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Enjolras walked steadily through the rattling train, his head held high. After all, he was a prefect.

A Gryffindor prefect nonetheless.

Enjolras enjoyed school immensely - he always had. Ever since he'd been little and his parents had told him about Hogwarts, he'd wanted to go. To see the wonder, to meet new people, and, most of all, to learn magic.

Enjolras drunk up any information offered to him, determined to be the best wizard possible, determined to make the world a better place, both for muggles and wizards. That was one of his main passions; to make everyone equal, in particular to stop discrimination against muggleborns. That was always something that angered him; how could anyone be better than someone else due to blood status? Two of his best friends, Joly and Jehan, were muggleborn and they were both very loyal and talented wizards. Enjolras knew of some "pureblood" wizards, who weren't any use to anyone, but thought that there blood status brought them to the top of the social ladder.

It was ridiculous, totally ridiculous, and Enjolras was going to do everything he could to change that. After all that was the whole point of the group he led, friends of the ABC. That was the aim that they were set on; that was the aim that they would achieve!

Enjolras was rudely snapped out of his thoughts by a rowdy bunch of first years, charging down the train towards him. Frowning, he stepped back, allowing them to pass, before stopping the boy at the back.

"What do you think you're doing?" He snapped at the first year, who was much shorter than he was, with wild dirty blonde hair and grey eyes, yet he seemed to have that air of importance about him, clearly telling the Gryffindor prefect that this boy would be a troublemaker. However he didn't seem mean or spiteful in any way, merely mischievous... But even so, that was no excuse.

"Don't you know that it's dangerous to run around like that?" Enjolras could see that the boy wasn't listening to him, making him feel even more annoyed, when he had been a first year he'd been quiet and rule abiding, not annoying, loud, and cocky.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, I am a prefect you know!" Enjolras snapped, gaining the attention of the scruffy haired first year.

"Sorry, sir," the boy said in a sing song voice, his voice had a strong London accent, "Was jus' excited 'bout sortin' n' that, you know,"

Enjolras' frown softened slightly, at the first years honesty, "What's your name?"

"Thenardiers the name, Gavroche Thenardiers," the boy said proudly.

"Well, Gavroche," Enjolras muttered, unsure what to make of the boy "Which house do you want to get sorted into?"

"Gryffindor o'course! The house for the brave!" Gavroche exclaimed looking up at the houses prefect with a new respect "definitely not Slytherin, bunch o' judging Purebloods"

Enjolras opened his mouth about to tell Gavroche not to think that of other houses, though inwardly he agreed, when one of the other first years called Gavroche's name, and, to Enjolras' astonishment he began walking towards his friend.

Had he no respect at all?

Enjolras was in half a mind to call Gavroche back and scold him for walking away when he had been talking to him, when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Don't take your duties too seriously Enjolras; you'll give yourself a heart attack,"

Enjolras turned to see Combeferre, the boy whom he'd know the longest and considered to be his best friend.

Ignoring his comment with a half smile Enjolras said "Good to see you, Combeferre, did you have a good summer?"

"Pretty good," his friend replied, as the pair began making their way towards the front of the train, looking for a free compartment. Both Enjolras and Combeferre were prefects, though from different houses, and should therefore be in the prefects compartment. But they had technically been patrolling the train for trouble, and no on would mind if they got their own compartment.

The Ravenclaw prefect continued "What about you Enjolras, how was your summer?"

"Very good, actually. I did a lot of work for the ABC and it's really coming along well!" The blond replied proudly. Before adding "Where are the others?"

"I haven't seen Joly yet," Combeferre answered with a shrug "Jehan and Courfeyrac said they'd find us in a minute - I think Courfeyrac has found another girl to chase." He couldn't help but smile at his friends antics.

"And where's Marius?"

"Where'd you think?" Combeferre replied, half smiling once more "He's sitting with that girl of his."

Enjolras let out a frustrated sigh.

"Don't sound too enthusiastic," His friend teased sarcastically.

"I don't dislike Cosette, she's nice, it's just..." The blond boy struggled for words, as the pair finally located an empty compartment.

"It's just?"

"It's just that since that, he doesn't seem interested in the course anymore!"

