Silent Wings, Silent Heart

A red-headed youth, Apollo, sniffed at the wind, hoping to catch a whiff of his next meal, but what he caught a sniff of was tears. Specifically, Silvia's tears. He ran toward the Girls' Dormitory and scaled the wall that led to the balcony.

He pulled himself up and saw the blonde girl weeping on her bed. He thought, I guess she's still shaken from Sirius's betrayal.

He sneaked in and watched as the girl tried to piece herself back together, but failed at every attempt. He then said quietly, "Silva. Silva, it's me, Apollo. Silvia, open this door."

Silvia looked up, her formerly bright, pristine blue eyes were clouded and puffy with pain and misery. She didn't look a bit surprised that Apollo was there, why should she? She knew that he could smell her tears, but she didn't care.

She walked over and slide the doors open. She turned around when a strong pair of arms looped themselves around her. A voice whispered into her ear, making her shiver, "You can cry when I'm here; actually, I prefer that you cry here. Better than you crying in front of the others."

She blinked, then started laughing. This man truly did know her well. They may not say it, but the two young people thought of each other as a best friend that can never be replaced and a potential lover.

Apollo's head tipped slightly to the side, giving him the appearance of a confused dog. He asked with scorn evident in his voice, "What?"

She waved off his anger and said after she got her breath back, "I'm sorry. I was just thinking. Thanks for that; that made me feel so much better."

Apollo, after a few seconds of processing and deciphering, chuckled, "That's good. I don't like a sad Silvia. It makes me sad too when my best friend can't be happy every second of every day. I've made it my mission to make you happy."

Silva stared in confusion, and then pulled on Apollo's face, making him yelp, "Ouch! What the hell Silvia!" She then put one hand to his forehead and the other to her own.

"Well, this isn't a dream, you aren't a Shadow Angel imposter, and you don't have a fever," Silvia concluded.

Apollo shook his head, but there was a huge smile planted on his face. He said, "You're pretty weird Amazon."

"Who are you calling an Amazon? Take that back you animal!"

She smacked him.

Apollo laughed, "I just came to check on you."

Silva blinked and asked, "By the way. When did you even get here?"

Apollo was halfway to the door when he said, "I came here with my Silent Wings. See ya."

He was gone, but Silva could almost make out faint angel feathers against the dark night sky.

~Genesis of Aquarion: End~

Puppytime: This is my first one-shot!

Apollo: And we care… why?

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