This is not a story. These are just ideas/challenges for stories. I don't care for ratings, so use whatever rating you want. Again these are just ideas so do what you want in the end but I will put things i think would be interesting. Also ALL OF MY STORIES ARE ABANDONED AND UP FOR ADOPTION TILL FARTHER NOTICE!

Bold and Underline: Catagory
Italics: Characters
Regular Print: Summary

Naruto X Defiance: Naruto X Irisa
Its the VoTE, Sasuke just ran after he managed to kill Naruto. Kakashi takes the body back to Konoha for his burial, but in the casket the body poofs away. Naruto managed to survive a second chidori to his chest and woke on Kakashi's back to the joyous sounds of "The demon is dead!" being chanted by the village. Realizing he will never be accepted he switches with a clone and runs back to the valley and trips into a worm hole that grew from the left over yokai and chakra.

Naruto X Scott Pillgrim: Naruto X Kim X Ramona
Naruto is Scott Pilgrim, just cooler. As a baby Naruto is taken to Scott's world via a backlash of Kyuubi yokai on the day that the Pilgrims are are told baby Scott didn't live through birth. On their way out the hospital they hear Naruto crying in an ally next to the hospital.

Naruto X House of Night Series: Naruto X Any GIRL(S)
For this one I have no preferred summary. I don't care what anyone does with this story. It can be same as the series or completely different. Naruto can be added in or replace somebody I don't really care.

Any fans of Comedy Central Roast of.. fans? How would a roast of our favorite characters go? Who would roast them?

Naruto X Star Ocean The Last Hope: Naruto X Mericle
Subject 10101997, Height: 6 ft, Hair: Blond w/red tips, Eyes: Sectoral Heterochromia(I only put this cause its very rare and rarely seen) Red and blue, ID: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Naruto as a prisoner in Area 51 is released when Edge and crew attempt to rescue Mericle and joins them to save his one friend.

Aiki X Naruto: Naruto X Joukyuu
NOT YOAI. Naruto is Joukyuu. Follows Aiki storyline. Naruto is a renown fighter but has a handicap, he can only use so much chakra before he injures himself.

Naruto X The Breaker: Naruto
Instead of Naruto being on team seven he is taken as an apprentice and is replaced by Sai. His new teacher is none other then the lengendary Nine Arts Dragon, Chun-woo.

Naruto X Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge: Naruto X Sunako
Naruto, Shikamaru, Sasuke, Haku are living in Tsunade's mansion home will she is all over the world. One day she calls to tell them that they can live there for free if, IF they can turn her niece in to the perfect woman. Naruto(Kyohei)XSakura(Sunako) , Shikamaru(Takenaga)XIno(Noi), Sasuke(Ranmaru)XHinata(Tamao), Haku(Yukinojo)XTemari(Machiko)

Naruto X MLP:FIM: Naruto X Cutie Mark Crusaders
Naruto is taken from his home and transported to Equestria as a foal. He is given the memories of his old life and has to learn how to use it to protect the Mane Six from the shadows.

D N Angel X Naruto: Naruto X Either Twin
The immortal sage, Naruto Uzumaki, is walking across modern day Japan hearing rumors of his old friend Dark Mousy back in action. Not believing that dark would still be alive after one hundred years decides to check to see whats up. What will the D N Angel universe do with not one but two master thieves?

This is the first ten challenges/ideas I can think of. I will update this if I come up with more. I will only post when I have at least ten new ones. If you have decided to take an idea/challenge review with the title or link. I look forward to any and all ideas.