamie's time; he was trying to impress a young blond next to him her outfit was much like a girl style if not for spikes on her skirt and metal shoulder pads she only had a headband on with half her tied in a plat and half her bangles over one eye like Sophie Bennet even blue eyes.

Not fare were a brother and sister, twins and both had long blond hair with helmets with long horns both had their own side in clothing unlike the other blond this blond girl wore a dress of sort, leggings and her hair was braded in strange styles, her bother wear similar outfit but long shirt and baggy pants with just his hair hang over both shoulders.

The last one was hard to tell as large lizards and teens were in their view all they could see was his shaggy reddish-brown hair, a fur tunic with what could be a long green shirt. Their were these large lizards but the also blow fire which caught fire on the muscular boy who ran to the water barrel and signed with a smile "that's three times today that Hookfang burned your butt, is he sick?" the big blond boy asked referring to this long red dragon with a face of Yeti if you put two together Jack imagined letting a soft laugh the others were just picking up names and how these people should be spoken too.

"No! He is just showing off his fire power" the boy replied back "that is such a poor excuse for a pet" Bunny said while Sandy showed he agreed it was poor and the could have Pitch bring a better line for the red scaled creature. "I said harder I wanted to see stars" the twins were pushing each other well the girl did when got a goofy look on the boys face she smirked more "yeah…" was his reply

The young blond girl walked to the boy who they couldn't see stand beside him "so how's the new Tale fin?" in a rather sweet kinda voice then before which meant they were a couple; finally they got to see the boy he was almost as thin as Jack concerning all the Guardians as the noticed his legs-leg in green pants but the other leg from the knee was gone with just a piece of wood strapped around a metal piece as a new leg. None of the Guardians liked to see the children in pain but this boy probably did something either stupid or brave to lose a leg for something else.

He stood and looked at her giving her a smile "good as new, now how about a new lesson?" he had so much confidents as his jet black beast with green eye like puppy dogs only this was a scaled lizard with wings and fire breath. The others jumped on theirs the twins had one with two heads they got on them with ease which meant these were the riders Man in Moon spoke of. They ran to the slay just as the creatures came out and flew in the air like it was second nature to them, that was until black sand began to form in nightmare horses with Pitch coming between his pets to glare at the Hope that the Guardians will need to take him out.

The one in the middle on a black lizard with wings and had only one good leg like his pet who only had one good tale fin. "So Man in Moon thinks the Guardians will get help by a couple of Teenagers and pet lizards?" Pitched laughed as the teens glared at him mostly the thin boy that was as skinny as Jack and a bit taller then Sandy.

"Hey! I have you know we can burn your horses" Snotlout said

"Yeah and these are not our pets, they are our Dragons. Plus this is our island and if anyone tries to hurt our people well…Toothless Plasma blast" Hiccup order and so the Dragon did just that blowing up three horses they others joined in the party destroying every Fearling the Guardians had never seen such attacks like the girl with just a band on her head told her Dragon to shoot spikes and they came alright; they came from her tale destroying three in one shot.

The boy with the blond hair on a rock kind of "Dragon" as the called them got a ball of hot fire and used it's tall smashing them, the boy with black hair who spoke first had the dragon breathing a mouth full of fire, the last but least was the twins one head breathed gas and the other lit it cause a large explosion. If the Guardians didn't know better when Father of Time told them of this they probably end up like the Nightmares destroyed, the twins laughed and gave each other high fives even the boy with black hair laugh victoriously, the blond boy on the rock beast hovered and smiled but the blond girl still attacked she stood on the beast back with a axe probably heaver then it looked slammed it into the last creature before sitting back as for the boy he rounded the one pitch rode on it with speed the slay could never compare it was like they were one the rider and the dragon then BOOM the creature was destroyed with cheers from the teens but pitch still stood on his sand glaring at them before noticing the Guardians then disappeared with one the thing left said "this is not finished boy" and he disappeared.

"I must admit they good for ankle-bitters" Bunymund said arms folded smirking

"I agree old friend" North nodded folding his arms too as for Tooth she smiled to see such courage in children just like with Jamie and his friends who stood up for them against a army of nightmares, Sandy clapped his has happily they found the people now how to grab both teens and their pets.

As for Jack he knew they showed more then hope they showed courage and boldness, they were pulled out their thoughts by a winy voice of one of the twins "Man, the dude split before we could fry his butt off" Tuffnut wined

"Stop being such a baby Tuff, he ran big deal we won" Snotlout said leaning on the horns of his dragon smirking again reminding of the Groundhog spirit which Bunny hated due to his snobbish tone he took with him. "Better question is why did he split? Come on lessons off guys we better head home before dad moans at me or miss dinner" said the boy with brownish-reddish head the dragon dived down towards the village with the others in tow.

Just then a idea hit Jack "why not let sandy knock them out then let Kangaroo make hole in the ground top the pole?" he suggested they all thought of it then nodded it would be easier for them so they followed the teens only to become among people heading for a great hall with laughter and food that made the Guardians hungry. They entered the building to see tons f Viking big and small the children played with the baby dragon holding them like dolls some trying to scare a large rock dragon like the blond boy had only for it to roar in their faces making them laugh while running.

"I never thought creatures like these could play with the children ay mate?" Bunny said

They still eyed for the teens when they found them on one of the tables in the back whispering in harsh voices at one point the black haired boy slammed his fist on the table with a piece of chicken on a plat holding the leg up "next time I see the creeps face I'll break his body in half with just my fist" he said trying to impress the pretty blond girl who sign then turned to the boy next to her with his eye brows frowned "Hiccup, is something wrong?' she asked concerned for him that much was true.

He stood up about to walk away before saying "I…I'll be at the forge to fix Toothless tale fin if you need me" he called the large black beast then walked out just past the Guardians but stopped to look at his friends "come on bud time to make that tale fast and lighter to bet who ever that man was" they ran down hill at one point he jump on the beast back as the dragon ran pretty fast not long did the hall empty and the teens called their pets to head home this was it as Sandy sent sand dust over the island then bunny did the hole thing taking the teens and their pets in two different holes now was the last one in the so called forge trying to stay awake holding a finished tale fin in his arm when both dragon and boy fell to the ground.

Now they were heading to the Pole they managed to teleport themselves back home in the darkness of the woods Pitched came out looking at the Moon with a sinister smile "you better hope your Guardians can handle the Vikings cause I'm going to finish them before they learn the truth starting with the boy and his back dragon" he said laughing then disappeared in the mist of the night.


To be continued….