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Gotham Academy

Gotham City

September 22, 09:45 EDT

Richard Grayson stepped into his first class of the day just as the late bell rang, earning a glare from the teacher. The teacher shook her head as the boy took a seat with a smile; she had learned that he always came into class right as the bell rang, and ratting him out won't solve things. Dick absentmindedly grabbed his journal and books out of his bag, opened to the next clean page and started writing what was on the whiteboard. He was staring right at the whiteboard and writing without looking at his paper; he knew that he was writing in straight lines, due to lots of practice. His mind wasn't on the subject; however, it was on the figure that he and Batman had been trying to track for the last couple weeks. It didn't take them long to crack the mystery behind the symbol that this figure had been leaving at crime sites: it was the Phoenician symbol for P. From all of the words that begin with the letter P, that narrowed it down to about 260 million worldwide.

"Richard." A voice demanded, and Dick looked to see the teacher, her hands on her hips, and a disapproving look on her face. "I know you like daydreaming, but please try to focus in my class. Can you give us the answer to problem number 5 from last night's homework?" Dick masked his short realization and slight fear as he muttered an "of course." He was so tired from patrolling last night that he had completely forgotten about his math work. He took a quick glance at the blank assignment before him, quickly doing the math in his head with the speed that Batman had taught him.

"It's 2.5 times 10 to the 21st, divided by 4 times the cubed root of 6," Dick responded, mentally thanking his mentor for teaching him to do quick thinking. The teacher looked at her answer before nodding, and Dick let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding when he got off with just a warning.

Are you alright? He recognized the voice inside his head belonging to M'Gann, and he pretended to pay attention as he mulled over the question.

It's that mystery person that keeps on helping Batman and I. We've already cracked the mystery behind the symbol that the person leaves behind-

What is it? Dick recognized the voice of Artemis, and he shot a quick mini Bat-glare at M'Gann, who flinched in response.

You didn't tell me she was listening in on this WHY?

I'm sorry! It's just that… since you always ask me to add Artemis into our conversation about this, I just assumed… The Martian looked sheepish as she slightly slumped in her seat.

What if it was really important and something just you needed to know?!

GUYS! I'm right here! Are you going to tell us what you know, Dick, so we can help you, or are we going to bicker like children?

Well, if you put it that way… Dick thoughtfully put a finger to his lip to adopt a mock thinking pose, which earned him a glare from the blonde archer.

Shut up, Dick!

ANYWAYS, Batman and I have found out that the symbol is the Phoenician symbol for the letter P, which narrows it down to about 260 million possible choices from all over the world.

Yeesh, I practically shiver at the thought. Megan visibly shuddered. She paused in her thinking to answer the teacher's question before adding, So that's all you found out, that the symbol that this mystery person leaves behind stands for the letter P?

This mystery person is female. It's obvious not only in her voice but in her body structure as well.

You mean you were checking her out?


Dick hid a blush as he glared at Artemis who was smirking. A snicker to his right told him that M'Gann was trying to hold back laughter. Dick rolled his eyes as she scribbled down what the teacher had written on the board. As he was writing, he didn't notice a girl walk into class, her face shielded by her brown hair as she walked up to the teacher with her head down. The teacher paused her lesson and muttered a few words with the girl before turning to her class.

"Students, we have a new student," the teacher stated. She looked to the girl, "will you tell us your name and where you came from?"

"I'm Gina…" the girl responded, with a shy voice. "I live here, in Gotham."

"Were you homeschooled?" a student asked, which made the girl tense. She muttered a yes before walking over to the empty seat behind Dick. The raven-haired boy watched her sit before turning back to face the front as the teacher continued the lesson.

Newbie? Hey, Richard, she's kinda cute, don't you think? Artemis thought. She had her fist over her mouth to hide the grin that had crept onto her face.

Yeah, I'm not going to fall into that trap.

Awww. Is the little Bird afraid to answer a question?

Dick blushed a deep scarlet as he replied, You are going to pay for that later…


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