this is just a little writing exercise to get over my writer's block. please let me know what you think.

thank you!

Cold, dark... silent. Everything was silent. No wind brushing the tree tops. Everything was stagnant. Snow layered the rough terrain. Nothing was moving.

There, no over there on the opposite side of the clearing, a sound ricocheted across it like a bullet. Then another sound and another as several men staggered into the clearing. Although there was sound, the men were eerily silent. Just the sound of breathing, even their booted footsteps were muted. They stopped, dumped something on the ground then left. Once again the area was silent. Then..

Movement. The tiniest movement from what those men had dumped. Then sound whispered across the area. A moan. A whimper. A voice calling out for someone to help them. Calling for a father, a stepbrother, a friend. For anyone. A choking noise replaced the whimper, the moan, the voice, then...

Cold, dark... Silent