Chapter 5: not all things are fun and games.


After a battle with pitch and his nightmares, the Viking teens and their Dragons were back in the air; to the guardians this made no sense at all because after battle you rest [ok they did for a few hours but still] No they go train more for battle right now the five guardians walked down the town seeing their houses or what was left of them, some smashed other destroyed by boulders.

Suddenly they came to a stop near were the teen sat still on their dragons listening to Hiccup "aright guys, first we need breakfast before training styles Snotlout and Fishlegs you round us some food, Tuff and Ruff you guys help Astrid carry piles of wood to the great hall" Hiccup said

"Sounds great, but what are you going to do?" Snotlout asked leaning on the horns of Hookfang but of course he had a plan of his own "I'll be making the drinks and if the Guardians could try help fix the hall would be great" Hiccup said without looking at the Guardians who stood amazed he noticed them "we'll help ya mate" Bunny said

"Hey when they get here?" Tuffnut asked

"when you guys were hitting one another" Jack replied leaning on his stuff with his cocky smile as the other guardians nodded but then all the riders took off in different ways well Hiccup looked at them smiling; he and his dragon went to the house with the Guardians fixing the tables in the great hall chairs and broken wood would be put in the middle of the room in the fire place. For some reason they were growing to quickly attached to the Rider much to their surprise without Jack's magic snowflake as he did to Bunny to hang with Sophie.

"these kids are nice, but I'm afraid we have to forget them once this thing with Pitch is over" North said to this the others turned to look at him shocked to even think that but to Jack was like asking him to forget Jamie cause he was starting to like these kids ok Snotlout was a pain, the twins Ruff and Tuff were just plain funny with their weird way of fun, Fishlegs is more like Monty, Astrid is cool [why is that? Cause she scares Bunny something Jack could never do] as for Hiccup he was great like Jamie, he is smart and cocky like Jack so to put it simple he liked the kids and their funny Dragons.

As much as Snotlout was a pain he's dragon could put Jack in a fit of laughter, Fishlegs dragon was like Tooth over Jack [motherly], the twins dragons were like their owners stupid and weird, Astrid dragon is just like her strong, prideful and in her way beautiful and lastly you have Toothless and like Hiccup he was smart out of the others, could blend in the darkness, fast almost as fast as Jack, could smile like a human, cool fire power but the best pat was how he was so protective of his rider as the rider was of his dragon [totally Forbidden friendship with love for one another]. "But I like them, asking if I should forget them is like asking me to forget Jamie!" Jack Protest back shocking the Guardians and without warning Hiccup and Toothless came in with a shield with several mugs of Mead. He would have let Astrid do it but after that Yak nog not a chance.

"Forget who?" Hiccup asked they all quickly hide their sad faces easy for Jack for the others they had to do like they did for Sophie in the Warren "nothing, just trying to think of Pitch and how he hurt you and Toothless yesterday" Bunny quickly said which Jack gave him a smile to say 'good thinking' to Bunny nodded

Hiccup just stood for a minute watching their faces even Toothless sensed a dreaded feeling from all the Guardians which they hoped he gave up and to their surprise he turned around placing the shield on the first table placing the mugs over the table for everyone "that was no big deal, I had worst, being a Viking and the top dragon rider it comes the whole bad guy deal" Hiccup said like it was the most natural thing in the world even Jack didn't like this.

"Ok, we got the wood. Where are Fishlegs and Snotlout?" Ruff said as all their dragons threw half the wood in the fire pit while Astrid looked around pushing her fringe out her eyes which were almost as blue as Jack's "wow, it almost makes you think this place was never under attack" Astrid said earning a strange look from Hiccup before turning back to the drinks "oh, sorry I forgot this must be hard for you" Astrid said rubbing her arm looking at anything but her boyfriend to make the Guardians began to question what was going in the boy's head.

After Fishlegs and Snotlout brought a ton of fish one bunch for the dragons, the others were for the group who sat down the Guardians looked at the strange drink that Hiccup made "is this drinkable?" Bunny asked looking to his fellow guardians who shagged then turned to see the kids drink it down; Toothless had long made a fire with the wood in the Great Hall "sure it is, as long as you don't drink too much that is" Hiccup replied swelled another sip well the other teens drank it like nothing could be beat his drink.

Sandy took a sip before digging in the drink even Jack as young as he was among his fellow guardians found that this was, way better then eggnog or maybe hot chocolate; not long did the teens feel a bit drunk even Jack but that was the time North asked Hiccup if he could speak to him privately to a surprise Hiccup agreed stepping by the wall with shields "Hiccup, why is it you want to battle Pitch so bad you could get hurt. You really didn't need to go up there to fight him" North said placing his hands on Hiccup shoulders who stared at North in a strange way that when Jack, Tooth, Bunny, Sandy plus Astrid looked there and at his face their was something that Astrid knew full well on what Hiccup was thinking about with the Green Day even Toothless heard and lifted his head remember what Hiccup's father said 'you don't have to go up there'

'you are many things Hiccup but a dragon killer is not one of them' Astrid remembered that day well, it was also the day Hiccup shot Toothless down and first met him; by now the rest of the teens still dizzy watched as Hiccup fought his tears back "we're Vikings it's an occupational hazard dad" Hiccup quickly covered his mouth when the last word came out likely North only caught the first words not the last but still even with the way North held his shoulder made him see his dad not North.

"Oh, you kids are a strange bunch" North pushed him as like his father did several times "yeah, we strange alright well the twins are anyway" Hiccup replied dryly soon after that awkward moment the groups sat together talking about what Pitch was capable of "so this guy in a black dress,, what does he want and why is he after us?" Fishlegs asked

"Well you see, the Man in Moon said you are our new hope in defeating him" Tooth said well Sandy made images over his head to shoo them and of course the twins as stupid as they are were guessing "oh, that looks like Alvin" Tuff said

"Nah, it's probably Snotlout and Hookfang on fire" Ruff said Jack just stared at them completely shocked at how stupid these kids were mostly the twins at least that Snotlout had a little more sense in him. Bunny and Tooth allow looked at them as if they were nuts.

"No, he wants to make sure that you kids and your dragons won't help us fight back" Bunny said swing his boomerangs in one hand stare at them "well this girl won't back out on a fight" Astrid said

"then Vikings time to train for fighting dumb horses and a guy in a black dress" Hiccup declared rising his cup followed by the other teens in a Viking cry before drink the rest of the Mead; well the Guardians watched the Viking began to laugh out in joy of a fight to come that they knew very little about; Jack quickly slipped out to make a bit of snow. When several big men almost as North but dirty and fully armored walking around the village.

"um…guys, we have company and they don't look friendly" Jack said turning to the group, the teens jumped as fast as can be looking out the door and the only word come out was "Alvin." Hiccup said it like he hated the man for living the other teens looked to him for a plan well Hiccup was staring at the guardians for some reason then like a light bulb went on his head [as and idea hit him *sorry if I made some spelling mistakes*] "I have an idea but I will need all your help in what skills you have" Hiccup said

Sandy gave him a thumbs up well the other smiled as for Jack Frost this was going to be fun "we in" Jack said the teens just smiled as Hiccup began to plan his attack on the outcasts.

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