And it was true, Enjolras thought darkly. Because Marius and Cosette were both in Hufflepuff, they had begun the annoying habit of missing most meetings of the friends of the ABC, and when they did come to the meetings they just sat in their little huddle, talking about how much they loved each other! There couldn't be a more distracting thing when trying to gain equality among magical creatures. Enjolras didn't understand why people went on and on about how perfect love is, as, if he was honest to himself, nothing about love interested him. Even Courfeyrac going on and on about how great sex is didn't really make Enjolras any keener on embarking into a relationship. He was simply just too busy, and had more important things to spend time on.

By then, the two had settled into the compartment, their trunks stored safely above them. Enjolras was looking dreamily out of the window, Combeferre had his nose in an Arithmancy book.

When Courfeyrac finally showed up it was just past noon.

He dragged his trunk behind him, looking grouchy as he hauled the case onto the rack above his head, before slumping into the seat next to Combeferre, who barely looked up from his book.

"I hate the start of a year!" Courfeyrac sighed, looking depressed at the the very thought of going back to Hogwarts; back to teachers, and lessons and work - it was enough to depress anyone!

"Where's Jehan, I thought he was with you?" Enjolras asked turning to face the dark haired Hufflepuff, who was now picking at a pumpkin pasty he'd pulled from his pocket.

"I dunno, he was talking to some Slytherin guy he said he knew,"

"And you decided to ditch him?" Combeferre asked in an off hand tone.

"Oh lay off - he'll be here in a minute," Courfeyrac groaned sinking, if possible further into his seat. As if on cue Jehan pulled back the compartment door and settled himself onto the seat opposite Courfeyrac, looking a little put out.

"Did you really have to leave, Courf, I wasn't taking too long" The poet said in slight annoyance, which was unusual for Jehan, as he hardly ever got angry.

"You were taking ages!" Courfeyrac argued "and that guy you were talking to, looked like he'd crawled out of the gutter!"

"Don't say that!" Jehan retorted, clutching his poetry book, never wanting to think badly of anyone.

"Who was it?" Combeferre asked kindly, looking up from his book, and taking off his glasses. Combeferre always knew how to carry on a conversation, while keeping everyone happy.

"It was Grantaire," Jehan answered enthusiastically.

"Who?" Enjolras asked, not recognising the name.

"Grantaire Labelle, I sat next to him in Charms last year! Oh that reminds me!" The small sandy blond boy exclaimed, jumping out of his seat slightly "How much reading did you do about each subject over the summer, because-"

"Oh Christ, you're actually excited aren't you?" Courfeyrac sighed, looking as though he was dreading the coming year even more.

"Of course!" Jehan answered excitedly "I can't wait to have Ancient Runes; I read the textbook twice over the summer! And Herbology is great! And I love Astronomy!"

"Yeah well, you're probably not human. I only took Care of Magical Creatures and Divination. S'just too much effort doing any more." The dark haired teenager whined, his head lolling sideways.

Enjolras raised his eyebrow slightly "You can say that again, Courfeyrac - you almost failed your Charms O.W.L"

Courfeyrac sat up, raising his hand to his chest in mock hurt, a smirk playing around his lips "Enjolras, I am truly hurt by your misguided assumptions, I'll have you know I'm a gifted charm caster," he sniggered "Wingardium Leviosa!"

In an instant his scrawny rat zoomed out of his pocket and began bobbing up and down in the compartment ceiling "See," The dark haired boy said happily "Aren't I talented?"

"Immensely," The blond replied dryly, while Combeferre grinned slightly, still engrossed in his Arithmancy book, as his friends rat sank slowly lower.

"Well Courf is good at Divination and Care of Magical Creatures!" Jehan said, sticking up for his best friend, who simply scoffed, replying "Well, even the mighty Enjolras admits that Divination is crap!"

"It isn't!" Enjolras protested, feeling annoyed at his friends disbelieving faces (Even Combeferre looked sceptical) "I think that it's interesting, and useful, and…"

"Shit?" Coufeyrac finished his sentence for him. Unable to deny his friend accusations, Enjolras quickly changed the subject "Well, Care of Magical Creatures is good,"

Earning him a smile from Jehan, whose second favourite subject, after Herbology, was Care of Magical Creatures.

