Don't know what's up with me and poems lately, but here is another one. It is told from a certain hedgehog's point of view, and I'm just going to say that's it's written in this hedgehog's hidden diary. Yeah, a hidden diary with his hidden life written in it. It is also a life poem. You'll understand when you read it. Also, Keep Your Temper has been paused due to this fight I'm having with this grown man on YouTube. . . Read and Review!

Is this what you really think of me?

A stupid hunk of metal?

A little play thing?

Something without feelings?

Whenever you see me, do you think, "That useless piece of junk"?

Do you think, "Stupid mindless robot"?

Do you call me a failure?!

Is that all I am to you?!

Just because I made one mistake, I'm suddenly garbage and disposable?!

Is that really what you think of me?

. . .

Whenever I disobey you, do you have yell and punish me?

Do you have to continuously upgrade me whenever I lose?

Am I not perfect the way I am?

Don't you understand?!

I'll never win.

You know that, yet you keep trying.

You can't face the fact that I'm never going to win!

Why do you act like you love me when you know you don't?!

Why do you enjoy making my life Hell?

. . .

Am I. . . Am I just a item to you?

Something you can just forget about?

Something you truly don't care about?

Am I just your so called, "Ultimate Soldier" ? Your collectible? Your toy?!

Am I really important to you, or am I not?

Do you care about my pain? The one you and that hedgehog cause?

Do you even know I'm in pain?

Why'd I even ask?!

I know you don't know! You don't care!

All you want me to do is fight that hedgehog, even though it's painful and I never win.

But, of course, you don't care.

. . .

What happened to my easy life?

The quiet, relaxed one?

Oh, right. Never had one because you never gave me the chance to live one!

All I do is fight and get rebuilt!

All I do is get beaten and the remade so I can just get beaten again!

. . .

That hedgehog I'm suppose to kill has practically murdered me, yet you still force me to fight!

The painful, agonizing feeling I get whenever you fix me never goes away!

It stays and reminds me of what happens if I lose a fight.

It reminds of my goal.

But my main question is:

Is this really what you think of me?

Do you know who wrote this now? Tell me in a review! And it was just a idea I had. Hope you enjoyed!