Chapter 5 !

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Lucy sat on her bed , and hugging a Rogue like plush(doll) .

"Why is this happening to me ?" She sighed . Then she turn around and find Zeref Doll . She stroke the doll .

"You know , actually You're my First Love , Zeref . I'm really sad when you decided to go to take that mission , Everyday , Every seconds I carve for you. But , Now you're back , I'm really happy . While you're gone I tried to forget you , and I can't . But 3 months ago I finally can forget about you and started to move on and then You came back . It's not like I hate you ... It's just ... It's just..." A tears came out from Lucy's eyes .

She's sobbing . "It's Just to unfair ... Now I was so confused . I don't know what to do , Should I back to you or Move on ?" She cried.

Lucy hugged the doll , tightly .

"Why .. Why you always make thing so hard for me "

"When I finally can Forget you , You suddenly appear in front of me ."

"Why!" Lucy Cried harder and hugged the Doll more tightly.

Lucy cried harder , "Who should I choose ?" she keeps repeating it.

"If I choose one of them , Then what will happen to my relationship with the others ?" Lucy mumbling and mumbling .

She closed her eyes and had a flashback from when she was little until Now .

After a while ,

Lucy stopped crying and slowly remove her hand from the Doll .

"I've decided ... " She slowly opened her eyes , She looks determinate and She smiled .

2 days later , at Sabertooth.

"Ah , Where's Lucy ?" Sting laid his head on the Bar table .

"Ufufufu , Miss her aren't you , Sti~ng~sa~n" Lacey Teased while she cleaning a Wine Glass.

"Hn.." Zeref Scoffed .

Rogue just closed his eyes and put his hands in front of his chest (A/n : I don't know how to said it , a Normal Pose of Rogue !)

"Well , What do you expect after that sudden CONFESSING " Lacey Smirked , The three boys tensed up .

"What are you talking about , Lacey-san " Zeref said trying to not stuttering . "Yeah,,, Lacey-chan What are you saying ... " Sting avoided eyes contact with the Bar-maid .

Rogue , well He just stayed silent . Even thought Inside he was panicking .

"Don't try to deny it , Zeref-san , Sting-san , Rogue-san . I know Everything . Ah , Not just me but everyone knows" Lacey said Smiling brightly .

"WHAAAAAT!" Sting screamed and His face was very Red .

Zeref and Rogue were speechless , Thought they knew that probably/maybe everyone knew . So they aren't very shocked , Unlike Sting ...

"Shut Up , Sting . Your Voice is hurting my ear " Zeref and Rogue Said together .

'Cling Cling' A sound came from the communication Lacrima .

Lacey Took the Lacrima and sees it was a message from Lucy .

'To Lacey-san .

It's me Lucy , I'm sorry I haven't came to the guild this past 2 days , I just need time to think and time for myself . Well , I'm very happy that the three of them didn't came to my place this past 2 days , Because I'm not ready yet .

Ah , Yes .

I sent this message , To asked for your help . I can't said it to them directly .

Please tell them to go to the Crocus Park . Don't Tell them It was me .

Thanks a bunch , Lacey-san

-Lucy Heartifillia- '

Lacey smirked . She turned to faced the boys .

"Well , Can I ask you for a favor ?" Lacey said sweetly , The Boys narrowed their eyes . 'She's plotting something' They Thought .

"Well , What is it ?" Zeref asked , "Please , Go to The Crocus Park . NOW AND NO QUESTION!" She said sweetly while emitting a dark aura .

The boys didn't argued and Hurriedly went to the Crocus Park .

After they arrived .

They saw a Women with Blonde hair sitting on a swing .

"LUCY!" They Shouted and ran to Lucy .

"Lucy!" Lucy jolted .

"Ah , Finally you're here ." She stood up from the swing.

"Well , What are you doing here Blondie~" Sting smirked and being cocky . Lucy just gave him a bored stare .

"I have something to tell you , regarding about 2 days ago ." She said ,

Sting , Zeref and Rogue tensed up .

"But , I wished to talked with you Privately . I want to talk with you first Zeref" She said , Zeref nodded .

The two of them walked to get some private space .

Then , Lucy told him everything (A/n : About how he was her first love and etc )

Zeref nodded in understanding . Lucy hugged Zeref and whispered 'Thank You ' And Zeref whispered back 'Yeah , It's alright'

The Duo Watched them curiously , Even thought they were a dragon slayer They can't hear anything because they talking with a small voice .

After Zeref walked back to Where The Duo is , Zeref glance at Rogue for a moment then Smiled and sighed . Then , Sting came to Lucy .

Lucy told Sting that She thought of Sting . "Sting , To Me You're my Precious Friend and just like my own Brother . I'm Sorry , Sting . I must Decline your Feeling . I'm Sorry" . Sting patted her head and smiled "it's alright , Lucy . So you Choose him , huh . Well I kinda Sad But , I wish the best for you , Luce" .

Then The Talked with Rogue ,

"You Know , Rogue . You're really a very Precious friend of mine , sometimes you can be very protective , annoying , and reliable . I really happy yo have friends like you , But since 2 days ago . After yours Confession . I felt something warm and dilemma . But now , I know . The one I love , The One I choose . It was you , Rogue . I love you . I having pretty hard time , to think about it . Because , I don't have the courage and don't want our relationship changed . I thought at first was To Decline all of you , But It Felt wrong and I think about it again . Then , I finally realized that I have fallen in love with you , Rogue . Will you always stayed by my side ?" She said and then smiled .

Rogue was dumb-founded , But then he smiled and suddenly kissed Lucy .

The two boys sighed and smiled to each other and went back to the Guild .

Rogue Broke the kissed and replied " Of Course Lucy "

After the New Couple backed to the guild , They partied .

"Heart Broken aren't you , Zeref-Onii-sama " Minerva looked at the New Couple .

Zeref Sighed "Well A little , after all I still can snatched her back If that Shadow didn't taking care of my Ex goodly ."

Minerva giggled a bit "Well , It's true but let's just enjoyed it a bit after all you and Lucy only has going out for 1 month and then you went to that mission and I surprised no one know , thought only the three of us knew it "

Zeref shrugged and went to the Bar and took a sip of his favorite Wine , While Minerva beating up Sting since he was too loud .

"Ahh , I thought you can claim her back ." Lacey said , Zeref raised a brow .

"I knew You once Going out with Lucy , Zeref-san" Lacey smiled . Zeref eyes widen . "Don't worry No one else knew expect me "
"How did you .. ?"

"I just know , Don't underestimated an engaged woman !" She put her hand in her waist .

Zeref just Smiled .


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