This is a Sequel for 'Stand , Watch the love triangle'!
if you haven't read 'Stand , watch the love triangle' , read it :)

"Oi "Sting called his partner .

"what do you want , sting?" answered rogue . " Just give up on Lucy , she will choose me not an Emo , Shadow like you" glared sting to Rogue an he grinned a very arrogant one . A vein popped at Rogue's head , "...What did you say? , You !? , Choose You?! " he smirked

"In your dream , you arrogant cocky bastard" he added

Then , they started to arguing .

and many Sabertooth member's watching them in amusement .

As for Lucy , she didn't cared .

She just talked with Yukino , Minerva , Rufus and Orga .

"Uoooh, they started again" whistled Orga .

"What a bunch of Idiots" Minerva state , Lucy just nodded at Minerva statement .

Yukino just sweat dropped .

"This will be record in my memory" said Rufus , then he stand up to see Sting and Rogue closer , and Orga as well.

after the boys move table , Minerva , Yukino , and Lucy started to had a Girl's talk.

"So Who do you choose , Lu-chan?" ask Minerva in teasing tone .

"Yeah , They really love you , you know Lucy-san" said Yukino .

Lucy blushed , "I .. I don't choose any of them ... " she said as she blushing , "well,maybe rogue is better than sting" mumbles Lucy .

"Hmmm...What do you said? " Minerva asked Lucy , "no..nothing , Minerva" siad Lucy as she backed away a little .

"I heard you said 'Rogue is better then Sting' , don't tell me you liked Rogue-sama ?" said Yukino in teasing tone .

"Yu...Yukino! Don't said it out loud! , it's it's not like that !" Lucy panicked and put her hand in Yukino Mouth .

"...don't tell me you liked Rogue - sama?" , Sting and Rogue then stopped their argument .

Rogue and Sting heard what Yukino said ... well Question to Lucy . And heard Lucy panicked .

Rogue smirked , like already winning .

Sting shocked , and hissed in anger .

"I think that's already answered the question, Sting" Rogue said .

Sting Hissed at Rogue and shot him a death glared .

Rogue just don't care and walked out , to find a peace place.

Lucy's saw Rogue went outside , and she curious .

Then , she followed Rogue .

"Lucy , I knew you're following me"

Lucy flinched , and came out form the alley .

and just laugh nervously ,

Rogue sighed and offer her a hand , and so they walked hand in hand

Neither did they knew , there's someone following them.

"Rogue...where you .. I mean where are you taking me?" Lucy asked ,

Rogue just 'hmph'

After 15 minutes walked.

Rogue stopped suddenly and make Lucy bump to Rogue's back .

"Hey , don't just stopped!" Lucy Pouted . "Sorry ."

"So , are we there yet?" Lucy asked , "Yes , we're here"

"Wow , this is so breathtaking" Lucy awe .

"This place is great for watching stars at night ." Rogue said .

"REALLY?! , why you didn't told me ?!" Lucy said as her eyes got big and sparkle.

Rogue blushed a bit and just mumbled 'I want to'

After an hours , Rogue and Lucy chat .

when Lucy about to got up , Rogue hugged Lucy from behind

and Put his Head in Lucy shoulder.

Lucy just stood frozen and blushing madly ,

As for the one who following them , The Person is jealous .

~Back to Rogue and Lucy~

Rogue Kissed Lucy shoulder , then proceed to her neck

Rogue licked Lucy's neck , Lucy still frozen and blushing madly .

Then , Rogue kissed Lucy's neck , and bit it so it left a mark.

Lucy whine a bit when Rogue bit her neck

then , Rogue turn Lucy around and kiss her cheek , her forehead

and when Rogue almost going to kiss Lucy (A/n : their lips so close , the distance is only one little finger !)

"STOP!" someone shouted .

Rogue and Lucy Frozen ... ' That voice' Lucy thought .

'Damn , why he ...' Rogue thought.

"I won't let you go that far , you SHADOW!"

"What do you want , STING" Rogue said glaring

"You going to kiss her!" Sting pointed to Rogue

"So ? , You mood breaker" Rogue said with a hint of anger,

While they argued .

Lucy touch her neck then , cheek , forehead and lastly Lips .

'Rogue , Kissed me ?!'

Lucy Shook her head ,

'No , no ... Almost!'

'But , still'

Lucy stared at rogue , gaze at him

and Lucy eyes soften , and she began blushing again


Then , Lucy ran away from there.

Finally finished!
i really want to make Lucy and rogue kissed , but it will end up ROLU ,

i guess i'll make a Vote for this pairing! But in later chapter~