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The-Boy-Who-Despised-Having-His-Name-Hyphenated was numb. That was all he could do to describe it. Complete and utter apathy. Prophecies, spies, murder, it was all too much. And so Harry did what Harry did best, become an angsty little hermit and shut everything out. And it worked great until Hermione and Ron half-convinced half-dragged him down to the Leaving Feast to "spend time with his friends", friends being Luna, Ginny, Neville, and of course Hermione and Ron.

Nevertheless he somehow found himself down at the Great Hall listening to Dumbledore going on about "inter-house unity" and "banding together in this time of need" or something related to that. To be honest he was too busy feeling sorry for himself to listen to the aging headmaster at this point. Finally Dumbledore finished his end of the year speech and the food was served. Immediately the familiar stares and whispers broke out, mostly because they had had no chance to before because, as previously mentioned, he had become something of a hermit in the last week and a half.

"Faced Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange, and You-Know-Who himself in under an hour, I heard." Said a blond, fifth-year Hufflepuff girl whose name he couldn't remember (something Perks).

"-took out 15 Death Eaters with a single spell!" Colin Creevey excitedly whispered to his brother Dennis. Once again public opinion had done a 180 at the end of term, one moment he was a pathological liar and an attention seeking brat, the next he was Chosen One and the reincarnation of Merlin or whatever the bloody hell they were saying now. Maybe he should send a letter to the Daily Prophet telling them they could shove their pleas of being mislead by "certain enterprising politicians" up their -

"Harry, are you even listening to me?" came a voice from right next to him, stirring him from his half baked musings.

"Sorry Hermione what did you say?" he asked distractedly.

"Honestly Harry, I've been trying to get your attention for the last ten minutes. I said, that if you just bottle up your feelings like you've been doing eventually it'll come back to haunt you. And Harry we don't want that, we're your friends, we care about you, please talk to us." Hermione pleaded, earning nervous but approving looks from the rest of the group (except for Luna who was muttering about wrackspurt infestations or something).

"Hermione, the reason that I haven't been showing any emotion is because I don't have any emotion to show," he said rubbing the bridge of his nose, "it's like I'm just… blank. There's this like big feeling of something being missing but that's it."

"Oh Harry…" was all Hermione managed to say. The next fifteen minutes passed in awkward silence, broken only by Luna humming something that sounded suspiciously like "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the sound of Ron stuffing himself silly until a paper airplane landed in Harry's pork chops. Unfolding the plane Harry saw a note written over a piece of official looking parchment with the Hogwarts crest superimposed over the words. The note said:


Please come to the head table for a moment, I would like to speak to you about something.

Headmaster Dumbledore

"What does it say?" asked Hermione looking over his shoulder.

"Nothing," Harry said back, "Headmaster just wants to talk, I'll be back in a minute. Save me some dessert if this takes too long."

"Okay Harry." she said going into a cute pout.

Harry got up from the table and walked to the where Dumbledore was sitting at the Head Table. Next to the aging Professor sat Severus Snape, sneering as usual. On his other side was Professor McGonagall looking like her usual stern self.

"You wanted to speak to me Headmaster?" Harry asked curiously.

"Ah yes my boy, I just wanted know if you were going to spend your birthday with your family or with the Weasley's at Headquarters. You see I need to make special arrangements for transport either way." He said with those damnable twinkling eyes going.

"Excuse me Headmaster?" Harry forced out trying to hide his anger, and doing much better than expected. Inside he was broiling with suppressed rage at this old bat who was trying to send him back to those people (and he used the term loosely) while on the outside his face was absolutely emotionless.

"I said dear boy," the old wanker replied, "do you plan to spend your birthday with your family, who I'm sure would be glad to see you this summer."

"With all due respect Headmaster, the Dursleys would sooner see me dead in an alley in London then celebrate anything with me, let alone my day of birth, something which to them is a day to scorn and shy away from rather than throw a party for. And I assure you, the feeling is completely mutual." Harry said, his mask cracking and his true anger at the man showing threw.

"I see nothing has changed after the death of the mutt Potter, your still the arrogant little brat you always have been." Snape sneered at him, saying his name like it was a particularly vile curse word.

Instantly the fiery anger was replaced with a cold fury that was unfamiliar to him, being used to going into rage that usually ended with something being blown up.

"Severus Snape, if you speak like that about our Godfather like that again, you will regret it." He said in a voice not his own, it was like his mouth was on autopilot. He had no control over what he was saying… not that he particularly disagreed.