"Yeah, but I swear everyone does Care of Magical Creatures," Courfeyrac whined, starring at the landscape out of the window, which was slowly growing wilder, the neat fields and houses morphing into muddy brown moors and jagged rocks.

"Joly doesn't," Jehan piped up, far more enthusiastically than even Enjolras would consider being normal.

"Yeah, but only because he's terrified of catching dragon pox," Coufrfeyrac muttered prodding his wand at his rat, that now appeared to be hibernating on the seat next to him.

Just then Joly, stumbled in, several heavy books in his arms, looking flustered.

"You okay, Joly?" Courfeyrac asked in an offhand tone, barely turning to look at Joly, as he continued attempting to shove his rat into his pocket.

"Em, yes, I just, er..."

"What is it?" Enjolras asked looking directly at his friend.

"I just ran into, erm, James Potter..." Joly trailed off into silence as he settled himself next to Courfeyrac, who smiled at him sympathetically, as Jehan struck up a conversation.

"Don't," Combeferre muttered, just loud enough for Enjolras to hear, as the blond had been glaring slightly at the mention of James' name.

"How can I when he goes discriminating against other wizards for no reason what so ever!" Enjolras whispered passionately, but still quiet enough so that only Combeferre would hear.

Combeferre didn't reply. He didn't need to.

Enjolras sat back without saying anything, but he was glaring determinately out of the window, which now showed dark rugged landscape, tucked between the folds of huge valleys and hills.

That damn James Potter! Enjolras thought bitterly. He was probably the only person in Hogwarts that he truly disliked, to put it mildly. Enjolras had always found James to be arrogant, childish, and stupid. He resented, firstly, having to be a year younger than James, but, more importantly that he had to be in the same house as him, and on top of that he actually had to share a common room with James! That was one of the reasons why all of Enjolras' friends weren't in Gryffindor, it seemed all the other Gryffindor boys in their sixth and seventh year wanted to idolise James, though he had never actually done anything that was the slightest bit useful to anyone! All Potter ever did was go on about how great his father was, that his family was amazing and all that rubbish, not to mention the fact that he judged people on their blood status, rather harshly, one of the things that his father had, in fact, fought so hard against. Not that he seemed to care...

And his brother was just the same! Well, he probably was, Enjolras had never really spoken to Albus, or heard him call anyone a mudblood. But Enjolras could quite easily imagine Albus being the same immature little boy that his older brother was. The Potters are all the bloody same, he thought, darkly.

The remainder of the train ride passed relatively quietly; Courfeyrac, Jehan, and Joly chatting happily, with Combeferre occasionally joining in. Marius and Cosette even came in for a while before going back to their compartment. And when the Hogwarts express finally pulled into Hogsmeade's tiny station, even Enjolras seemed to be in a better mood. It was, unfortunately, short lived.

As the five boys waited for an empty carriage to arrive, they strained their necks trying to catch a glimpse of Marius and Cosette, when a person slammed into them.

Jehan got the worst of it, and was shoved forward landing hard on the ground with a yelp of pain.

Enjolras turned to find himself facing James Potter and three of his friends, laughing and jeering at the boy on the floor.

"Watch where you're going, Prouvaire!" The messy, black haired boy teased, looking down on Jehan.

"Fuck off, James!" Courfeyrac growled harshly, Joly shrunk behind him looking slightly nervous.

"Don't you have something else to waste your time on?" Enjolras spat, standing in front of his friends.

"Says the boys who are fighting against a problem that doesn't even exist anymore!" James smirked as Courfeyrac helped Jehan to his feet.

"You're the one who calls people 'Mudbloods'," Enjolras retorted, ignoring the effect that it had on Jehan and Joly, both of whom had been referred to as mudbloods by many people, including James.

"Whatever, Enjolras," James sneered.

He cast his eyes over the other boys, stopping a second longer on Jehen, and smirking even longer at Joly, before he and his friends got into the horseless carriage, which the other boys had been waiting for, though none of them made any move to stop him; as far as they were concerned, James Potter was not worth the effort.

And without giving them so much as a backwards glance, the carriage Potter and his followers were in set off up the hill, leaving the group of boys glaring after them.

"Well," Courfeyrac said, in a reasonably bright voice, which the others instantly interpreted as sarcasm, "This year's shaping up to be a good 'un already."