This is part 2 of my Ideas and Chanllenges of Mediocrocy.

Naruto X The Incredibles: Naruto X ?

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the last ninja sage from a long forgoten age wanders the planet looking for a place he can belong. On his travels he finds him self crossing with Mirage. Will he finally find his place?

Naruto X Shugo Chara: Naruto X ?

Naruto has ended the Fourth Shinobi World War, though he is the last one left. As he wanders he learns that becoming the Juubi's container he is immortal. Later he finds a old scroll that will end his wandering. Thinking it is meant to let him die and join his friends he does it without reading the whole explanation and is buried by the earth, only to awaken a millena after in Tokyo. How will he cope, and what are those floating balls of energy following people?

Naruto X Beelzebub: Naruto X Aoi

Naruto Uzumaki, a nuke-nin, is looking for a new home. One day he meets a man that tells him he can send him far away so that nobody can ever find him at the cost of his jutsu. I leave the ideas of how and what happens up to the challenger. NaruXAoi or Harem. If you could, follow the Beelzebub timeline with minor differences.

Naruto X Skylanders: Naruto X ?

Naruto gets hit with a Kamui and transported to Skyland. What will his journey be like with Capt. Flynn and the whole gang? (I think it'd be more interesting to see a darker/raunchier style story like T or M. Not childish.)

Naruto X Majikoi: Naruto X Take your pick

October 10, **** the Kyuubi attacked THe Village Hidden in the Leaves. Sacaraficing his own life the Yondamie Hokage sealed it into the body of his newborne son, Naruto. Seveal years later on the run from a mob of civilans and ninja he is cournered. One Ninja steps up and uses an unknown forbidden justu to kill him but ends up teleporting him to Kawakami City. How will life be with a new addition?

Naruto X Borderlands: Naruto X Tiny Tina

After Roland's death everyone took it hard, especially Tina. Tina looked up to Roland as a friend, as family, now with him gone shes acting up and doing dangerous things. Nobody is paying attention to her, but things have started happening. She feels like she's being watched, her more dangerous creations have dissappeared, she hasn't seen any bandits approach but their bodies keep piling up, and she has found bright blond hair around her tea set.

Naruto X My Little Ponys: Naruto X ?

This idea was used before, but I found that it left the other characters lonesome. So here it is: Naruto, and the other jinchuriki are transported to Equestria upon thier subsequent death for stopping the Juubi in the Forth Ninja War. Upon their arrival at the Summer Sun Celebration, they learn that Celestia has gone missing due to Nightmare Moon. How will the antho ponies of Equestria deal with the nine single most powerful beings from their world now staying in Equestria? Each jinchuriki with one - two ponies.

Naruto X Bittersweet Candy Bowl: Naruto X Amaya/Tess/Jessica

Naruto Foxtrot(change name if wanted) is the new fox kid in town living on his own in his recently passed on godparents house. As the only Fox in town he is ostrasized till he meets Mike and they become fast friends. Follow his life with the Candy Bowl gang.

Naruto X Shugo Chara: Naruto X Yaya/Rima

Naruto Namikaze, the Nidamie Six Path Sage, is an immortal traveler. During his travels he finds his way to Seiyo Elementry due to traces of chakra in the air, he decides to become a teacher in order to learn if using this power could give the nine biju back their bodies. (Each biju become a Chara)

Naruto X Sherlock: Naruto X ? X Sherlock

AU. Naruto Uzumaki, a private dectictive in Konoha City, is assisting the police force to catch various criminals. Along with his new flat mate/associte Dr. Gaara Subaku, a former army medic, he is up against his greatest enemy Sasuke Uchiha, master criminal. Follows the Steven Moffat take on Sherlock.