"Is that a threat?" Snape sneered at him.

"Not a threat, a promise." He said, still not controlling what he was saying. No one else seemed to have noticed but Snape looked at him suspiciously. Most likely because he wasn't screaming at him like he usually would. Snape looked him directly in the eye and Harry realized he was trying to get into his mind. The cold fury returned full force when he realized the only reason he noticed this fact was because instead of the slipping through the cracks in his mind, which for some reason resembled are large redwood forest, without drawing attention like the attack was supposed to, it simply bounced off the golden dome that was surrounding the forest. Suddenly a golden tendril shot out of the dome and encircled a shimmering blue form that seemed like it had always been there but he never noticed for some reason.

As the golden tendril brought the blue form closer Harry realized it was an exact replica of Snape… except all blue and transparent.

"All right what the hell is going on here?" he thought, not really angry, more like curious. After all the look of absolute horror on Snape's petrified face was really funny.

"All will be explained, brother, when we are done here." came a female voice that seemed like it was coming from everywhere at once, and was actually incredibly creepy. After all if this was his mind then what was "Big-Booming-Voice" lady doing here?

"I am present because this man has tried to break into our mindscape and view our very thoughts. He must be punished." said the voice, replying to his unspoken thought.

"And what do you suggest we do to him?" Harry asked deciding to trust the voice for the moment. Something about it felt… right somehow. Like a part of him finally sliding back in place after being held back for his entire life. "Also, do you have a body our something? It's kind of awkward just talking to a voice from the sky."

"Of course." came the voice once again. In front of Harry a spark appeared at about waist level but quickly fizzled out. Then another appeared and fizzled out just as quickly. Then another. And another. Until finally there where hundreds of sparks forming a raging inferno that went to about a foot or so taller than him. The blaze soon began to take a shape that was vaguely human like and continued to solidify. Eventually a beautiful woman stood before him who looked about mid twenties with blazing red hair reminiscent of his mother's. The woman was wearing a long flowing red dress that wouldn't look out of place on a model on TV. Accompanying the dress was an amazing ruby pendant that hung on her collar bone and to matching earrings that simply sparkled. The only thing that at all hinted she was anything other than an exceptionally gorgeous woman was the fact that her eyes where solid black. The woman smiled and spoke to him, "Better?"

Harry nodded dumbly as a thousand questions buzzed around in his head but he could only manage to get one out. "Who are you?"

The woman seemed to think for a moment before replying, "You may call me Phoenix."

"Do you have any suggestions as to what to do with the man who sought to invade our mind and view our thoughts?" asked the woman. Slowly a grin spread across the Golden Boy's face that would have had anyone who knew the Marauders during their school years running for the nearest underground bunker because it was the exact same grin that they had when they were planning a prank of epic proportions.

All of this happened in the space of a second in the raven-haired boy's mind. As Harry came out of his mindscape he saw that almost everyone in the Great Hall was staring at the Head Table in shock. After all it was not every day that the Hogwarts Potions Master slumped down face first in his mashed potatoes and gravy now was it? Said Potions Master was currently moaning and groaning loudly into his food and generally making a spectacle of himself. Harry turned away from the Professor and looked Dumbledore in the eye before saying, "The next time your pet Death Eater tries to invade my mind Headmaster, I may not be so generous as to let him out." And with that Harry Potter turned and left the Great Hall, completely ignoring the screams of one Severus Snape that where slowly increasing in volume.

An ocean and a world away a blonde woman dressed all in white slowly lifted a helmet of her head looking a bit pensive. The reason for this was that she had just unhooked herself from a machine which she had been just been using for almost three hours. Now this in and of herself was not a problem because when the machine was designed some thirty years earlier by Hank McCoy he had made so that one could use it for hours while suffering no ill effects and it had vastly improved from even that over the years. As long as one had telepathic abilities they could find anyone, anywhere. Usually it was only used to find budding mutants though. No, the reason, or rather reasons, Emma White was so concerned so about this particular mutant was because one, she couldn't get a direct fix on him (which should have been impossible), all she could tell was he was somewhere in Great Britain and two, this mutant signal seemed eerily familiar to the one that had summoned her out of hiding about three months earlier, at the same moment Jean Grey sacrificed herself to destroy the Phoenix force. But that was ridiculous the Phoenix was dead. For now she would simply wait and see what this new mutant had in store. However there was still the fact that she couldn't find him.

"Wolverine, Storm could you come down to the Cerebro room for a moment?"

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