Luna woke up knowing that something had gone wrong that night. She had just returned from Hogwarts the day before, her father welcoming her home with a feast from the garden. The Dirigible Plum Pie had been particularly nice.

Luna hopped off her bed, or tried to at least. She had forgotten that she had curled up in the ceremonial caterpillar pose the night before. It took her almost ten minutes to get untangled enough to grab her wand. A few cutting curses freed the rest of her quickly. Sticking the oak wand behind her ear she quickly got dressed, making sure to put on her earrings and necklace. She'd have nothing to do with Nargles today.

Stopping at her father's door on the way down stairs, she knocked.

"Daddy, I'm going on a quest!"

"Alright dear! Questing kit's under the sink!" came a muffled reply after a few moments.

"Thanks Daddy!"

Making her way down to the main room which contained the living room, kitchen, and dining rooms, she quickly found the kit. It was a small leather pouch dyed purple that she had glued protective crystals to when she was younger. They spelled out her last name, though there was one missing "o".

After making sure it was intact, and taking out a Plum for a snack, she headed out the door of her home and down the path leading to the road. Ten minutes later she was standing next to a street that may have once been paved but was little more than gravel now. Taking her wand from behind her ear and flicking it skywards, she stepped backward just in time to get out of the way of the already opening door of the Knight Bus.

"Hello Stanley." she said to the young man with the stubbly chin. He really did need a shave.

"Evenin' Miss Goodlove. Where you off to tonight?" Poor boy. Completely fooled by her genius disguise.

"Oh, just a bit of a quest. You wouldn't happen to know where Harry Potter lives, would you?"

"No Miss."

"Well, thats unfortunate." She never really believed it'd be that easy, anyway.

"I do know a park near where he lives though." He whispered conspiratorially.

"Excellent," she grinned.

"Logan!" came a yell from the cockpit. Stumbling into wakefulness, the feral mutant made his way from his seat in the back to the co-pilots seat.

"What is it Frost." He said gruffly. He didn't get much sleep and he didn't appreciate what little he did get being interrupted.

"I think I've got a location for our mutant. He's finally out of whatever was blocking me and I can get a read on him."

"That's great," he grunted, "So where is he?"

"Some little suburb in Surrey. But there's something else Logan." she looked stressed and a bit pitying.

"What?" Logan asked wearily, already pretty sure of the answer.

"It's his Uncle. I'm pretty sure we're not going to be able to bring out the brochures for this family."

"Lovely. Just once I'd like deal with people who weren't fucking mutant haters."

"Me too Logan. Me too."

A Few Hours Earlier

Harry knew something was wrong when he went into his bedroom and all the furniture was gone. A sheet of plywood was nailed over the single window and a pair of actual shackles were bolted to a wall. Turning around he ran right into the body of his Uncle Vernon, who was grinning down at him just like he had years before during the worst times. THis was going to hurt.

Yeah, that hurt. The "session" lasted more than four hours. Apparently his uncle was still mad about being threatened with death via serial killer, and having the Order do pretty much the same exact thing this year as well didn't help. At first it was just being pummeled by his uncles fists and feet as he tried to get out of the room but then the fat prick locked him in and came back with "tools". It wasn't as bad as being injected with basilisk venom or being possessed by the Dark Lord, really.

Still fucking hurt though.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to help, brother. Much of my stored power was taken up dealing with Snape and Malfoy." came the voice of the Phoenix, resounding faintly in the back of his skull.

"It's alright. I've had worse, from him even." he said, beginning to assess his injuries. He was pretty sure at least a couple things were broken, and he would probably be waking up looking like nothing more than one massive bruise. Fucking Vernon.

"There is… something else."

"What, I'm pretty sure whatever it is couldn't make the situation much worse." Yeah, more than a few cracked ribs. Fuck. And that knee should not look like that.

"Something is… blocking me here. Its like a web of energy trying to drain away my remaining power. So far, all it is doing is keeping me from rebuilding my stores, but if we stay here too long… I don't know what will happen."

"... Well shite. That ain't good. We gotta get out of here. Somehow."

Luna stepped off the Knight Bus and waved to Stan, wiping some Plum juice off her mouth. The park was a big one, with a large field. There was a small play area with a swing set. Luna walked over to it and sat down, humming to herself. She didn't know where Harry lived and had no means to find him. So she waited for the universe to provide.

"Coming in over his house now Logan! Do me a favor and go wake up Storm. She's been sleeping thee entire ride."

"At least someone got to." grumbled the Canadian mutant as he made his way to the cabin of the Blackbird where Storm was stretched out over two seats.

"Hey Ororo. We're here." he said, gently shaking her shoulder. After a few moments she opened her eyes and blearily peered up at him.

"Logan. Frost found the child's location?" she said sitting up.

"Yeah. Kid's in some suburb in Surrey. Place is near London."

"How is the child's family?"

"Not much of one." he said gruffly. A dark look passed over the weather-witch's face before she nodded solemnly.

"Alright, we're hovering over his house now." came Emma's voice over the jet's comm system.

With a jolt, the aircraft landed and Emma came walking out of the cockpit.

"Shall we?"

Vernon Dursley was having a rather nice day. His wife had made a large breakfast full of his and Dudders favorite foods to celebrate his return from Smeltings. Even if the boy had returned two weeks ago, it was still a big deal. His son, a Smeltings boy!

It had been a little marred by having to drive all the way to London to pick up the freak, but even that had turned out nicely with him getting to really punish him like he hadn't been able to in years.

All around a very nice day, about to be made even better because Petunia was cooking an absolutely wonderful smelling pot roast. Ah, the joys of a good woman!

The doorbell rang and Vernon froze. It couldn't possibly be them, could it- no. It was probably just that nancy, Grant, coming over to beg for help fixing some appliance or another. As he made his way to the door he pondered how to best turn him away. Wouldn't want to seem to brusque, no. The man was a bit of a poof but he had connections. He opened the door.

"Listen, Gra-" he began before he registered just who was standing on his doorstep. Two women, one in black leathers and a cape, and one in a white corset. And who was that weirdo in the back with the spiky hair? Whatever, the only thing that mattered were those bloody amazing ti-

"Was it really necessary to knock him out Frost." questioned Storm, staring down at the comatose man laying in the front walkway of the house.

"You haven't had to listen to the greasy little shits thoughts for the past twenty minutes. The man makes Trask look positively benign." she says disgustedly, stepping over the body. "The other two won't notice us here and this man will wake up in an hour or so with a blinding headache wondering what knocked him on his ass."

"You can do that?" said Storm, surprised. She hadn't had much interaction with the telepath and didn't know what level her powers were at.

"Sweetie, give me three minutes and I could make them forget they'd ever had a nephew." she grinned as she led them up the staircase. "Alright, I'm picking up some heavy injuries in there."

"Can't be more specific?" asked Wolverine.

"Not really, I still can't get an accurate read on him, just flashes. I think his mutation might be mental." the group stopped at a door at the top of landing. There were a half a dozen locks on it and a cat flap screwed to the bottom.

"... Logan, be a dear and bust through that door." said the former member of the Hellfire Club.

"Gladly." he said grinning, before unsheathing his claws and quickly turning the door into a mass of splinters.

And then they saw the empty room and the steel shackles, and the boy who looked no older than thirteen chained to the wall, covered in blood and looking like a small pile of broken bones and torn flesh.